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Amaraso atariho urubanza arasama…Wowe wambura abandi ubuzima ugiye kubibona, kuko wajyaga ugirango ni imikino!


Maze kumva inkuru y’inshamugongo yerekeranye n’urupfu rwa nyakwigendera
Patrick Karegeya,nabony eko amazi amaze kurenga inkombe.

Birababaje kwambura umuntu ubuzima atali wowe wabumuhaye, kandi amaherezo yacu twese ni urupfu.

Umuntu uva amaraso, umuntu uzi ukuntu kubura uwe bibabaza agatinyuka akambura undi ubuzima, ntabwo aba akili umuntu ahubwo ni inyamanswa.
Ni shitani yateye igihugu cyacu aliko Imana yacu irabibona kandi niyo mucamanza mukuru.

Abana ba Karegeya mubagize imfubyi,umugore we mumugize umupfakazi,ababyeyi be murabahekuye none mugiye kwicara mu rugwiro mubyine insinzi.

Ntabwo ndi umuhanuzi, aliko amaraso arasama.
Mu minsi mike mugiye kubyishyura, ndetse mwe nta numwe uzabalilira.
Amahano mwateje igihugu muzajyana nayo, Imana igiye kubabaza byinshi.

Nge wandika iyi nkuru nzi kuba imfubyi uko bimera, nzi gupfakara uko bimera, nzi gupfusha imfura uko bimera.

Wowe wambura abandi ubuzima ugiye kubibona, kuko wajyaga ugirango ni imikino.

Ese ko ufite byose wabuze iki kugirango wishime?
Karegeya arapfuye aliko ntabwo aliwo muti w’ibibazo ufite ahubwo urabyongereye.
Uzabe umugabo witegure inkurikizi y’ubugome.

Ubaye ruhinyuza Imana kuko Imana Irema ukica.
Ubu ugeze hagati y’imisozi ibili aliko urarye uli menge umunsi yakubonye izatenguka muhulire mu kabande.

Banyarwanda,dusenyere umugozi umwe,tuli abavandimwe kandi Imana igiye kudutabara. Ntimucike intege ahubwo Mwiragize Yesu.

Nongeye kwihanganisha umuryango wa Patrick Karegeya.

Mukashema Esperance.

Dr Jean Baptiste Mberabahizi reacts to the murder of Col Karegeya in South Africa.


Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera is the Secretary General of the United Democratic Forces

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera is a Rwandan opposition leader based in Belgium. He has been the Secretary General of the United Democratic Forces since it was founded in 2006. Uhuruspirit editor Comrade Hilary Ojukwu contacted him earlier today to seek his views over many issues, including the recent assassination of the former Rwandan Intelligence Chief. Below are extracts from the interview.

Uhuruspirit: Please, tell us more about your movement.

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: Our movement the United Democratic Forces, better known by its French acronym FDU-Inkingi was launched in 2006. We fight for a non-ethnic, non-sexist, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Rwanda. Rwandans cannot continue to live under successive ethnic dictatorships, marked by ethnic exclusion, suppression of basic freedoms and exploitation of the people by a clique linked to Western capitalists. It’s a recurrent problem that started before colonialism. Since July 1994, the Hutu ethnic majority is treated like outcasts by the ruling clique around Paul Kagame. But the Tutsi minority is also denied basic freedoms. FDU-Inkingi was created to mobilize all Rwandans to achieve change.

Our movement was born in exile, in Brussels, in April 2006. After four years of preparations, FDU-Inkingi chairperson Cde Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza went to Rwanda in January 2010 to set the necessary preparations for registration of our movement as a legal political party and later participate in the presidential elections slated for August 2010. The regime arrested her and threw her behind bars on fabricated charges in October 2010. She was convicted to 8 year jail term. In December 2013, that sentence was increased to 15 years on appeal by the Supreme Court. Many other local cadres have been arrested several times and some of them are still in jail while others were forced to flee the country.

Apart from the Chairperson, the rest of the leaders remained in exile, in Europe and North America. The movement is currently led by the First Vice Chair Eugene Ndahayo who is based in Lyon, in France. There is a splinter faction led by the Second Vice Chairman Nkiko Nsengimana who rebelled against the leadership of the movement in February 2011. Attempts to bring them back on track have not yet yielded fruits.

FDU-Inkingi has entered into coalition with other opposition groups. In March 2013, we formed together with two other organizations a front called ‘National Council for Democratic Change’ chaired by Gen. Emmanuel HABYARIMANA, former defence minister in Paul Kagame’s government. He fled to Uganda to save his life in 2003. Later he relocated to Switzerland where he still lives.

