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United we Stand, Divided We Fall

ikipe-iyobora ishyaka ishema

Some of the founders of ISHEMA Party:L-R: Mr Jean Baptiste Kabanda, France; Mr Chaste Gahunde, Guyana; Ms Claire Nadine Kasinge, Canada; Rev Fr Thomas Nahimana, France; Dr Deogratias Basesayabo, Belgique. 

Inspired by our conscience and the love of our Motherland, we met, sat down and prayed together, we discussed and exchanged views and we concluded the following:

1.      The image of our motherland, Rwanda, has been tarnished due to fratricide conflicts that have characterized Rwandans in the past.

2.      All regimes from the kingdom to the republic have served the nation enormously in terms of territory expansion, the fight for and attainment of  the independence, and attempted to trace a path towards economic development; but they failed to find a solution to the problem of conflicts fueled by politics of divisionism implemented by small groups formed based on ethnic and/or regional origin that controlled and misused national resources.

3. The Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) that is in power since 1994 did not implement an administration that console the Rwandans after the war organized and led by the same RPF and ended up in genocide against Rwandans especially Tutsis.

4.      On contrary RPF-Inkotanyi was immediately hijacked by a band of self-selected military formerly exiled in Uganda, a band that took over the economy, enthroned military terrorism in the nation and based politics on lies and senseless pride. The systems of Justice and national security turned into tools of victimization and oppression against the people in a manner never experienced before in our history.

5.      The same band that operates like Italian Mafia blocked the political space, rigged elections, jailed journalists and reporters as well as politicians from the opposition killing some of them while the rest were forced into exile where they were hunted down as shown by different international reports such as Mapping Report inter alia.

6.      The same band has continually committed crimes against humanity and wars crimes that pushed France and Spain to release international arrest warrants against more than fifty (50) leaders of Rwanda.

7.      In 2012, European countries and the United States of America (USA) by stopping aids have testified that they shall not continue to overlook the mischief of Rwanda’s current leaders, the reason being that aids were used to fuel and finance wars in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As a consequence, Rwandans are suffering in many ways: development projects have stopped, public servants are not paid, and hospitals are not offering the service, in few days students will not study any more.

8.      After eighteen years spent sowing divisionism among Rwandans using genocide survivors as milking –cows for selfish interests, RPF’S administration has more than disgusted Rwandans and foreign counterparts. Instead of finding solutions to our big problems, the RPF’s clique has become itself the Rwandans’ biggest puzzle.

9.      We, as Rwanda’s children who love our country, can neither remain indifferent nor keep silent while our beloved Motherland keeps losing the dignity it deserves. Therefore, after a three-day conclave in Paris, France; we declare the following:

1.      We launch a new political party, Ishema ry’u Rwanda. In few words it shall be calledIshyaka Ishema/ Parti Ishema and Ishema party in three languages used in our country Kinyarwanda, French and English respectively.

2.      We are prepared to work together with other well-wisher Rwandans who have the zeal to fight and dethrone the RPF clique without delay. After being given the power by the people we shall manage it to develop our country and give it the dignity within the Great lakes region of Africa and international arena.

3.      We value more the peace process since it does not shed the blood of innocent people, and it respects human rights.

4.      Very soon we will declare our political project aimed at the revision of institutions in order to them based democracy. We will also declare different projects of shared development we have conceived for Rwandans, we will let people know special plans we have for groups the most neglected such as:

a.      Unemployed youth

b.     Teachers and students from poor families that have been abandoned

c.      Refugees

d.     Those falsely judged by unjust courts of law of RPF clique.

5.      We will never stop receiving ideas and wishes from the people.

United we stand…

Done at Paris, on the January 28th, 2013


1.      Father Thomas Nahimana

2.     Mme Nadine Claire Kasinge

3.     Mr Jean Baptiste Kabanda

4.     Dr Déogratias Basesayabo

5.     Mr Chaste Gahunde

6.     Dr Joseph Nkusi

7.     Mr Vincent Nkurunziza

8.     Mr Ernest Nsenga

ibendera-ishema ok