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“Kagame is actually blowing the country in the path of another genocide” said former Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Ex-Rwandan Spy Chief Killing Alights Allegations

_72042008_photo2By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
January 5, 2014

LAGOS, Nigeria — The killing of Rwanda’s former spy chief in South Africa has critics revisiting serious allegations against Western-backed President Paul Kagame that go back to the Central African nation’s 1994 genocide.

Former Col. Patrick Karegeya, a wartime ally from Kagame’s days as a rebel leader, was found dead last week in a bed in Johannesburg’s prestigious Michelangelo Towers hotel. Police said he was possibly strangled.

Karegeya’s friends and fellow dissidents accused Kagame of ordering the assassination, pointing to a pattern of alleged killings of his opponents at home and abroad. Karegeya fled to South Africa in 2007.

Officials in Kigali, the Rwandan capital, have not responded to requests for comment. But the Rwandan high commissioner in South Africa, Vincent Karega, told local broadcaster eNCA that talk of assassination is an “emotional reaction and opportunistic way of playing politics.”

South African police say they are investigating the case but no arrests have been made.

The killing comes five months after Karegeya claimed to have incriminating evidence that would prove Kagame, who is lauded by Western leaders for ending Rwanda’s genocide, actually provided the catalyst for the mass killings.

In a July interview with Radio France International, Karegeya charged that Kagame ordered the downing of a jet that killed the Hutu presidents of Rwanda and neighboring Burundi, the event that triggered the genocide in which some 800,000 Tutsis and some moderate Hutus were killed over three months.

Karegeya said on RFI that he was willing to hand his evidence to a court in France that is investigating because the plane’s pilots were French.

A long-suppressed U.N. report published in 2010 noted that Kagame in 1994 refused to have peace talks as thousands of mainly Tutsi Rwandans were being killed, buying the time that allowed his forces to reach Kigali and take control.

It accused Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front of then going on to massacre Hutus in Rwanda, including at Kibeho refugee camp in April 1995 before the eyes of Australian and Zambian U.N. peacekeepers, an attack allegedly led by Karegeya.

The same report, which carried a lengthy denial from Kagame’s government, accused the Rwandan-led forces of “a possible genocide” of Rwandan and Congolese Hutus in eastern Congo in the mid-1990s.

Rwandan experts have said the U.N. failure to publish an earlier 1994 report on RPF massacres gave Kagame a blank check to continue the killings.

Defense lawyers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the court for perpetrators of the genocide based in Tanzania, long have contended that the court has provided “victor’s justice” by ignoring massacres by Kagame’s forces.

Kagame is feted by current and former U.S. and British leaders who point to how he has transformed an impoverished and war-ravaged nation into an efficient technology hub with some of the highest rates for literacy and health in Africa. That has come at the cost of a dictatorship that ruthlessly suppresses opposition and routinely jails, disappears and kills opponents, according to critics.

Analysts say the West panders to Kagame because of its great guilt over not ending the Rwandan genocide. And Kagame, who blames French troops that allowed perpetrators of the genocide to escape into Congo, played to British and American interests in diluting French influence in Central Africa when he changed Rwanda’s official language from French to English. That put Tutsi exiles who grew up in English-speaking Tanzania and Uganda at a great advantage over French-speaking Hutus. Rwanda’s other official language is Kinyarwanda.

Initial opposition to Kagame came, predictably, from members of the Hutu tribe, but in recent years it has come increasingly from former Tutsi allies like Karegeya and others who fear the brutal suppression of Rwanda’s majority people, the Hutu, might lead to another genocide.

About 85 percent of Rwandans are Hutu who were held in serfdom by Tutsi royalty in the 18th century. After World War I Rwanda fell to Belgian colonizers who entrenched divisions by ruling through the Tutsi monarch and educating only Tutsi males. Hutus who revolted had limbs amputated by Tutsis, on the order of the Belgians.

When independence and free elections came in 1961, they were won by Hutus. The first Tutsi attempt to regain power came a year later, with an invasion from Burundi. The Hutu government responded with brutal reprisals against Tutsi civilians.

Under Kagame, Hutu politicians have been killed or jailed in Rwanda. Journalists and judges also have been killed and imprisoned with the most fatal year being 2010, when Kagame was re-elected in polls that human rights activists called greatly flawed.

Kagame, who says many of his enemies deny the genocide, recently has taken to demanding that the children of Hutus apologize for the genocide that occurred before they were born.

“Kagame is actually blowing the country in the path of another genocide,” said former Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa. He was Kagame’s army chief of staff until 2010 and has survived two assassination attempts that are the subject of a South African court case and that left him with a bullet lodged in the base of his spine.


Rwanda: The government reveals its position on Col Karegeya’s death


Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs

Since January 2nd ,2014, the media both local and international has directed its focus on the case of the Rwandan former spymaster, Colonel Patrick Karegeya found dead, strangled in a luxurious Hotel in Johannesbourg South Africa.

The first reaction that came from the Rwandan opposition suggested that the main suspect in the matter was the government of Rwanda. They based their argument on two main facts:

  1. Kagame pledged in front of the parliament to use all his energy to kill the RNC founders.
  2. In 2010, one of RNC founders survived two consecutive assassination plots.

The government of Rwanda has just revealed its feelings on Karegeya’s death. Via its foreign affairs, the government of Rwanda believes that Karegeya’s death should not spark pity, because he proved to be a strong opponent to RPF regime.

Mushikiwabo tweets about Karegeya's Assassination

Although Mushikiwabo is commendable for her genuine answer (she expressed her true reality), the public is so shocked since statements like hers could also mean that she wanted Karegeya dead too.

According to Jaques Pauw of the city press “ It seems the Kagame regime will stop at nothing to stamp out dissidents and detractors, even if it means hunting them abroad” before adding that “ How ironic that a maestro of assassination could fall prey to the same plots and ploys he had once used”.

The same regime that former Rwandan external military intelligence chief Colonel Patrick Karegeya defended with blood ostensibly turned on him this week and left him lifeless in a swanky hotel room.

Dissident compatriots of the 54-year-old Karegeya were dumbfounded that the former Rwandan spymaster could so easily be lured into a death trap set for him at Sandton’s Michelangelo Hotel.

A top police unit is now searching for a Rwandan palm oil trader by the name of Apollo Kiririsi, who had a meeting with Karegeya at lunchtime on the last day of 2013.