Uhuruspirit: What was your reaction when you heard about the killing of Col. Patrick Karegeya?

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: We were shocked but not surprised. The ruling clique led by Gen. Paul Kagame kills real or perceived opponents regularly and murder is a usual tool of control for them. In fact, when Paul Kagame took over the leadership of the ruling Rwandese Patriotic Front, he killed his predecessors Maj. Peter Bayingana and Major Chris Bunyenyezi. Since then, the list of his victims is endless. It’s widely known that he killed his predecessor President Habyarimana and his Burundian counterpart Cyprian Ntaryamira, all their collaborators and its French crew when his jet was hit by missiles while attempting to land on Kigali International Airport on April 6, 1994. In December 1995, he assassinated former RPF MP Col. Theoneste LIZINDE and a businessman named BUGIRIMFURA in Nairobi, Kenya. In May 1998, Seth SENDASHONGA the first post-genocide minister of interior was shot dead by a squad in broad daylight at a round-about near UN Headquarters in Nairobi. Two year before, he had escaped murder by one Francis Mugabo, a Rwandan diplomat posted in Rwanda’s embassy in Nairobi. He was caught red handed with a brazen pistol at the scene of murder.

André Kagwa RWISEREKA, Vice President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda was found beheaded in a swamp near Butare town in Rwanda, two months before presidential elections in 2010. The same year, former Chief of Staff Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa was gunned by survived his injuries after killers linked to Kigali tried to kill him in Johannesburg, South Africa. Independent journalists are not spared. One Jean-Leonard Rugambage who was investigating the murder was shot dead at his gate by unknown assaillants. Charles Ingabire, a journalist of online publication ‘Inyenyeri News’ was killed by gunmen in a Kampala suburb. And this list can go on and on …

Uhuruspirit: The Rwandan National Congress (RNC), of which the former intelligence chief was a member, has accused the government of President Paul Kagame of being responsible for the murder. Do you think there is any merit in their case?

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: I think there’s no doubt Paul Kagame has a hand in his murder. He once said in parliament that he wouldn’t hesitate “to kill a fly with a hammer”.

Uhuruspirit: The South African Police Services are busy investigating the matter. What kind of reaction do you expect from President Jacob Zuma’s government should it be confirmed that Paul Kagame’s government had something to do with this cowardly and irresponsible murder?

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: South Africa is a democratic country. It is led by revolutionaries who fought against an entrenched racist government. Rwanda’s current regime is an apartheid-like autocracy. This regime exports violence in the Great Lakes region where it’s repeatedly fabricated proxy militias to destabilize the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where South African troops are deployed. We think that it’s high time that the South African government realized the nature of Paul Kagame’s government and its unrelenting aggression on the continent.

Uhuruspirit: What is your party’s position on how to resolve the Rwandan crisis in order to have genuine stability?

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: Paul Kagame must go! And the sooner the better. His tools of repression, the army, police and intelligence services must be shaken and reformed. An all-inclusive national transitional government must be put in place to repatriate exiled Rwandans, conduct constitutional reforms and hold democratic elections. Paul Kagame will not accept negotiations with opposition groups, unless he’s forced to do so by all legitimate means. That’s the message he sent to the Rwandan people, to the region, the continent and the world by killing Col. Patrick Karegeya. He must be arrested and tried.

Uhuruspirit: Do you think that the conflict between the DRC government and M23 rebels is now over after the recent signing of an agreement in Kenya?

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: The M23 was a cover for covert RDF operations in DRC. Since the reasons of its creation where not addressed, war can resume any time. Let me remind you that the M23 wasn’t the first proxy militia created by Paul Kagame’s government. It was preceded by the CNDP led by renegade officer Laurent Nkunda. Before that back in 1998, Paul Kagame used another proxy movement called RCD-Goma. As long as the Rwandan conflict is not resolved, Paul Kagame will continue to destabilize the region because his thinks that he must pre-emptively destabilize all potential or perceived neighbors who might provide support to the opposition. They will never have peace as long as Paul Kagame and his sectarian clique are in power.

Uhuruspirit: Thank you so much sir for your time.

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mbera: Thank you for the opportunity


Kagame has sacrificed Tutsi to gain power in 1994, Academics affirm.


