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Euro hits 12-year low against dollar


The euro has fallen to its lowest level against the US dollar in 12 years after the European Central Bank (ECB) began its government bond buying programme.

It fell as low as $1.0560, before recovering a little. But many traders expect it may soon be worth the same as a dollar.

The ECB began its latest round of quantitative easing (QE) on Monday.

It will buy bonds worth €1.14tn over the next 18 months, flooding the market with euros.

Traders have reacted to the ECB’s latest round of QE by selling euros and buying other currencies such as US dollars.

The US currency is appealing because the Federal Reserve looks to have completed its bond-buying programme.

The euro started its slide against the dollar in July last year as traders reacted to the divergence in policy between the ECB and the Fed.

The value of the euro has fallen 22.4% since 1 July, when a euro was worth $1.37.

Positive US data

An upbeat US jobs survey released on Friday provided an additional boost to the dollar.

“This opened up speculation again that the US will raise interest rates in June,” says Jane Foley, senior currency strategist at Rabobank. This would attract foreign capital and boost the dollar.

In the eurozone Greece’s economic woes continue to put downward pressure on the euro, bringing it closer to dollar parity.

The eurozone’s growing current account surplus is encouraging Europeans to invest abroad causing the euro to weaken further, according to Deutsche Bank.

Les cadavres du Lac Rweru: l’UA envoie la commission d’enquête


C’est une information RFI : la présidente de la Commission de l’Union africaine, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a répondu le 23 février dernier au président burundais, Pierre Nkurunziza, qui lui avait écrit quatre mois plus tôt, presque jour pour jour (le 22 octobre 2014), pour demander une aide dans l’enquête en cours sur le mystère des corps retrouvés flottants sur le lac Rweru. Ce lac est situé entre le Burundi et le Rwanda, et les deux pays se rejetaient la responsabilité. L’UA a finalement dit oui à la demande du Burundi, selon nos sources au sein de l’organisation, mais il reste beaucoup de détails à fixer.

Bujumbura commençait à montrer des signes d’impatience mais tout cela est oublié. L’ambassadeur du Burundi auprès de l’organisation africaine, Alain Nyamitwe, de passage à Bujumbura ce lundi 9 mars au soir, a confirmé l’information.

« Il y avait motif d’inquiétude », a commenté le diplomate burundais. Mais aujourd’hui, l’heure est à la satisfaction : « On n’a pas reçu de calendrier, mais on a une promesse ferme, écrite que la mission sera là bientôt », s’est réjoui l’ambassadeur Nyamitwe. Et d’ajouter : « Nous espérons que ça sera dans des délais raisonnables. »

En réalité, l’Union africaine a longtemps hésité sur la démarche à suivre car deux pays sont concernés. Le Burundi, qui a toujours assuré que les cadavres venaient du Rwanda, et le Rwanda, qui considère que c’est une affaire qui ne le concerne pas car les cadavres ont été retrouvés chez les voisins burundais.

L’Union africaine a songé à envoyer une mission dans les deux pays pour tenter de convaincre de la nécessité de coordonner les deux volets de l’enquête, toujours selon nos sources. Trop compliqué, elle y a renoncé et s’est donc focalisée sur le Burundi, qui a demandé son expertise. Les Etats-Unis, la Suisse et les Pays-Bas se sont engagés à financer le projet, qui verra notamment l’intervention de la plate-forme Justice Rapid Response, basée en Suisse.

Hillary Clinton under fire: Donations to family foundation by foreign governments and corporations subject of controversy.

Hillary Clinton addressed the controversy about her email arrangement while secretary of state but some questions remain unanswered.
Hillary Clinton failed to quell mounting criticism over her controversial private email account on Tuesday evening after her office suggested she had erased more than half of her emails before turning them over for release to the American public.

In a statement released after a press conference intended to end a week-long controversy, Clinton’s office said that she did not preserve 31,830 of the 62,320 emails she sent and received while serving as Barack Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

“After her work-related emails were identified and preserved, Secretary Clinton chose not to keep her private, personal emails that were not federal records,” her office said, in a defiant nine-page explanation for the unusual arrangement that has put her under political fire.