By the time Karegeya’s body was discovered almost 20 hours later, Kiririsi had vanished. There is no record of him at the hotel as the room was booked under Karegeya’s name.

The Hawks’ Crimes Against the State unit is probing the probability that Kiririsi is a Rwandan agent who had befriended Karegeya over the past year to set him up for murder.

Karegeya had picked Kiririsi up on December 29 at the Sandton Gautrain station and took him to the Michelangelo Hotel.

Kiririsi said he had just flown in from Abu Dhabi. At around 2pm on Tuesday, Karegeya went to the hotel for his fatal meeting.

The slightly chubby Karegeya, a law graduate from Uganda’s Makerere University, fought back. He is said to have been trained by the Mossad and is a veteran of two of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars.

Karegeya was strangled and had no wounds, but there was blood in the room. At least one of his assailants left the hotel wounded”.

After this answer, Mushikiwabo should explain why so many people are in prisons after being accused and proclaimed guilty for having protested to show their happiness when Rwigema, the leader of 1990 Tutsi invasion was killed on October 2nd, 1990.

Chaste Gahunde

Urupfu rwa Col Karegeya nta mpuhwe ruteye!

“Urupfu rwa Col Karegeya nta mpuhwe ruteye!” byatangajwe n’Umuvugizi wa Leta y’Inkotanyi, Louise Mushikiwabo.



Louise Mushikiwabo aragaragaza ko avuga rumwe na wa mwunganzi wa Shitani 

Minisitriri w’ububanyi n’amahanga w’ u Rwanda aravuga ko urupfu kwa Patrick Karegeya wigeze kuba umuyobozi w’iperereza ryo hanze y’igihugu rudateye “impuhwe” kuko ‘yigaragaje ubwe nk’umuntu urwanya ubutegetsi buriho mu Rwanda’.

Minisitiri Louise Mushikiwabo yabitangarije umunyamakuru wa Radio Isango Star, Claude Kabengera ubwo yamubazaga icyo u Rwanda ruvuga ku rupfu rwa Patrick Karegeya wapfiriye mu gihugu cy’Afurika y’Epfo tariki ya 1 Mutarama 2014. Ishyaka Rwanda National Congress (RNC) yashinze ritavuga rumwe na leta y’u Rwanda ryavuze ko yishwe.

Anyuze ku rubuga nkoranyambaga rwa TWITTER, Kabengera yabajije Ministre Mushikiwabo ati “Minisitiri ni iki u Rwanda ruvuga ku rupfu rw’uwahoze ari umuyobozi w’iperereza ryo hanze y’igihugu, nk’umuntu wakoreye igisilikare cy’u Rwanda?”
Minisitiri w’Ububanyi n’amahanga w’u Rwanda Mushikiwabo asubiza icyo kibazo nibwo yavuze ko icy’ingenzi atari ibyo Karegeya yakoze mbere, ahubwo ibyo yakoze nyuma.
Ati “Ikibazo si uko utangira ahubwo ni uko urangiza! Uyu muntu yigaragaje ubwe ko arwanya guverinoma yange n’igihugu cyange, none uratekereza ko hari impuhwe?”

Mushikiwabo tweets about Karegeya's Assassination
Minisitiri Mushikiwabo niwe muyobozi wa mbere mu gihugu cy’ u Rwanda ugize icyo avuga ku rupfu rwa Patrick Karegeya, wari ufite ipeti rya Colonel mu ngabo z’ u Rwanda, ariko akaza kuryamburwa n’urukiko rwa gisilkare.

karegeyaPatrick Karegeya

Patrick Karegeya yigeze kuyobora urwego rushinzwe iperereza hanze y’u Rwanda, akaba yari yarahungiye muri Afrika y’Epfo, ku mugoroba wo ku ya 1 Mutarama 2014, yishwe n’abagizi ba nabi batari bamenyekana, ariko inzego zishinzwe umutekano zatangiye iperereza.

Amakuru yatangajwe n’ibinyamakuru byo muri Afrika y’Epfo yavugaga ko abamwishe bamusanze muri hoteli i Johannesbourg, maze bamwica bamunigishije imigozi. Inzego z’umutekano muri iki gihugu ntizarashobora kumenya icyaba cyarishe Karegeya, gusa zatangaje ko zatangiye iperereza, ndetse umurambo we ukazakorerwa ibizamini (Autopsy), kugira ngo hamenyekane icyaba cyamwishe.

Ishyaka rirwanya Leta y’u Rwanda RNC ryatunze agatoki ubutegetsi bw’u Rwanda kuba inyuma y’urwo rupfu, gusa Ambasaderi w’uRwanda muri Afrika y’Epfo Vincent Karega yahakanye ibyo ibirego avuga ko ibyo birego ari umukino wa politiki udafite aho ushingiye. Ambasaderi Karega yabwiye BBC ko yizeye ko iperereza rizagaragaza ukuri ku rupfu rwa Patrick Karegeya.

Source:Isango Star

FDLR irifatanya mu kababaro n’umuryango wa Patrick Karegeya


URUGAGA RUHARANIRA DEMOKARASI NO KUBOHOZA URWANDA, FDLR, rubabajwe n’urupfu rwa nyakwigendera col Karegeya Patrick.

FDLR  twifatanyije n’abanyarwanda bose n’muryango wa Col Karegeya patrick by’umwihariko na RNC mu kababaro twatewe n’urupfu rwa Nyakwigendera.

FDLR tuboneyeho gukomeza kwamagana twivuye inyuma ubwicanyi bukomeje gukorerwa abanyarwanda baba abari mu gihugu n’abahunze leta yu Rwanda.

Imana imuhe iruhuko ridashira.

Masisi, the 4th January 2014

Byiringiro Victor, Général Major
Président ai des FDLR (sé)

Telephone: +24 381 145 2213 Email:fdlrsrt@gmail.com or humura2020@gmail.com

After Patrick Karegeya, who is next? RNC members are wondering.

[1. General Kayumba Nyamwasa survived two assassination plots


Among all the opponents of Kigali regime, RNC members have been the main target, not because they are the only opposition but because of the information in their possession.


2. Gerald Gahima seems safer in the US

Having grown up and served with the current president of Rwanda, the founders of Rwanda National Congress (RNC)  also referred to as the gang of four, were privileged to have “golden secrets” of RPF, the then Tutsi-dominated rebel group and now the ruling party in Rwanda. 