Since the 80s the Great Lakes region has experienced genocides, war crimes, crimes against humanity, so much so that the entire area has become like a cemetery with dead on display. There are human skeletons everywhere, some more respected than others

Christian Davenport, Allan C. Stam and Andre Guichaoua are not the only ones to claim that Kagame used the killing of Tutsis by his infiltrated militia, his soldiers, and Hutu interahamwe to access political power in Rwanda. RuzibizaAbdul Joshua in his book – Rwanda: la guerre secrete[Panama, 2005], and Jean Marie Ndagijimana,author of – How Paul Kagame deliberately sacrificed the Tutsis [Paris, 2009] support that view. And they are a few out of many witnesses and analysts who confirm such understanding of the Rwandan genocide. The following extract from the book of Patrick Mbeko – Le Canada dans les guerres en Afrique Centrale, [page 495] indicate what Christian Davenport, Allan C. Stam and Andre Guichaoua explain about Kagame’s attitude towards Tutsis who had remained in Rwanda and why he got them killed and somehow deliberately avoided saving them.

“Researchers Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam … have, during their research in Rwanda found that members of the Tutsi diaspora who returned back after the conflict had completely lost contact with the reality of the country. They affirm to have been strangely surprised by “the total lack of empathy or knowledge of the other’s condition” that tutsi from the diaspora had towards their peers who had remained in Rwanda. “After all, they write, Tutsis who lived in exile claimed loudly that they had invaded Rwanda from Uganda for the sake of Tutsis of inside – a group that the former seemed to ignore and for which they demonstrate little interest.” According to Davenport and Stam, there is no single doubt that “the primary objective of the [Tutsis] invaders” from the diaspora “was the conquest” of power and “they did not care about the lives of the Tutsis of inside”. Such analysis has been explicitly developed by the expert on Rwanda, professor Andre Guichaoua, who stresses that: “Whatever the strategic hypothesis that prevailed, lets note today that the official narrative of the Rwandan history acknowledged since the end of the war by the victorious side covers up an essential element to the understanding of events: the Tutsi rebel movement did not start war, nor did it engage in it to save Tutsis”, it took power in Kigali by military force in exchange of the lives of its compatriot Tutsis.”

Source: The rising continent


Yuda wa Karegeya yamenyekanye: Appolo Gafaranga alias Kiririsi Ismael




Gafaranga Appolo alias Kiririsi Ismael

Nyuma y’uko uwahoze akuriye iperereza ryo hagati no hanze y’u Rwanda Colonel Patrcik Karegeya yiciwe muri Hotel Michelangelo iri Johannesbourg muri Africa y’epfo, ibinyamakuru bitandukanye ndetse n’imbuga nyinshi zakomeje guhererekanya amakuru ku bijyanye n’urwo rupfu ari nako bagerageza gushakisha ababa bamwishe.

Uza ku murongo wa mbere mu bakekwa ni umugabo wita Appolo Gafaranga ukomoka i Nyamirambo akaba azwi ku mazina ya Appolo Kiririsi Ismael. Uyu mugabo uzwi nk’umu businessman ngo yari asanzwe akorera Col Karegeya amuha amakuru y’ibibera mu gihugu cyane cyane mu migambi mibisha Leta ya Kigali yo guhitana Karegeya.

Nk’uko tubikesha General Kayumba Nyamwasa, ngo uyu Appolo yari inshuti ya Karegeya rwose, ndetse ngo niwe wahamagaye Karegeya ngo bahurire kuri Hotel bagirane inama. Kuba atarahabonetse nyuma biteye ikibazo, ndetse nta washidikanya ko ari we wamugambaniye.

Abazi Appolo bemeza ko akunda ifaranga cyane kandi akaba ari umu criminal wo mu rwego rwo hejuru. Yigeze gufungirwa mu gihugu cy’Ubwongereza azira gucuruza ikiyobyabwenge cya cocaine nyuma aho afunguriwe yaje mu Rwanda cyakora akomeza kugenda akora ubucuruzi budasobanutse, ndetse akenshi niwe watangaga amakuru ku bantu benshi Leta ya Kagame yabaga ishaka biberaga mu mahanga. Aha niho yatangiye gukorana na Karegeya nawe wari ushinzwe iperereza. Ibi kandi ngo Appolo yabikoraga abifatanyije no gukora business yo gucuruza ama visa n’ama passeports y’amahimbano ndetse agakorana n’abashinzwe abinjira n’abasohoka mu bihugu bitandukanye bakabasha kwinjiza abantu mu buryo butemewe n’amategeko.