Republicans accused Clinton of blocking transparency. It could not be confirmed whether the deleted archives included messages sent and received by Clinton relating to her family’s philanthropic foundation. Donations to the foundation by foreign governments and corporations are the subject of a separate ongoing controversy.

Trey Gowdy, the Republican congressman leading a select committee inquiry into the deadly 2012 attack on a US diplomatic station in Benghazi, Libya, said Clinton had “created more questions than answers” with Tuesday’s intervention. Demanding that she appear before his committee “at least twice”, Gowdy said the former secretary should hand over her email server to a “neutral, detached third-party arbiter who can determine which documents should be public and which should remain private”.

The continuing saga threatened to complicate the plans for her expected second campaign for the US presidency, which were thought to be in their final stages in advance of an announcement in April.

Analysis Four things we still don’t know after Clinton’s email press conference
Did she delete half the emails or not? Why did she contradict Bill? The press conference meant to clarify the controversy ended up adding more questions
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Criticism has grown since it was revealed last week that Clinton did not use an official government email address during her four years at the State Department. She instead conducted all official business using a private address under the ClintonEmail.com domain.


Clinton conceded at a press conference in New York on Tuesday afternoon that she had erred and “it would have been better” to have used separate email accounts for work and personal matters. However, she insisted she had used a single account on one mobile phone for “convenience”, adding: “I thought using one device would be simpler, and obviously, it hasn’t worked out that way.”

The former secretary’s office said she had turned over all 30,490 of her sent and received emails that related to her work to the State Department. They manually searched her archive, the statement said, first by finding all emails involving people with government email addresses, then searching for some people by name and for topics such as Libya.

All these are expected to be published. “You will see everything from the work of government, to emails with State and other administration colleagues, to LinkedIn invites, to talk about the weather – essentially what anyone would see in their own email account,” her office said.

In further defiant remarks on the emails that Clinton will not turn over, her office insisted that none contained material relevant to her work in four years leading Foggy Bottom.

“These were private, personal messages, including emails about her daughter’s wedding plans, her mother’s funeral services, and condolence notes, as well as emails on family vacations, yoga routines, and other items one would typically find in their own email account, such as offers from retailers, spam, etc,” it said.

But the Republican party, which accused Clinton of “putting our national security at risk for ‘convenience’” by operating the private email server, said there could be no independent verification that Clinton had preserved all messages related to her work.

“Because only Hillary Clinton controls her personal email account and admitted she deleted many of her emails, no one but Hillary Clinton knows if she handed over every relevant email,” Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said in a statement.

Clinton rejected suggestions that an independent monitor could review her email server to examine emails not turned over. “I believe that I have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private,” she said at the press conference.

Despite separately indicating all personal messages were erased, she said the server “contains personal communications from my husband and me”. Complicating matters further, a spokesman for her husband, former president Bill Clinton, told the Wall Street Journal that he had only ever sent two emails.

Clinton’s spokesman did not respond to emails seeking clarification on what precisely had been erased, and whether anyone else had kept a copy of Clinton’s personal email archive.

Other critics pointed to remarks made by Clinton at an onstage interview last month, in which she said she used both an iPhone and a Blackberry. Discussing devices later in the conversation, Clinton said, “I don’t throw anything away, I’m like two steps short of a hoarder.” It was not clear when Clinton began using two devices.

The statement from Clinton’s office addressed other questions raised by the news of her email server – several relating to security and her interaction with foreign governments. The statement said her team’s review of Clinton’s email archive “revealed only one email with a foreign (UK) official”. It clarified that “during her time at State, she communicated with foreign officials in person, through correspondence, and by telephone”.

Clinton said during her press conference that she had never used the email account to send classified material. She insisted that the server had been secure by being placed on property protected by the secret service and claimed to know that the system had never been breached.

Source: The Guardian

Umwihariko wa Revolisiyo: inkunga yo kwirukana Agatsiko ntizabura ! Ariko nanone si Abazungu bazadutangirira ikivi.

Ni koko Abaturage nibo bafite urufunguzo rw’impinduka mu Rwanda. Paul Kagame n’agatsiko ayoboye bameze nk’uwo munyagitugu uhagaze ku rubaho narwo ruhagaritswe na rubanda. Uko byamera kose umuturage navuga “NO” nta kizatubuza gukoresha ya mvugo y’abakuru ngo “agahuru k’imbwa karahiye”!