 3. Colonel Patrick Karegeya was killed.  Gone too early._72042008_photo2

The gang of four, all university graduates, fell out with the school drop-out president in 2010. Reason: the four refused to be run like stupid illiterates.



 4. Dr Theogene Rudasingwa, the coordinator of the gang sounds more determined than ever.

Because RPF committed so many war crimes to climb to power, the party would not like the truth to come out since this would expose its lies. On January 2nd, 2014, we learnt a sad news that one of them, Colonel Patrick Karegeya was assassinated in the South African luxurious Michelangelo Towers hotel where he was meeting a Rwandan “friend” who was coming from Abu Dhabi”. Now that he is gone, we are wondering who is next.] Blogger’s note.


Anatomy of a spy boss murder BY Jacques Pauw

It seems the Kagame regime will stop at nothing to stamp out dissidents and detractors, even if it means hunting them abroad, Jacques Pauw reports.

How ironic that a maestro of assassination could fall prey to the same plots and ploys he had once used.

The same regime that former Rwandan external military intelligence chief Colonel Patrick Karegeya defended with blood ostensibly turned on him this week and left him lifeless in a swanky hotel room.

Dissident compatriots of the 54-year-old Karegeya were dumbfounded that the former Rwandan spymaster could so easily be lured into a death trap set for him at Sandton’s Michelangelo Hotel.

A top police unit is now searching for a Rwandan palm oil trader by the name of Apollo Kiririsi, who had a meeting with Karegeya at lunchtime on the last day of 2013.

By the time Karegeya’s body was discovered almost 20 hours later, Kiririsi had vanished. There is no record of him at the hotel as the room was booked under Karegeya’s name.

The Hawks’ Crimes Against the State unit is probing the probability that Kiririsi is a Rwandan agent who had befriended Karegeya over the past year to set him up for murder.

Karegeya had picked Kiririsi up on December 29 at the Sandton Gautrain station and took him to the Michelangelo Hotel.

Kiririsi said he had just flown in from Abu Dhabi. At around 2pm on Tuesday, Karegeya went to the hotel for his fatal meeting.

The slightly chubby Karegeya, a law graduate from Uganda’s Makerere University, fought back. He is said to have been trained by the Mossad and is a veteran of two of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars.

Karegeya was strangled and had no wounds, but there was blood in the room. At least one of his assailants left the hotel wounded.

Another political assassination?

Critics of Rwanda President Paul Kagame say the murder carries the hallmark of yet another assassination carried out by the bespectacled strongman’s intelligence forces.

Supporters of the regime, however, point to Kagame’s accomplishments in bringing stability and limited prosperity to his troubled nation.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have for years documented the complicity of Kagame’s security forces in the killing of his opponents across the continent.

The UN has accused Kagame of fomenting rebellion in the eastern Congo and recently found that his forces might have committed acts of genocide in the region.

In the country itself, opposition politicians are either in prison or dead, journalists have been jailed and political parties have been banned.

Kigali has, predictably, denied that it targets political dissidents and claims that Rwanda is a budding democracy in which there is increasing space for political opposition.

Why Karegeya came

Karegeya sneaked into South Africa in February 2008, claimed refugee status and settled in Joburg.

His arrival followed a fallout with Kagame, just three years his senior. He was arrested and jailed for “indiscipline” and stripped of his rank in 2006.

Kagame and Karegeya fought side by side in the Ugandan rebel movement that brought Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986 in Uganda.

Museveni then allowed them to form their own Tutsi rebel movement, the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

It came to power in 1994 when it ended the genocide in Rwanda in which some 800 000 Rwandans died.

Karegeya wielded enormous power as Rwanda’s external military chief and was once in Kagame’s inner circle.

He was also credited with hunting down the enemies of the post-genocide regime across the region.

Fingers have pointed at him for, among other things, the assassination of former Rwandan interior minister Seth Sendashonga in 1998.

Sendashonga was appointed as a minister after the genocide, but then found evidence of the new regime’s complicity in post-genocide massacres and abuses.

He sent his findings to Kagame – and in doing so effectively signed his own death warrant.

Sendashonga fled to Kenya and then Tanzania, where he continued compiling his incriminating dossier against Kagame. He was gunned down in 1998, days before he was due to testify before the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

The Rwandan ambassador in Kenya and Karegeya were accused of being the masterminds behind the killing.

The ambassador was recalled to Rwanda, where he was inexplicably murdered.

Karegeya said in an interview after his arrival in South Africa that he would “tell all” when the time was right.

It would have been a confession that Kagame could ill afford.

The gang of four

In March 2010, Karegeya became one of the so-called Gang of Four when three more former Kagame confidants fled Rwanda.

Kagame’s former chief of staff, Dr Theogene Rudasingwa, and Rwanda’s former attorney-general, Gerard Gahima, settled in the US while former army chief General Kayumba Nyamwasa chose South Africa.

The Gang of Four became instrumental in establishing the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), a multi-ethnic political movement that wants Kagame voted out of power.

The Rwandan government has outlawed the movement and a farcical military tribunal sentenced the Gang of Four to long-term imprisonment.

Nyamwasa survived two assassination attempts in Joburg in June 2010. In one of the attempts, he was shot and wounded in the stomach.

A Rwandan intelligence agent and his accomplices are now on trial in Joburg and evidence has been presented that the very top of Rwandan intelligence ordered the shooting.

The court was told about tape recordings in which the head of Rwandan military intelligence discussed the assassination of Nyamwasa and Karegeya with intelligence recruits in South Africa.

Following the failed attempt on Nyamwasa, South Africa recalled its ambassador to Rwanda for more than a year.

Both Nyamwasa and Karegeya were placed in a defence intelligence protection programme, but in September 2011, City Press unearthed another plot to kill Nyamwasa when Rwandan intelligence hired a private security firm to find out where the general was being housed.

They also recruited Rwandan refugees as assassins to shoot him.

Defence intelligence hastily moved Nyamwasa to another location. Although he is still under protection, in 2011 Karegeya left the programme, saying he had to earn a living and needed to move around.

Karegeya lived alone in the upmarket and highly secure Featherbrooke estate near Krugersdorp, on Gauteng’s West Rand.

His wife and two sons lived in the US and his daughter in Canada.