Appolo afite byinshi agomba gusubiza ku bijyanye n’urupfu rwa Karegeya

Mu mwaka wa 2004 Appolo yafungiwe muri gereza ya Kigali aregwa ibyaha byo gucuruza abana b’abakobwa abakuye mu Rwanda akabajyana hanze y’igihugu. Ikigaragara ni uko Appolo adatinya gukora ibyaha ngo aratinya gereza. Ashobora kwishyikiriza ubushinjacyaha akavuga ko abantu atazi babaguye gitumo bakica Karegeya, ko we nta ruhare na ruto yabigizemo! Baramutse babitekinitse neza ibimenyetso byabura maze Gafaranga ifaranga rye akarikubita ku mufuka akazamuka i Kigali nk’intwari ya FPR. Gusa rero yibuke ko Kagame yavuze ko uzica mu izina rye nawe azamwiyicira. Bwarakeye biraba da!

Chaste Gahunde

Rwandan Ex-Spy Chief Strangled in Johannesburg Hotel Room


Col Patrick Karegeya

Rwanda’s former head of intelligence, Patrick Karegeya, 53, was found dead on a bed in a hotel room in Johannesburg’s affluent Sandton area yesterday, the South African Police Service said.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that his neck was swollen,” the police said in an e-mailed statement today. “A towel with blood and a rope were found in the hotel room safe.”

Karegeya, living in exile in South Africa, was meeting a friend from Rwanda. After searching his home in Roodeport, west of Johannesburg, his nephew came back to the hotel and he was found in one of the rooms, Kayumba Nyamwasa, a founding member of the Rwanda National Congress, an opposition party, said in a mobile phone interview from Pretoria, the capital.

The former director of external intelligence booked into the hotel on Dec. 29, the police said. The investigation has now been handed over to the Hawks, a special investigative unit, the state-owned South African Broadcasting Corp. reported on its website.

Opponents to Rwandan President Paul Kagame “aren’t safe in South Africa and any other place in the world,” said Nyamwasa, a former chief of staff in the Rwandan army. Nyamwasa said he was shot at in June 2010 in a failed assassination attempt, also in Johannesburg.

Three calls to the mobile phone of Rwandan government spokeswoman Louise Mushikiwabo today went unanswered.

Human Rights

Kagame has been the Rwandan President since April 2000. His ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front party won 41 out of 53 seats at the Sept. 16 parliamentary elections. While he has been praised for rebuilding the economy, human rights activists have criticized him for cracking down on civil rights and silencing dissent.

“Rwanda is essentially a hard-line, one-party, secretive police state with a facade of democracy,” according to a 2010 briefing note co-authored by Karegeya, Nyamwasa and two other senior former Rwandan officials. “President Kagame and the ruling party that he leads depend on repression to stay in power.”

Karegeya was found in the Michelangelo Towers hotel, close to the city’s stock exchange, said Michael Rwarinda, vice chairman of the Rwanda National Congress branch in South Africa’s Gauteng province, in an interview. Calls to the hotel weren’t answered.

There are about 3,500 Rwandan political refugees in South Africa, Rwarinda said.

News Reports

Rwandan ambassador to South Africa, Vincent Karega, said he wasn’t aware of the death other than news reports in an interview with Johannesburg-based state radio station SAfm. The embassy doesn’t have the capacity to investigate, he said.

In 2010 the deputy leader of Rwanda’s opposition Democratic Green Party, Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, was found dead with his head almost severed from his body near the Rwandan city of Butare.

Last month Rwanda’s Supreme Court extended a jail sentence for former presidential candidate, Victoire Ingabire, to 15 years from eight years, the Nairobi-based East African newspaper reported, citing a ruling. She had been charged with threatening state security and conspiring against the government.

To contact the reporter on this story: Kamlesh Bhuckory in Johannesburg atkbhuckory@bloomberg.net

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-02/rwanda-s-former-spy-chief-found-strangled-in-south-african-hotel.html

Le colonel Mamadou Ndala tué dans une embuscade à Beni

mamadou ndalaLe colonel Mamadou Ndala, commandant de la Brigade Commando URR (Unité de réaction rapide), a été tué ce jeudi 2 janvier dans une embuscade tendue par des hommes armés non encore identifiés dans le village appelé Ngadi, entre l’aéroport de Mavivi et Beni-ville (Nord-Kivu). Joint au téléphone, le porte-parole du gouvernement, Lambert Mende, a confirmé la nouvelle.

Selon des sources militaires, plusieurs membres du convoi ont également été tués. Pour l’instant, les Casques bleus népalais de la Monusco, arrivés sur les lieux, s’activent à éteindre le feu mis par les assaillants à l’un des véhicules du convoi. Celui-ci aurait perdu plusieurs autres de ses membres dont le nombre reste à déterminer.