Umwanzi w’Urwanda n’Abanyarwanda tumaze kumenya neza uwo ari we : ni Agatsiko k’Indobanure z’Abasirikare baturutse Uganda. Ntituzongera kwibeshya ngo twitiranye ibintu, ngo umwanzi tumwite Abatutsi cyangwa se Abahutu muri rusange. Agatsiko niko konyine mwanzi w’ibyiza, ni ko konyine tugomba kurwanya twivuye inyuma kugeza karekuye ubutegetsi. Ni bwo tuzabona gushyira mu bikorwa iriya myanzuro  igamije kuzahura igihugu no gusubiza Abanyarwanda icyizere cyo kubana mu mahoro.

Gusa rero mbere yo gushoza urugamba rwo gukuraho Agatsiko, hari ikintu gikomeye tugomba kwitondera : tugomba kumenya INKINGI zihagaritse kariya Gatsiko ruvumwa, ahasigaye tukazagenda turandura inkingi imwe imwe duhereye kuzitworoheye.

IBANGA RYA 45 : Inkingi ya mbere ni AMAFARANGA.

Agatsiko gafite amafaranga menshi cyane. Ay’igihugu cyose kayagize ayako bwite. Aho kugirango kayakoreshe mu byubaka igihugu, Agatsiko kayakoresha mu gutanga ruswa ihabwa Abazungu b’inda nini kugirango bakavuge neza. Andi menshi akoreshwa mu buryo bwo kwaya, ngo Agatsiko kagaragare neza, mbese nk’amwe atagira umubare akoreshwa mu bya siporo ! Andi mafaranga atagira ingano akoreshwa mu byo guhiga no kwica abenegihugu batemera guhakwa n’Agatsiko. Birababaje.

Aya mafaranga y’Agatsiko nta bwoba akwiye kudutera cyane kuko na Ben ALi wa Tuniziya yari afite inzu yuzuye inoti z’amadolari, amayero, amalivre yo mu Bwongereza… Abaturage baramuhagurukanye, arayata yose akizwa n’amaguru. N’amafaranga Paul Kagame yibye igihugu, azagaruka asubire mu isanduku. Ntawe upfa abimaze !

IBANGA RYA 46 : Inkingi ya 2 ni Ingengabitekerezo yitwa ngo “Kagame yahagaritse jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi”

Ubwo Agatsiko katangiraga intambara kerekanaga ko gafite ibitekerezo bihamye, nyamara ubu byose byarayoyotse ! Aho gucyura impunzi kazikubye karijana ; ibyo kuzana demokarasi byari amareshyamugeni gusa, yayandi atamutunga ; ibyiswe VISION 2020 yari amaco y’inda agamije kurya amafaranga y’Abazungu: umuturage akagororerwa gusenyerwa akazu ke ka nyakatsi kugirango Agatsiko gakunde kereke Abazungu ko amafaranga bagahaye yakoreshejwe mu kubakira Abanyarwanda bose inzu nziza z’amabati asize irangi (ngo niyo gahunda igezweho!). N’utundi dukinamico tubi tubi tugamije kurangaza abaturage, bariho bicwa n’inzara! Mu by’ukuri, Agatsiko kubakiye ubutegetsi bwako ku gitekerezo kimwe gusa ari cyo : “Abahutu bose bakoze jenoside, batsemba Abatutsi, Kagame w’intungane aba ari we utabara Abatutsi”. Ntawabura kubabazwa n’urwo Abatutsi bapfuye cyane cyane abatari bafite aho bahuriye n’umugambi wa FPR-Inkotanyi wo gufata ubutegetsi ku ngufu imaze kwivugana Abanyarwanda batagira ingano.

Gusa rero twamaze kubona neza ko iyi ngengabitekerezo ifite inenge nyinshi, ahanini kubera ko yubakiye ku kinyoma kizwi na bose. Ubu ntawe ugishidikanya ko uwambere watekereje ko kurimbura Abatutsi bari mu gihugu byamugirira akamaro (A qui profite le crime ?) ari Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko ke, we byahaye inzira yo kwifatira ubutegetsi akabona uko yikungahaza kugeza ubwo asigaye abarirwa mu baherwe bo kuri iyi si !