When the Americans killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011, the Rwandan government mouthpiece, the New Times, warned Nyamwasa and Karegeya: “You can run. You can hide. But you won’t escape.”

A nephew’s concern

Rwandan refugee David Batenga repeatedly warned his uncle not to trust the businessman that claimed to be a sympathiser of the RNC.

“Kiririsi said Kagame is a dictator and should go,” said Batenga. “My uncle fell for him and started trusting him.”

Karegeya knew that he was living in the shadow of Kagame’s henchmen. In 2012, the chairperson of the RNC in Africa, Frank Ntwali, was attacked and stabbed 12 times. He survived.

In the same year, the sister-in-law of the African secretary-general of the RNC, Pretoria attorney Kennedy Gihana, confessed that she was recruited by Rwandan intelligence to set him up for murder.

The State Security Agency (SSA) warned the leadership of the RNC in the same year that they face imminent danger.

The Rwandan government cancelled their and their families’ passports.

In the past two years, Rwandan exiles in the UK were warned by local security agents of a Kigali plot to kill them.

Sweden and Belgium deported Rwandan diplomats for spying on Rwandan refugees.

Batenga warned Karegeya on Tuesday: “I don’t think it is safe for you to go alone to this meeting.”

Batenga sent Karegeya a phone message at 7.47pm to make sure he was okay.

He received a message back not to be worried.

We don’t know if Karegeya wrote the message or when the killers pounced, but last time the card key for the room in the posh hotel was used was just after 8pm.

Batenga called Karegeya at midnight to wish him a happy new year.

He did not answer any of his three cell phones.

Batenga identified Karegeya’s swollen and badly-bruised body the next afternoon.

“How could Karegeya have walked into this trap?” Batenga asked. “It shows you the regime will stop at nothing to get us.”

A race to arms

Some of the RNC’s office bearers don’t sleep in their own beds and those who qualify for gun licences have armed themselves.

“We are scared and we don’t know what’s coming next,” Gihana admits.

He was recently in hospital after a car accident and his family had to keep its name a secret.

Gihana wants to meet authorities and demand protection for RNC members. He also wants to know how it is possible for foreign agents to operate so freely in South Africa.

The assassination of Karegeya poses a massive foreign policy dilemma for government.

When Nyamwasa was shot in 2010, it almost led to a breakdown of diplomatic relations.

Should the Hawks find evidence that Rwanda had a hand in the killing, South Africa will be compelled to act against the man once described as the West’s “darling dictator”.

For now, a group of Rwandan refugees who under the UN’s convention are entitled to protection from South Africa will continue to look over their shoulders and ask the question on everyone’s lips: who is next?

What government will do about it

International relations department spokesperson Clayson Monyela says government will not comment on the murder of Colonel Patrick Karegeya because a police investigation is under way.

He said the situation was not expected to cause diplomatic tensions between Rwanda and South Africa as there was no evidence linking the Rwandan government to Karegeya’s killing.

But another senior government official with high-level diplomatic ties suggested the case would cause diplomatic tensions, and that there should be consequences if a link to the Rwandan government can be established.

The killing of Karegeya on our soil was a diplomatic issue that government should have responded to, the official said.

“Sincerely, from a diplomatic point of view, something like this is not acceptable. It undermines diplomatic relations which are based on mutual respect.

“It also undermines the agenda of the African continent which is moving away from getting rid of people like this.

“Africans are just tired of this,” said the official.

The official said Pretoria’s decision to shelter people who are at odds with their governments had caused tension with Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria, but said their governments had come to accept that South Africa was bound by its human rights laws and international conventions.

“It has not been easy for South Africa to keep people who are in a bad space with their own governments.

“It is not easy because we have relationships with those countries. But you can’t just bundle them and take them back to their countries.”

The Rwandans have not contacted South Africa following Karegeya’s killing, but the official said the South Africans will have to go through diplomatic channels if they wanted to raise concerns.

“We are fully engaging all our institutions that are supposed to deal with this matter. We don’t want our country to be one of those where people just come and kill

other people.

“We also don’t want this thing of people settling scores by killing people. We don’t want it to take root. We’ve got a reputation to protect.” – Sabelo Ndlangisa

Source: http://www.citypress.co.za/politics/anatomy-spy-boss-murder/

Koko se? ICYUNAMO MURI MUTARAMA : INDAKI Kagame yihishemo kugira ngo yungikanye ibikorwa by’iterabwoba n’ubugizibwanabi !?


Mu by’ukuri, uretse Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko ke , ntawe utabona ko «  Stratégie » yo kwihisha inyuma ya « jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi bonyine » hagamijwe kumena no gutesha agaciro amaraso y’abandi benegihugu itakijyanye n’igihe ! Niyo mpamvu benshi bibaza bati : Iki cyunamo gishyizwe igitaraganya muri kwezi kwa Mutarama gisobanura iki ? Gihishe iki ? Gihuriye he n’urupfu rwa koloneli Patrick Karegeya wanigishijwe ikiziriko taliki ya mbere Mutarama 2014 ?

I. Twibukiranye

Twari tumaze kumenyera ko buri mwaka icyunamo cyo kwibuka« jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi bonyine » gitangira mu kwezi kwa Mata ! Kandi kubera ko hashize imyaka hafi makumyabiri ibyo bikorwa, twagize igihe gihagije cyo kwitegereza no kumva neza icyo « iki cyunamo kidashira » gisobanura !

N’ubwo Loni yemeje ko mu Rwanda hakozwe « ibikorwa bya jenoside », ikanashyiraho Urukiko Mpuzamahanga Mpanabyaha (TPIR) rukorera Arusha rushinzwe gukirikirana no guhana ibyo byaha, ntabwo Loni yigeze ivuga ko ari Abatutsi bonyine bakorewe “jenoside” , nta n’ubwo Loni yigeze ivuga ko ari Abahutu bonyine bayikoze. Nyuma y’ukwivuguruza kwinshi, Leta ya FPR niyo yafashe icyemezo cyo :

*kuvangura abishwe : ivuga ko Abatutsi aribo bonyine bakwiye kuririrwa, kunamirwa no kwibukwa kuko aribo bakorewe jenoside ; naho abahutu bo bishwe bakaba ari ibikoko bityo, uretse no kwibukwa no kuririrwa, bakaba nta n’uburenganzira bafite bwo gushyingurwa mu cyubahiro gikwiye abantu .