Peu avant la confirmation de sa mort, son garde du corps, le caporal Paul Safari, a fait ce témoignage à l’AFP :

« Une roquette est arrivée du côté droit de la route et a atteint notre jeep, surmontée d’une arme lourde. J’ai commencé à tirer jusqu’à terminer toutes mes munitions, mais nos agresseurs avançaient toujours. Quand la roquette a touché la jeep, le colonel était toujours en vie. Quand j’ai fui, je ne l’ai pas vu sortir de la voiture, je ne sais pas s’il est vivant ou pas ».

Le colonel Mamadou Ndala a été au premier plan lors des opérations des Forces armées de la RDC contre le M23. Après avoir délogé les rebelles à Nyiragongo et Rutshuru, des rumeurs avaient annoncé sa relève de Goma pour Kinshasa.

Cette rumeur avait suscité en juillet dernier des vives protestations dans les rues de Goma (Nord-Kivu) où des jeunes avaient manifesté pour demander le maintien en fonction de cet officier militaire.

Mamadou Ndala était obligé de démentir cette rumeur en déclarant : « Ce n’est pas vrai, c’est une rumeur. Une manipulation des rebelles qui veulent déstabiliser le moral de la population et des troupes engagées au sol ».

Le colonel Mamadou Ndala menait une autre opération contre des rebelles ougandais de l’Adf-Nalu. L’armée avait déjà réussi à récupérer la localité de KamangoKisiki et le pont de Semliki, jadis occupé par des rebelles.

C’est lorsque le convoi des FARDC est arrivé dans le village appelé Ngadi, qu’il a été ciblé par des rebelles qui ont tué le colonel Mamadou Ndala.

Source : Radio Okapi

“Be warned in 2014 we will face many challenges…I want you to stay disciplined, we shall win” President Kagame


Paul Kagame in front of ranks

While other numerous leaders have wished the best to their constituencies, President Kagame seems to have a different vision.

In his message to the army and police, Kagame has warned his forces to stay standby because 2014 will bring so many challenges, but he relies on their discipline and determination in order to win.

Many people are wondering what this man is planning or what kind of information he has that makes him prophetize the doom. The message does nothing but scare more the people of Rwanda who since years have been fleeing the country because the danger seems unavoidable as long as Kagame’s regime remains.

Kagame who is well know for his warlike spirit, never says anything without pursuing it. In 1995, he said he was going to attack Hutu refugee camps in Congo, one year after so many refugees were killed in camps supposedly to be under protection of the UN high Commission for Refugees. It was the first open attack against civilian population in history but the UN remained dumb. Even the so called international human rights groups did very little to condemn such atrocities. Afterwards, Kagame cried tears in front of the national assembly regretting that he was not able to exterminate the Hutu refugees.

In 2010 after the foundation of Rwanda National Congress, an opposition created and led by four main former allies of Kagame’s, namely General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Colonel Patrick Karegeya (RIP), Major Dr Theogene Rudasingwa, and Dr Gerald Gahima, Kagame pledged to kill them. Yesterday Col Karegeya was found in Michelangelo Towers Hotel in Johannesbourg, fulfilling Kagame’s promise. Other opponents to Kagame live in extreme caution asking countries that granted them hospitality to stay watchful since the strong man of Kigali has no jokes. General Kayumba Nyamwasa survived two assassination attempts in South Africa cases in which the police has found eminent involvement of Rwandan intelligence operatives.

As the man said, let us stay standby.

Chaste Gahunde

Patrick Karegeya: Rwanda exile ‘murdered’ in Johannesburg



Patrick Karegeya formed an opposition party in 2010

Exiled former Rwandan intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya has been apparently murdered in a Johannesburg hotel room, South African police say.

They say the dissident might have been strangled, with a rope and bloodied towel found in the hotel room safe.

Mr Karegeya was stripped of the rank of colonel after falling out with his former ally, President Paul Kagame.

President Kagame’s allies have previously denied accusations of links to a series of dissident attacks.

Mr Karegeya, 53, formerly head of Rwanda’s foreign intelligence service, had lived for the past six years in South Africa, where he had been granted political asylum.

A fellow exiled dissident, former army chief Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, has survived two assassination attempts since fleeing to South Africa in 2010.

The pair formed a new opposition party – the Rwanda National Congress – in 2010.