Jenoside yakozwe muri 1994, ntiyamanutse mu ijuru ngo itugwe hejuru, yewe nta n’ubwo yapfupfunutse mu butaka nk’igihumyo ! Jenoside yo mu 1994, yakurikiye iraswa ry’indege ya Perezida Habyarimana, yaje ari indunduro y’intambara y’isubiranamo ry’abanyagihugu yarangiye nabi (Une simple guerre pour le pouvoir qui a mal tourné). Kagame yashatse kwifatira ubutegetsi yibwira ngo bizamworohera, intambara ayikorana ubugome burenze urugero, isaza Abenegihugu benshi biroha mu bwicanyi, bityo ihitana benshi, Abatutsi, Abahutu n’Abatwa ! Byaragaragaye ko bose bava amaraso! Intambara yatangiye mu 1990 ni “guerre civile” kuko impande zombi zitanaga abanzi zari zigizwe n’Abanyarwanda gusa. Iyo biza kwemezwa ko ari igihugu cya Uganda cyateye Urwanda tariki ya 1 Ukwakira 1990, yari kwitwa intambara gusa (guerre), yenda amateka y’igihugu cyacu aba yaranditswe ukundi ! Iyo ntambara ni yo yabaye NYIRABAYAZANA, uwayiteje azabibazwe. Hariho inzira nyinshi zo gukemura ibibazo, ariko inyota y’ubutegetsi ya Paul Kagame yo yanze gushira itagaritse ingogo.

Ubundi kandi tuzi ko muri 1994 Paul Kagame yarwanyije yivuye inyuma igitekerezo cyo kwita “jenoside” ubwicanyi bwakurikiye ihanurwa ry’indege ya Habyarimana mu ijoro ryo ku itariki ya 6 rishyira iya 7 Mata 1994. Yifuzaga ko byitwa intambara gusa kuko atashakaga ko byitwa ko yarwaniye Abatutsi bonyine. Nyamara ngo “ugukanira ni we umenya urugukwiye”. Abanyamerika bamurushije ijwi, bamubeshya ko kwemeza jenoside Abahutu aribyo bizamugumisha ku ngoma igihe kirekire. Nyamara baramubeshye, none bigiye kumukoraho !

Ariko se mu by’ukuri wasobanura ute ko ubwoko bw’Abatutsi bugizwe na 15% by’abaturarwanda, bukorerwa jenoside n’Abahutu bose babarirwa muri 85%, hanyuma muri icyo gihe Abatutsi barimo bicwa bagahindukira bagafata n’Ubutegetsi ku ngufu ? Nta handi byabaye ku isi! Ubwo se abari bafite ingufu si abashoboye gufata ubutegetsi ? Dore icyo bisobanura :

(1) Abahutu nta mugambi bigeze bafatira hamwe wo kurimbura Abatutsi, n’Urukiko mpuzamahanga rwashyiriweho Urwanda rukorera Arusha (TPIR) ntirwashoboye kwemeza ko uwo mupango waba warabayeho ku ruhande rw’Abahutu.

(2) Abahutu bose ntibishe Abatutsi kuko iyo babyiyemeza nta Mututsi wari mu Rwanda wajyaga kurokoka.

(3) Abahutu benshi cyane nabo barishwe, kandi kubica nacyo ni icyaha, kandi bishwe n’Interahamwe barongera bicwa na Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko ke.

(4) Guhera muri 1990, na Paul Kagame yishe Abatutsi batari bake, abicira ahantu hanyuranye, nk’uko yakunze kwivugira ngo « Umututsi ni uwo turi kumwe ku Mulindi…Ntawe ukora umuleti atamennye amagi… Abatutsi bari mu Rwanda ntaho batandukaniye n’Interahamwe…. Abatutsi bari mu Rwanda bagomba kuba ibitambo…Yabujije ingabo za Loni gutabara Abatutsi igihe bicwaga (1994), avuga ko we aribubyirangirize, ko ingabo z’amahanga nizibyivangamo azifata nk’abanzi akazirasaho… ». Ibyo kandi bigaragazwa n’Ubuhamya bunyuranye bw’abakoranye na we nka Riyetona Abdul Ruzibiza, Jean Marie Vianney Ndagijimana (Kagame a sacrifié les Tutsi ), n’abandi.