*kuvangura abicanyi : ivuga ko umwicanyi ukomoka mu bwoko bw’Abahutu ari we mubi, bityo akaba akwiye kuryozwa ibyaha bye n’ibya se n’ibya sekuru , hakiyongeraho ko n’abana babo b’ibitambambuga badafite aho bahuriye n’ubwo bwicanyi bagomba kuzasoza ubuzima bwabo bapfukamye basaba imbabazi Abatutsi ; mu gihe umwicanyi ukomoka mu bwoko bw’Abatutsi we agomba gufatwa nk’ INTWARI y’igihugu, akagororerwa. Nyamara anketi na raporo zakozwe na LONI ku bwicanyi bwakozwe n’ingabo za Kagame muri Kongo zerekana ko bashobora kuzakurikiranwa n’inkiko ku cyaha cya « Jenoside yakorewe abahutu ».

Iyo ikora ibyo ,Leta ya FPR iba igamije iki ?

(1) Intego ni uguhishira uruhare FPR yagize mu kurimbura Abanyarwanda guhera taliki ya 1/10/1990 kugeza ubu, baba Abahutu , baba Abatutsi .

(2)Twibuke ubuhamya bw’Inkotanyi Abdoul Joshuwa Ruzibiza, wagiraga ati «  Ushaka kumva uko jenoside yateguwe ikanashyirwa mu bikorwa ntakarebe gusa ibyo Leta ya Habyarimana yakoze  ajye abanza arebe n’ibyaha by’indengakamere FPR yakoze » kuko mu by’ukuri ariyo « yigishije Interahamwe kwica urubozo », iyo zabonaga ibyo FPR yakoreraga Abanyabyumba n’Abanyaruhengeri !

Icyitonderwa :

Ikibazo gikomeye cyane kiriho ubungubu gituma nta butabera nyakuri bushobora kubaho mu Rwanda, ni uko abaryozwa ibyakoze ari uruhande rumwe gusa rw’Abahutu, Abatutsi bayoboraga FPR bo ntibagire icyo bakurikiranwaho kandi barabigizemo uruhare rukomeye cyane ! Ndetse ahubwo FPR ikagaruka ikigira umucamanza mu rubanza yakagombye kuregwamo , ibyo bikaba binyuranyije cyane n’IHAME ubucamanza bwubakiyeho rigira riti « Kirazira kuba umucamanza mu rubanza uregwamo »(«  Nul n’est juge dans sa propre cause »°.

Kuki FPR imaze imyaka 20 yose yarigize umucamanza mu rubanza iregwamo ?

Ni ukugira ngo abayobozi bakuru ba FPR bakingirwe ikibaba, batabazwa ibyo bakoze. Ahubwo n’ibyo bakoze bakagaruka bakabyegeka ku Bahutu akaba aribo babibazwa bonyine: kugira ngo byinjizwe mu mitwe n’imitima(conscience collective) y’abanyarwanda cyane cyane urubyiruko ko UMUHUTU wese ari mubi, ari umwicanyi, UMUTUTSI akaba umwere nka Malayika w’Imana . Iyo akaba ari nayo mpamvu mu gihe cy’icyunamo abambari ba FPR-Inkotanyi bakaza umurego, hirya no hino mu Mirenge, Abahutu bagafatwa, bagashyirwa ku ngoyi, bagakubitwa, bagacunaguzwa, bagafungwa, bagatorongezwa , abandi bakicwa…Mu Rwanda haracyari uturere abaturage bahunga mu cyunamo,bakigira i Burundi cyangwa i Bugande,  bakazagaruka kirangiye . Nigeze kujya ku Gikongoro mu cyunamo, ndebye iterabwoba abaturage bashyirwaho ndumirwa ! Ibyo bikaba buri mwaka, imyaka igashira indi igataha. Burya koko akabi kamenyerwa nk’akeza ! None nyuma y’imyaka 20, nk’aho ibyo byose bidahagije bati noneho reka icyunamo tugitangire ku ya 7 Mutarama ! Aho ubutaha ntituzabwirwa ko kizajya gitangira ku italiki ya 1 Mutarama kigasozwa ku ya 31 Ukuboza ?!

II. Icyunamo cyo muri Mutarama 2014 gihuriye he n’urupfu rwa Koloneli Patrick Karegeya ?


Iki cyunamo kidasanzwe cyo kwibuka « jenoside yakorewe abatutsi bonyine » gishyizwe muri Mutarama 2014 gifite ibyo gihishe. Paul Kagame muzamugaye ibindi, nta mahano akora atabanje gutanga integuza ! Twibuke ko mu gusoza umwaka w’2013 , Perezida Paul Kagame yakoze disikuru ibwira ingabo ze ko hateganyijwe ibikomeye mu muri uyu mwaka w’2014 , kandi ko bagomba kwitegura ko uyu mwaka uzabagora cyane. Hatarashira iminsi ibiri , Koloneri Patrick Karegeya wabarirwaga mu barwanya ubutegetsi bubi bwa FPR aba yishwe anigishijwe ikiziriko, ibimenyetso byinshi bikaba bigaragaza ko Agatsiko ka Paul Kagame ariko kagiye kubazwa iby’urwo rupfu. Gusa nk’uko dusanzwe tuzi FPR, bakora ibyaha barangiza bakaba abambere mu guhinda imishyitsi ko biri bubakoreho . Bizabakoraho nyine ! None se inkunguzi y’ibikoba ntiyirahira amakara mu kibuno ?

Nk’ubu bazi neza ukuntu kugerageza kwicira Kayumba Nyamwasa muri Afurika y’Epfo byateranyije u Rwanda n’igihugu cya Afurika y’Epfo cyari gisanzwe gifasha u Rwanda muri byinshi. Twibuke nanone ko icyo gihugu cya Afurika y’Epfo gifatanyije na Tanzaniya muri Brigade d’Intervention aribyo biherutse kugamburuza Paul Kagame muri politiki ye ya mpatsibihugu, ubwo byashwanyaguzaga M 23 , Umutwe wabicanyi yiremeye akaba yawukoreshaga mu bwicanyi ndengakamere no mu busahuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro mu burasirazuba bwa Congo .