Gen Nyamwasa told the BBC that Mr Karegeya had gone to the upmarket Michelangelo Towers hotel to meet “somebody he knew very well, somebody who had come from Kigali”.

He accused the Rwandan government of being behind the killing.


Patrick Karegeya’s ally, Lt Gen Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, has survived two assassination attempts in South Africa

Rwanda’s ambassador to South Africa, Vincent Karega, dismissed this as an “emotional reaction and opportunistic way of playing politics”, reports The Associated Press news agency.

“We encourage the authorities to really look into the matter so that we know exactly what happened,” the Reuters news agency quotes him as telling local radio.

A police statement on Mr Karegeya’s death said: “Preliminary investigations revealed that his neck [was] swollen – there is a possibility that he might have been strangled.”

He leaves a widow and three children.

Rwandan exiles in several Western countries including the UK and US say local security agents have warned them of plots to kill them.

The Rwandan government has denied trying to kill its opponents.

Mr Karegeya and Gen Nyamwasa were among four exiled former top officials for whom Rwanda issued international arrest warrants in 2011.

A military court earlier sentenced them to long jail terms in absentia for threatening state security and promoting ethnic divisions.

Both men were part of Mr Kagame’s rebel forces which came to power in 1994, ending the genocide of their fellow ethnic Tutsis.

Mr Kagame has been accused of not tolerating opposition.

He maintains that Rwanda needs a strong government to prevent a return to ethnic conflict.

Source: BBC News


Rwanda: a key opponent assassinated, Rwandan intelligence operatives involved.



Like other political opponents, Col Patrick Karegeya was targeted by Kagame’s operatives

The Rwandan opposition is deeply saddened to announce the assassination of Colonel Patrick Karegeya today in Johannesburg, South Africa. His body was found in a Hotel where he went for a meeting. The South African authorities are investigating the murder. Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a key figure in the Rwandan opposition and a founding member of the Rwanda National Congress.

Rwandan opposition key figures have been a target in South Africa and other parts of the world. We all remember our colleague General Kayumba Nyamwasa who survived two assassination attempts in Johannesburg on June 18, 2010 and June 20, 2010. Investigations have found overwhelming evidence of the involvement of Rwandan Intelligence operatives in those attempts.

By killing its opponents, the criminal regime in Kigali seeks to intimidate and silence the Rwandan people into submission. The regime is hugely mistaken. Such criminal activities make Rwandan people more emboldened to struggle to remove the dictatorship.

Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a courageous soldier who died on the battlefield. We are determined more than ever before to carry the torch of struggling for freedom, for which he died. We shall win. We extend our condolences to Mrs. Leah Karegeya and the children, and pray that they find strength in these difficult times.

May the Almighty God grant his soul to rest in peace.

Further details will be communicated later.

On behalf of the opposition Platform RNC, FDU-INKINGI and Amahoro People’s Congress.

Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa
Rwanda National Congress.



Tubabajwe no kumenya no kumenyesha inkuru y’incamugongo y’urupfu rwa Koloneli Patrick Karegeya, wazize abagizi ba nabi kuri uyu wa gatatu , taliki ya 1 Mutarama 2014, akaba yaguye mu gihugu cya Afurika y’Epfo aho yari atuye nk’impunzi . Mu gihe tugitegereje kumenya inkuru irambuye y’uko byagenze, twabashije kumenya ko Koloneli Karegeya yari muzima adataka n’igicurane. Yavuye iwe ahamagawe kuri telefoni n’umuntu w’umunyarwanda basanzwe baziranye cyane ngo naze kuri Hoteli basangire agacupa ko kwizihiza umwaka mushya w’2014.

Icyakora ngo Partick Karegeya yavuye mu rugo ariko asiga avuze aho agiye n’uwo baraba bari kumwe. Ubwo abo mu rugo babonye atinze gutaha bamuhamagara kuri telefoni ye igendanwa baramuheba, batangira ibyo gushakisha baza kugera kuri iyo Hoteli, bamubona byarangiye, yashizemo umwuka. Impamvu z’uko guhotorwa n’uko byagenze ntibirasobanuka.

Hagati aho twifurije umuryango wa Partick Karegeya kwihangana , kandi twifurije Abayobozi n’abakunzi b’Ihuriro RNC gukomera no kudacika intege ku rugamba rwo guhashya umutwe w’iterabwoba ukomeje kwivugana Abanyarwanda.

Turakomeza kubakurikiranira iby’iyo nkuru ibabaje.

Ubwanditsi bw’Urubuga Umuhanuzi