(5) Niba kandi abishe abantu benshi ari abajenosideri, Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko ke nibo bishe benshi kuko n’Abahutu 8000 batsinze i Kibeho ku manywa y’ihangu ari abantu atari inyamaswa ; ibihumbi amagana n’amagana batsinze muri Kongo, Loni ikaba yararangije kwemeza ko bizitwa jenoside n’Urukiko (Reba Raporo Mapping).

Muri make Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko ke ni Abajenosideri nk’Interahamwe amahanga yose yakuyeho amaboko, zikaba zikomeje gushyikirizwa inkiko. KAGAME n’Agatsiko ke nabo BAGOMBA gufatwa bagashyikirizwa ubutabera kuko ari abicanyi bazwi na bose. Abicanyi bose ni bamwe, nyina ubabyara ni umwe, umwanya wabo nturi muri Prezidansi ya Repubulika y’Urwanda, aderesi yabo iri muri Gereza yitwa 1930, NTA KUNDI BYAGENDA.

Iturufu ya Kagame wahagaritse jenoside agatabara Abatutsi, iturufu y’Abahutu bose batsembye Abatutsi …Paul Kagame nayibike, yarangije kuba IKIGARASHA GICITSE ! Muri iki gihe, umwanzi w’Urwanda n’Abanyarwanda ni Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko bonyine ! Niko bimeze.

IBANGA RYA 47 : Inkingi ya 3 : Ingabo z’Igihugu

Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko k’Indobanure z’Abasirikari baturutse Uganda bafashe ubutegetsi ku ngufu, bafashijwe n’umutwe w’ingabo zakoreraga ako Gatsiko. Nyamara nyuma yo gufata ubutegetsi muri 1994, hatangiye gahunda yo kubaka ingabo z’igihugu zidakorera Agatsiko ahubwo zishinzwe kurinda umutekano w’Abanyagihugu.

Tuzi neza ko Ingabo z’Igihugu (APR) nazo ziri ku ngoyi y’Agatsiko nk’iyo Abanyarwanda twese turiho. Ziyoborwa n’abicanyi kabuhariwe amahanga yarangije gutera imboni, akaba asaba ko bafatwa bagashyikirizwa ubutabera.

Ubu rero igihe kirageze ngo RDF ihitemo : Ngabo z’Urwanda, nimuhitemo gukomeza kwibera Ingabo z’Umunyagitugu Paul Kagame n’agaco ke karembeje Abanyarwanda, cyangwa se muhitemo kubahiriza inshingano yanyu, mube INGABO z’Igihugu koko zirengera Abaturage, zikwiye kwizerwa n’Abanyarwanda bose. Guhitamo neza ni ugufasha Abaturage kwigobotora igitugu cy’Agatsiko, abaturage bakishyiriraho Ubutegetsi bubabereye. Guhitamo nabi ni ugukomeza gutiza umurindi umwanzi w’igihugu ari we Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko. Byaba bibabaje mwibuzemo ingabo zishyira mu gaciro ngo zifashe abandi guhitamo uruhande rwiza, rwo gushyigikira rubanda rugufi.

Banyarwanda mwese mufite abana, abavandimwe n’inshuti muri RDF, nimushishikare mubagire inama bitandukanye n’umwanzi, inzira zikigendwa.

IBANGA RYA 48 : Inkingi ya 4 : Abihayimana n’abayobozi b’Amadini

Muri rusange Kiliziya gatolika n’andi madini kimwe n’imiryango y’Abihaye Imana bayoborwa n’abantu bajijutse. Benshi mu bayobozi bakuru b’amadini ni abantu baba barageze ku rwego rwa nyuma rw’icyubahiro bashobora guhabwa kuri iyi si. Birumvikana ko bamwe muri bo icyo baba bifuza ari ukurengera intebe zabo, nuko bakirinda ikintu cyose cyatuma ibintu bihinduka mu gihugu. Nyamara muri iki gihe, abo bihayimana n’abayobozi b’amadini yo mu Rwanda bazi neza akarengane abaturage bahura nako ; ntibayobewe kandi uko Agatsiko gasahura igihugu ariko bahisemo KWITURAMIRA. Kuko bibwira mu mitima yabo ko « kubabara biruta gupfa », bahisemo kwicecekera, bakabaho. Icyo birengagiza ni uko atari abaturage nk’abandi kuko bo bahamagariwe kumurikira rubanda : « niyo mpamvu ari bo bahamagarirwa guhara amagara yabo mbere y’abandi…. ». Ikindi batayobewe ni uko guceceka kwabo bibashyira mu ruhande rw’abashyigikiye amarorerwa Agatsiko gakomeje gukora : « Utaturwanya aba ari kumwe natwe ». None se ubwo kurundira hamwe n’Ikirura cyica intama, ni wo mwanya ukwiye Abashumba ?