Birumvikana ko Afurika y’Epfo itazituramira gusa nimara gukora anketi za ngombwa igasanga abicanyi baturutse i Kigali aribo bongeye kuvogera ubutaka bwayo, bakajya kuhicira Patrick Karegeya wari warahahawe ubuhungiro. Ibi Kagame n’abambari be bazi neza ko bishobora kubakoraho , n’ubwo kenshi batekereza ariko barangije gukora ibara, bagahora bibuka ibitereko basheshe.Birababaje.

Icyunamo cyo muri Mutarama nk’Indaki .

Kugira ngo bikingire ingaruka z’igikorwa cy’iterabwoba bamaze gukora muri Afurika y’Epfo n’ibindi binyuranye bateganya gukora muri uyu mwaka w’2014 , Kagame n’Agatsiko ke bibutse ko bashobora guhungira no kwikinga inyuma « y’Icyunamo kidasanzwe cyo kwibuka jenoside yakorewe abatutsi bonyine » ! Aka wa mugani ngo akaboko wicishije inkware uhora ukabangaritse !

Ikigamijwe ni ukugira ngo :

(1)Kagame n’Agatsiko ke bihishe inyuma y’amarira, bongere batere imbabazi, barerembure amaso, bereka amahanga ko bo batazi kwica , ko hica Abahutu bonyine, ko Abatutsi bahora ari ba“Victimes gusa” kubera ko aribo bishwe bonyine muri jenoside mu 1994 ; bityo bakaba bizeye ko amahanga yagira impuhwe , agatinya kubashinja urupfu rwa Patrick Karegeya  kandi bari mu cyunamo ! Barateganya ko Afurika y’Epfo nibirengaho ikabashinja urupfu rwa Patrick Karegeya nabo bazayihindisha imishyitsi bakayishinja gupfobya no guhakana jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994!

(2) Kagame agamije kurangaza abakuru mu ngabo ze kugira ngo batabona igihe cyo gutekereza ku iyicwa ry’uwahoze ari mugenzi wabo, kandi ko bamwe muri bo aribo baraye bari bwicwe. Koko rero Kagame atabarangaje byatuma bafata umwanya wo kwisuganya bakiga icyakorwa kugira ngo ejo nabo batazapfa urwa Karegeya !

(3)Hagamijwe kurangaza Abanyarwanda ngo batabona umwanya wo gukurikira amakuru ngo bamenye uko ubutegetsi bwa FPR bukomeje gukora nk’umutwe w’iterabwoba wica Abanyarwanda mu gihugu ukanabasanga iyo bahungiye ukabatsindayo .


Kagame yemeje ko uyu mwaka w’2014 uzaba ugoye cyane, kandi iyo abibwiye ingabo aba azumvisha ko zigomba kwitegura izindi ntambara. Birahwihwiswa ko aya mezi adasanzwe y’icyunamo Kagame ateganya kuyicamo abandi bantu benshi akeka ko barwanya ubutegetsi bwe, muri bo hakaba harimo na Perezida Mrisho KIKWETE wa Tanzaniya , Joseph Kabila wa Congo na Petero Nkurunziza w’U Burundi .

Nta kindi gisobanuro twaha iki cyunamo cyo muri Mutarama uretse kugifata nk’INDAKI KAGAME yihishemo kugira ngo yungikanye ibikorwa by’ubugizibwanabi n’iterabwoba .

Abatavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bw’igitugu bwa Kagame bararye ari menge, uyu mwaka w’2014 ntuzaborohera, ariko ibyo sibyo byatuma bacika intege , ahubwo bakwiye kwihutira gushyira imbaraga hamwe kugira ngo FPR igaragazwe uko iri : Umutwe w’iterabwoba ukwiye gushyirishwa ku rutonde rw’indi mitwe nk’iyo, ugahagurukirwa n’amahanga, ugaseswa, Abanyarwanda n’abaturanyi b’u Rwanda bakiruhutsa .

Umwaka mwiza ku bifuza impinduka nziza bose.

Padiri Thomas Nahimana.

Njye ndaburanira Shitani: impamvu icyenda (9) Col Patrick Karegeya yagombaga kwicwa.

Mu gihe turimo kuririra Colonel Karegeya Patrick watuvuyemo imburagihe ndetse akagenda atarangije ikivi yatangiye cyo guhirika ubutegetsi bw’igitugu mu Rwanda,hashobora kuba hari n’abandi babona ko byari bikwiye ko yicwa.Urugero ni nk’abamwishe kimwe n’abamwicishije. Aba barimo ibice byinshi: hari abateguye umugambi, abawusohoje n’abatanze amafranga yo kuwushyira mu bikorwa babizi cyangwa batabizi. Ni ukuvuga ko niba ari Leta y’u Rwanda yahitanye Karegeya buri Munyarwanda wese utanga imisoro yagize uruhare mu iyicwa rya Karegeya atabishaka! Inyandiko ikurikira ni ubuvanganzo bukoresha imvugo izimiza ariko igasigira umusomyi igitekerezo. Kuyisobanukirwa bisaba ubushishozi. Amazina akoreshwamo ni amahimbano uretse irya Karegeya ryonyine.  


Njye ndaburanira Shitani: impamvu icyenda (9) Col Patrick Karegeya yagombaga kwicwa.


Mutwararumuri III ni umuyobozi w’abunganizi mu bucamanza ba Shitani.

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Mpagaze imbere yanyu n’icyubahiro cyinshi kugira ngo nsobanure impamvu uyu mugabo nako iki kigarasha murimo kuririra cyagombaga kwicwa, ahubwo njye mbona twese muri iki gihugu cy’i Rwahanda twari dukwiye gukora umunsi mukuru.

Sinshaka gutinda mu magambo adafite injyana reka mpite njya ku mpamvu uko zakabaye.

1.      Colonel Karegeya yarize ndetse araminuza:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Mwese muzi ko muri iki gihugu cyacu twamaze kwemeranywaho ko injiji ari izize. Mwese muzi ko ariyo mpamvu dukomeza kwemera ko abatazi gusoma bagirwa ibikomerezwa bamwe tubagira aba general abandi bafite udushuri dukeya ba bandi bize mu Kibeho ikigoroba tukabagira Abajyanama ba Perezida wa Repubulika.Abagize ibyago byo kwiga bagomba guceceka abafite za dogitora bakaba nk’abatararikandagiyemo. Iri hame rwose nta n’umwe uriviguruza hano i Rwahanda mu myanya myinshi y’ubuyobozi niko bimeze.