Uko mbibona, intama zugarijwe n’Ikirura zigiye guhaguruka zisige Abashumba inyuma, niba batikubise agashyi ngo bakanguke, barekere aho kugona kandi ibintu bicika ! Ubwo se hari ukundi kunyagwa kutari uko ? Kuba umucancuro hari ikindi bivuga ?

Abapadiri, Abapasitori na ba Imamu babana n’abaturage iyo mu mashyamba, mu giturage no mu mijyi ; bazi imisaraba iremereye Agatsiko gahekesha abaturage buri saha, buri munsi, buri cyumweru, buri kwezi, buri mwaka ! Iyo bashishikariye kubaba hafi no kubahumuriza, bifasha abaturage kutaganzwa n’ukwiheba. Gusa rero abo bayobozi b’amadini nibatere indi ntambwe kugirango iyobokamana bigisha ritaba iryo gusinziriza abaturage gusa kugira ngo urupfu rubatware bahumirije : Religion opium du peuple ! Umunsi abaturage bakangutse amadini atabafashije, bazabyarana abo . Hari ahandi byabaye !

Intambwe abihayimana n’abakuru b’amadini bakwiye gutera ni iyo gutinyuka kubwira abayoboke b’Imana ko Imana ifasha uwifashije…ko nibadahagaruka ngo barwanye Agatsiko, bishyirireho ubutegetsi bubanogeye, nta kindi Imana basenga yabamarira ! Ibyo kandi ntibitandukanye n’ubutumwa bashinzwe bwo kogeza Ingoma y’Imana mu bantu. Bazabe se baribagiwe ijambo ry’Imana rigira riti ,  « La gloire de Dieu, c’est l’homme vivant » ? None se Bakozi b’Imana, ubu koko mwakwihandagaza mukemeza ko Abanyarwanda bariho ? Bariho batariho, ntimubiyobewe. Mu rugero byabaturukaho, nimuve hasi, mubafashe kubona ubuzima busendereye.

IBANGA RYA 49 : Inkingi ya 5 : Incabwenge zirituramiye

Icyo nkundira Paul Kagame ni uko yivugira ibintu uko bimujemo, uwabene nta handi aba aduhishe ! Iyo yiyamiriye ati « Injiji ziba mu bize » ni uko hari icyo aba yabonye ! We ubwe ntiyagize amahirwe yo kwiga cyane ngo agire za Degrees ! Habe n’imwe yifitiye. Ni nayo mpamvu yikundira gukorana n’abajenerali nka IBINGIRA, batazi aho umubare utandukanira n’inyuguti. Icyo bazi cyane ni ukurasa gusa!

Bafata ubutegetsi, ntibari bizeye ko kumenya kurasa gusa byabaha amahirwe yo kwigarurira igihugu, imyaka ikaba irenze 21 ! Batinyaga ko incabwenge zizatera hejuru zikamagana politiki ya humirizankuyobore y’Agatsiko. Siko byagenze. Impamvu ni uko Agatsiko kabanje gufata abo gashyikiriye karabasogota, abandi kababika muri Gereza. Abenshi babonye Agatsiko kaje nabi, bafata inzira baragahunga . Abize basigaye mu gihugu ntibavuga, baracecetse biteye ubwoba.