Tugendeye ku byo mvuze haruguru, Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Byari ngombwa ko Karegeya yicwa kuko amashuri yize ariyo yamushutse yirengagiza amategeko tugenderaho aho kwitwara nk’injiji ngo ajye ahora acecetse yazanye ivogonyo ndetse yiha kuvuguruza ibyo abenegihugu bihitiyemo.

2.      Colonel Karegeya yavuze ibyo atekereza n’ibyo atemera:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Amategeko tugenderaho muri iki gihugu cy’I Rwahanda cyane cyane ingingo ibanza y’itegeko rigenga ubutegetsi bw’igitugu ivuga ko twese tugomba kubaha “kirazira”. Kirazira kuvuga ikikuri ku mutima cyane cyane iyo kidahuye n’ibyo ubuyobozi bushaka. Uyu mugabo Patrick Karegeya afatanyije n’ibindi bigarasha n’amasazi nka we banditse inyandiko bavuga ko ubutegetsi bw’I Rwahanda bugomba kugendera kuri demokarasi kandi nk’uko dukunze kubigezwaho n’abayobozi bacu demokarasi twarayamaganye, kuko ariyo yatumye iki gihugu gipfa kuva mu myaka 50 irenga ishize.

3.      Colonel Karegeya yari azi amakuru menshi:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Uyu mugabo yari azi byinshi cyane cyane imigambi mibisha yose twagiye dutegura niwe wabanzaga kudushakira amakuru no kuturangira aho abo duhitana baherereye. Uyu mugabo igihugu cyacu Rwahanda cyaramugaburiye kiramwizera kimushinga kugenzura inzego z’ubutasi ariko mwabonye uko yatwituye. Yatorotse gereza arangije atangira kumena aya mabanga. Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza, ese ubwo ko mwiha kwiriza ngo yapfuye, mwari muzi ko aherutse kuvugana n’ibigarasha bitukura byo mu Bufaranswa akavuga ko azi aho misile twakoresheje twirenza Gisunzu zaturutse? Ndetse amakuru dufite mu biro bikuru by’abunganizi ba Shitani yemeza ko Karegeya yavuze n’ibindi byinshi birimo ukuntu twirengeje aba Spanyoli. Njye ndasanga iyo adapfa yari gukomeza kunyanyagiza amakuru aho adakwiye.

4.      Colonel Karegeya yari umu mafia:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza, Colonel Karegeya yari azi neza ko kwitandukanya n’umutwe wacu wa Mafia bizamugiraho ingaruka. Mu ndahiro umuntu wese winjiye muri uyu mutwe wa Mafia akora, harimo aho tuvuga ngo “nimpemuka nzafatwe nk’umwanzi nzakanirwe urunkwiye nk’umwanzi uwo ari we wese”, kandi uko Mafia ifata umwanzi ni ukumwohereza mu kiruhuko kidashira mwe mwita urupfu. Ahubwo Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza, ndabasaba nkomeje ko n’umurambo wa Karegeya ucibwa urubanza mukamukatira urwo gupfa rwa kabiri kuko we nk’umuyobozi mukuru muri Mafia yarengereye cyane.

5.      Colonel Karegeya yari impunzi yifashije:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Nyuma y’aho bitunaniriye kwica impunzi ngo tuzimare mu kivunge, mu nama twakoreye muri Hotel Umulindi ku itariki ya 32 Ukwezi kwa 12 umwaka wa 2003, twemeje ko tuzajya twirenza umwe umwe mu bagomba kujya mu kiruhuko gihoraho ariko tukibanda ku baduhunze bakaba bifashije. Twemeje ko abafite amashuri yabahesha akazi keza, abafite akazi gatuma bagaragara mu rwego mpuzamahanga aribo tuzajya duturitsa. Karegeya rero yari ari muri abo. Nkaba nsanga rwose yari akwiye kwicwa.

6.      Colonel Karegeya yashakaga ubutegetsi:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Uyu mugabo nako iki kigarasha, cyashakaga kuza gutegeka iki gihugu kandi ngo kigafatanya n’ibipinga. Abandi babigerageje Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza, mwarabafunze twe tukabona bitabaca intege kuko uko mufunze umwe havuka abandi icumi. Niyo mpamvu mu rwego rwo kubagabanyiriza imirimo twatekereje ko iyicwa rya Karegeya rizatuma abasigaye bose bahurwa kongera gushyugumbwa ngo barashaka kuyobora iki gihugu twitoraguriye mu giteme.

7.      Colonel Karegeya yashakaga kudusubiza muri jenoside:

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Colonel Karegeya ubwo yashakaga kuyobora iki gihugu bisobanura ko yashakaga kudusubiza muri jenoside yo muri 1944. Jenoside yarabaye kandi yadufashije kugera ku butegetsi nta yindi dushaka kuko ibaye yaba ariyo kubutwambura. Muri igi gihugu cy’i Rwahanda, umuntu umwe gusa niwe wabashije guhagarika jenoside akaba ariyo mpamvu mwese mwamaze kwemeza ko azatuyobora ubuziraherezo.Nta wundi ufite ubwenge n’ubushobozi bwo kutugeza aheza kuko n’abana twohereza mu mashuri mwabonye ko tubapfunyikira amazi bagasohoka za kaminuza nta kintu biyiziye. Niyo mpamvu muri iyi myaka yose tumaze ku butegetsi nta wundi washobora kuyobora iri hanga ry’I Rwahanda kuko twakomeje kwimakaza ihame ry’uko uwize agomba kuba injiji.

8.      Colonel Karegeya ntaruta abandi bose

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza, ndagira ngo mbabwire uko uru rubanza mubyukije nta shingiro rufite kuko mutigeze mudu hamagara mu manza igihe Seti Sendashonga  cyangwa Lizinde Theoneste bicwaga. Ntimwigeze mudutera hejuru igihe Buduli Ruzibiza twamwoherezaga mu kiruhuko. Ni uko se twakoresheje uburyo mutasobanukiwe? Mpereye ku ihame rya “Stare decisis” na precedent, ubwo mutigeze mudushora mu manza ubwo twahitanaga abandi, ntabwo mukwiye kudushora mu manza ubu, nta ho byabaye.

9.      Ibindi byaha by’urusobe bya Karegeya

Nyakubahwa Perezida w’urukiko, banyakubahwa bacamanza,

Tudatinze mu makorosi reka nsoze mbashimira ubushishozi muza gucana uru rubanza kuko mu by’ukuri ari urucabana. Siniriwe ngaruka ku bindi byaha bikomeye cyane Karegeya yakoze birimo nko kunywa inzoga, gusangira n’Abahutu, kurya inyama, no kwifuza abagore kandi abagore bose ari ab’umwami.

Murakoze murakarama

Mutwararumuri III

Umuyobozi w’abunganizi ku ruhande rw’uregwa Shitani.

“I am already a dead man” Patrick Karegeya

Blogger’s note.
[The death of the Rwandan former chief spy, Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a saddening one but not a surprise. In fact everybody who decides to oppose President Kagame knows that his/her death is approaching. Yet, what remains amazing is that day after day we see many more dissidents being born! Does it mean that they like death? Maybe. Because death is the only way to go to Heaven! Or is it because they have suffered enough that death would be welcome?  And again, why the opponents do not give up and join Kagame? Something that challenges scholars and  political scientists lies here. In the article by the Guardian on January 2, 2014; it is clear that Karegeya knew he could be killed but he did not give up. He believed the cause he was fighting for could bring him to death, and that is the biggest sacrifice one can offer for his people’s freedom. Requiescat in Pace Colonel] 

Rwanda’s former spy chief ‘murdered’ in South Africa

The Michelangelo Towers hotel is a favourite haunt of international jet-setters, South African old money and the new black elite. Lulled by a grand piano, guests graze on Norwegian salmon and Mozambican prawns while looking out on a giant statue of Nelson Mandela in Africa‘s wealthiest district.

Come New Year’s Day, denizens of the Johannesburg hotel could scarcely have dreamed of the horror unfolding upstairs in one of its luxurious rooms. Patrick Karegeya, a former spy chief in Rwanda living in exile in South Africa, was murdered. Later the room’s safe revealed a bloodied towel and a rope‚ implying that Karegeya had been strangled.

As police began searching for a motive and culprit, Karegeya’s fellow Rwandan dissidents were in no doubt: they immediately described it as a political assassination carried out on the orders of the country’s president, Paul Kagame. It fitted a pattern, they claimed, of previous killings and disappearances of his opponents in South Africa and elsewhere.

Karegeya, 53, was once a close ally of Kagame and served as Rwanda’s intelligence chief for 10 years before he was arrested and jailed for 18 months for insubordination and desertion. He fled the country after he was stripped of his rank of colonel in 2006. His political associates said he had gone to the Michelangelo hotel on Wednesday to meet a Rwandan man who had posed as a friend of the opposition.

A fellow exile, Gen Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, Kagame‘s former chief of army staff and a long-time friend of Karegeya, said he was called to the hotel room by Karegeya’s nephew shortly after his body was discovered on a bed, his neck swollen.

“He had been strangled,” he said. “They used a rope from the curtains. There were injuries on his arms. There were signs of a struggle. There may have been more than one attacker in the room and there will be an autopsy to see if drugs were used.”

He added: “The person he was meeting was nowhere to be seen.” He gave the person’s name as Apollo Karirisa.

Nyamwasa, who himself survived two assassination attempts in Johannesburg in 2010, expressed sorrow but not surprise at the death. “It is not new. It is not the first time and it is not the last. Most of President Kagame’s political opposition are in exile or in prison or are dead.

“The whole international community should examine its relationship with Kagame. He is a criminal and people must recognise that and call him to order. Who else would want to kill Patrick? He never had enemies. It is a political killing, an assassination.”

Karegeya and Nyamwasa fought with Kagame in the Ugandan rebel movement that brought Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986. Museveni then allowed them bases and training to form their own Tutsi-led rebel movement. Kagame took power in Rwanda in 1994, ending the genocide in which 800,000 people Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed.

Karegeya and Nyamwasa were among four top ex-army officers who formed an opposition party, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), in exile six years ago. The four were sentenced in Rwanda in their absence to long prison terms in 2011 for allegedly promoting tribal divisions and threatening state security with grenade attacks in the capital, Kigali. Rwanda issued international arrest warrants for the men.

The defectors – all from Kagame’s Tutsi ethnic group – accuse him of stifling opposition, and killing or jailing critics to stay in power. In 2011, two exiles in London were warned by British police that they faced the threat of assassination by a Rwandan government hitman, and last year a refugee who fled his job in Kagame’s personal bodyguard was abducted in Uganda and forcibly returned to Rwanda. Kagame’s government has vehemently denied such charges.

The RNC, many of whose senior members are also living in exile, described Karegeya’s death as an assassination. “By killing its opponents, the criminal regime in Kigali seeks to intimidate and silence the Rwandan people into submission,” it said.

Carina Tertsakian, senior researcher on Rwanda at Human Rights Watch, said it would be premature to draw any conclusions about Karegeya’s death. But she added: “This is extremely alarming news given that there has been a pattern of attacks, assassinations and attempted assassinations against Rwandans living abroad for a long time now.

“In past cases, similar tactics have been used: victims have been lured to meetings through ‘friends’ that they trust. It happens the same way almost every time.”

South African police have opened a murder investigation. They said Karegeya “was found in the hotel room dead on the bed. Preliminary investigations revealed that his neck was swollen. A towel with blood and a rope were found in the hotel-room safe. There is a possibility that he might have been strangled.”

Vincent Karega, the Rwandan high commissioner to South Africa, said: “I don’t know what happened, why and by whom. Late Karegeya lived in South Africa for more than five years and was now quite disconnected to Rwanda. We don’t know what he was doing for a living, who he was interacting with or why he was sleeping in a hotel while having a house less than 30 minutes away.

“We trust the South African police will come up with findings. As regards the RNC position, they will need to prove it. If they [the RNC] know what happened, why didn’t they prevent it happening rather than watching and making political capital? Police may need their inputs if they are confident with facts.”

Karegeya leaves a wife, Leah, who is in Johannesburg, and three children. A Rwanda analyst, who did not wish to be named, recalled: “[I last saw him in South Africa just over a year ago. He Karegeya] was surprisingly relaxed about his security, wandering around without any escort, guards or anything, driving his own car.

I asked him about this and shouldn’t he be more careful. He laughed that big laugh of his and said: ‘I am already a dead man.'”