Ku rundi ruhande hari abize batari bake bahisemo gukorera Agatsiko, mbese nk’uriya Dogiteri Karangwa Kirizologi wabaye Inzobere mu kwibira Kagame amajwi. Abandi ni bariya bagize Leta n’Inteko Ishingamategeko bahisemo kwibera les« Collaborateurs » b’Agatsiko: Ibyo kuba Intumwa za rubanda babishyize ku ruhande, bakajya basinyira gusa ibyo Agatisko kifuza, bakabihemberwa umushahara utubutse. Aba bose nibo Paul Kagame yitegereza, ati ntimukankangishe ayo ma degrees yanyu ya Fake, ntacyo mumariye rubanda, muri “Injiji” gusa!

Nyamara Kagame aribeshya, uwize aba yarize. Umwihariko w’Abize ni uko bamenya gusoma ibimenyetso by’ibihe, bakamenya guteganya igihe imvura izagwira, kandi bikaba byo ! Nk’ubu barangije kubona neza ko umuyaga w’amahindura watangiye guhuhana ingufu : the wind of change is blowing ! Kagame we n’Agatsiko ntabyo bazi, ntibazi no gupima agaciro bifite. Umunsi umwe, bariya ba COLLABO bihaye akanyabugabo bakamwigarika, Kagame n’Agatsiko ke babura iyo barigitira.

Icyo abize bashyigikiye Agatsiko bakwiye kwemera ni uko igihe cyo guhitamo nyine ari ikinginki : nimuhitemo rubanda cyangwa Agatsiko kari mu marembera. Niba muhisemo Abaturage, nimubasubize ijwi Agatsiko kari karabambuye, muvuge akababaro kabo kandi mukore iyo bwabaga mubabe hafi mu nzira yo kwibohoza barimo gutangira. Rubanda ntijya iyoberwa kugororera INTWARI no guhana INGAMBANYI.

IBANGA RYA 50 :Inkingi ya 6: Itangazamakuru rikorera Agatsiko

Agatsiko kikundira ko abaturage baguma mu icuraburindi, ntibamenye amakuru y’ibyabaye mu gihugu n’ibikorwa hanze yacyo. Ibinyamakuru byo mu gihugu Agatsiko karabyigaruriye, ibindi karabifunga. Ibitangazamakuru byo mu Rwanda ntibivuga ukuri, ubutumwa bwabyo ni ukurengera inyungu z’Agatsiko gusa, no kubeshya amahanga ngo Urwanda rwabaye paradizo !

Ni ngombwa ko dukoresha uburyo bwose bushoboka ngo Abanyarwanda n’Abanyamahanga bamenyeshwe amakuru nyayo, basobanurirwe imikorere mibi n’imigambi mibisha y’Agatsiko. Nihakoreshwe Interneti, Radio na Televisiyo mpuzamahanga, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Radiyorunwa,…ariko amakuru agere ku baturage.  

Munyarwanda wese ushyigikiye ko ibintu byahinduka mu Rwanda, shyiraho akawe : agakuru usomye ukumva hari icyo kakunguye, nturare utakagejeje ku bavandimwe n’incuti, nka 5 nibura.

IBANGA RYA 51 : Inkingi ya 7 : Ibihugu by’amahanga

Ntawahakana ko ibihugu by’amahanga byashyigikiye Kagame n’Agatsiko ke, bikamufasha urugamba kugera bimuteretse ku butegetsi i Kigali ! Birazwi ko ibyo bihugu ari Amerika n’Ubwongereza. Ariko burya Abazungu ntibapfa gufasha gusa, baba banacunze inyungu zabo. Abari bizeye ko Paul Kagame azarengera inyungu zabo igihe kirekire barangije kumukuraho icyizere kubera amakosa ye menshi nk’ay’ingurube. Ubu abo bamufashije barihakanira bagatsemba bavuga ko ubwicanyi yakomeje gukorera Abanyarwanda n’abaturanyi batigeze babumushyigikiramo, ko alri we wenyine ukwiye kubibazwa n’abo yahemukiye. Gufunga abanyapolitiki batavuga rumwe n’Agatsiko, kwica no kujujubya Abanyamakuru bigenga, kujya kurasira impunzi mu mahanga no kuzoherereza amarozi …. ibyo byaha byose bikomeye (crimes) byatumye Abazungu bamukuraho amaboko ku buryo asigaye yarahindutse “un allié genant ”. Mbese ntawe ugiterwa ishema no kuba yaramufashije, ndetse ahubwo hari abatakimuha n’akaboko mu gihe abandi bavugira ku mugaragaro ko batigeze bamumenya. Bishatse kuvuga ngo uwamubakiza, amaherezo bazamugororera. Kumubakiza si ukumwica, ni ukumufata agashyikirizwa ubutabera kuko ari War Criminal. Niho ageze.

Abakiririmba ngo Kagame ashyigikiwe n’amahanga, nibamenye ko baba bari mu zasabwe ! Nawe se, dore noneho ageze aho gusaba uwo yimye…ba Bafaransa atahwemye gukerensa no guciraho nibo ategerejeho amakiriro : Nyamara burya Abazungu bo bazi kwandika, ntibajya bibagirwa, utabazi abihenuraho! Ni ko Kagame yabigenje !

IBANGA RYA 52 : Inkingi ya 8: Ubwoba bw’Abaturage

Iki ni ikibazo gikomeye. Abaturage babura kugira ubwoba bate mu gihe ntawe bafite wabatabara ? “Ushoboye kubatabara ni we abaturage bumvira », iri ni ibanga rikomeye rya politiki!

Gusa rero twibaze neza : kuki Abaturarwanda muri rusange batinya Kagame n’Agatsiko ke ? Ni uko bakoresha iterabwoba bakaba badatinya kurasa Abaturage! Muri make n’ubundi, Agatsiko ntigasanzwe gatabara abaturage ahubwo karabatera. Ibyo kandi kabikoze kuva na kera, kicira abantu mu manama, kakabatsinda mu nkambi i Kibeho ; kiciye Abepiskopi i Gakurazo, karasa abaturage ba Gisenyi na Ruhengeri gakoresheje za Kajugujugu, katsinze benshi mu nkambi no mu mashyamba ya Kongo…..Muri iyi myaka kongeye kwadukana ingeso yo gutera za gerenade muri gare no mu masoko kugira ngo hapfe umubare mwinshi w’Abaturage ! Reka tubishyire mu mibare :

Abanyarwanda bicwa buri munsi + abarigiswa + abicwa n’inzara + abagwa mu buroko + abicwa n’ubukene + abicwa n’indwara badashobora kwivuza X imyaka 2 Kagame asigaje (2017) = nka miliyoni y’inzirakarengane ! Twiyemeje guhagurukana Kagame n’Agatsiko ke bakavaho uyu mwaka, yenda Kagame yahitana abantu nka 500, ariko haba harokotse miliyoni ! Kandi ikibazo kikaba kirakemutse burundu, abazabaho bakiruhutsa !

Biragaragarira buri wese ko n’ubundi nta wundi mukiro abaturage bateze ku Gatsiko ! Iyaba abaturage batakomezaga kwicwa uruhongohongo, twagira ubwoba bwo kwikorereza Agatsiko. Nyamara n’ubundi barapfa kandi baracyapfa ari benshi! None se n’ubundi ko nta gihe Agatsiko katatwishe, turacyatinya iki kindi kiruta icyo twabonye ?

Ikizwi nk’ihame ni uko abaturage ubwacu turamutse duhagurutse, tukavuga ku mugaragaro ko dusezereye Agatsiko, n’iyo kakoresha indege za BOMBARDIERS katurasa, amaherezo AMAHANGA yadutabara ! Kadafi yagerageje kurasa abaturage ba Libiya, aho ageze ni ho Kagame agana, nadasubiza ubwenge ku gihe!

Ni koko amahanga arwaye Paul Kagame n’Agatsiko ke. Erega si Abanyarwanda bonyine Agatsiko kishe ! Ibihugu by’Abazungu birakubita agatoki ku kandi bitegereje ko Abanyarwanda ubwabo bahaguruka bagafata iyambere, inkunga yo kwirukana Agatsiko ntizabura ! Ariko nanone si Abazungu bazadutangirira ikivi, iryo naryo ni ibanga rikomeye rya politiki! Ubwo se AHASIGAYE SI AHACU ?


Niba ufite icyo ushaka gusobanuza, watwandikira kuri aderesi ikurikira: ishema_party@yahoo.fr cyangwa se ugasura urubuga http://www.ishemaparty.mobi ukatwandikira ukoresheje uburyo bwateganyijwe. Ushobora no gusura imbuga zacu kuri facebook.