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Church Rejects King of Bafumbira

Tycoon Caesar Mulenga

Rt. Reverend   Cranmer Mugisha, the Bishop of Muhabura diocese has strongly condemned those that installed tycoon Caesar Augustus Mulenga as the king of the Bafumbira in South West Uganda, saying that this would create divisions among the Bafumbira Community.

“This cannot be tolerated and the matter has been discussed in the Diocesan synod, which took a clear stand of rejecting the kingship” Said bishop Mugisha.

Bishop Mugisha says that the Bafumbira had never had kings before, apart from paying tributes to former Kings of Rwanda.

Pulkeria Muhindo the Kisoro RDC says that the issues of having a king in Kisoro should be handled with extra care before Caesar Augustus Mulenga is accepted a King for Bafumbira.

“The coronation of King Caesar was done secretly by a small group of people without consulting all the People,” Said Muhindo.

President Yoweri Museveni shakes hands with King Mulenga Last Week

However this has been downplayed by Fidelis Kanyamunyu the so called Kingdom’s Spokesperson   saying that those opposed to the Kingship are not aware of its agenda.

He says the Mulenga’s kingship will be focused on development and supporting locals to get out of poverty and that their king has been supporting all the people of Kisoro irrespective of differences.

He says the King is currently giving out low interest loans as well as over 200 heifers to locals in a bid  to help them out of poverty.

The issue of the Kingdom is being misinterpreted; Mulenga Development Kingdom is entirely for development and not cultural. Those willing to subscribe to the Mulenga Development Kingdom have the right to do so or stay away from development which is the agenda,” Said Kanyamunyu.

Mulenga is a Businessman who has ventured into tourism, Education, Media and Microfinance.

King Mulenga's Range Rover

Late last year, a group of Kisoro residents crowned him King and started referring to him as the King of the Bafumbira.

The office of the Kingdom located near Kisoro Tourist Hotel also owned by the King. Hundreds of people flock the area to meet the him daily.

When Chimpreports tried to meet Mulenga, yesterday, we were told he was held up in meetings with his subjects and visitors from outside Kisoro.

Mulenga is a wealthy man who owns a string of businesses  including  St. Augustine International University, St. Augustine international school, Yampe Newspaper , Southern Eye Newspaper, ABC Africa Newspaper , i-tel Ltd, King Ceaser Game Reserve, development groups like  YES Ducuruze, Girinka Mulenga , Female Global Millionaires, and   Profit Kisoro among others.

Source: Chimpreports

Kikwete now moves to defuse Burundi crisis


H.E Jakaya Kikwete

President Jakaya Kikwete has sent a fact-finding mission to Burundi, which is caught up in a crisis over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term in office.

The team is expected to prepare a report that will direct the East African Community Summit of Heads of State on how to address the insecurity in that country.

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Bernard Membe will lead a team of foreign affairs officials from other EAC member states in the fact-finding mission. The mission is heading to Burundi amid protests that have rocked the country, with the death toll rising to 12 by Monday. Mr Membe leaves today, according to the head of the government’s communication unit in the Foreign Affairs and International Affairs ministry, Ms Mindi Kasiga. The mission should be done with by the end of this week.

Speaking in New York on Monday, President Kikwete, who is also the EAC Summit chairman, told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that decisive action would depend on the findings of the mission, which starts its work today. “But whatever the case, the basic solution to the problems which Burundi is going through now lies with Burundians,” he said. “They have a constitution and law which should be followed in order to end this problem. Using force will not help them much.”

The UN secretary general had asked President Kikwete to shed light on what is being done to help Burundi deal with the crisis. This is the first tangible action the EAC has taken since chaos broke out in Burundi. Several people have died, hundred others are injured and property has been destroyed in clashes between police and demonstrators opposed to a decision to give President Pierre Nkurunziza an opportunity to run for the presidency for the third time.

Said Ms Kasiga: “The fact finding mission will do its job for a day in Burundi. While in Bujumbura, it will meet various stakeholders and compile a report from facts gathered in Bujumbura which will guide the EAC leaders in an extraordinary summit President Kikwete will host.”

Some 1,852 Burundians seeking refuge arrived in Kigoma last week following political instability in their country due to President Nkurunziza’s move to seek a third term.

According to a statement by Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson Isaac Nantanga, the Burundian refugees entered Tanzania through Kigaye, Sekeoya, Kakonko, Kosovo, Kagunga and Kibuye villages.

After verification with immigration officers in the region, 1,252 among them have been moved to Nyarugusu Camp in Kasulu District as the rest of the refugees are interrogated before they are sent on to refugee camps.

Meanwhile, the Burundi Constitutional Court on Monday approved the nomination of Mr Nkurunziza as the ruling CNDD-FDD party’s candidate in next month’s presidential election. The court made the decision Monday, a day after four of its members fled to neighbouring Rwanda fearing for their safety. “We are worried about our security,” said one of the Constitutional Court judges. “That is why I decided to leave the country.”

The court ruled that President Nkurunziza was eligible for a third term since he has been elected only once through universal suffrage.

Mr Nkurunziza rose to power in 2005 after being elected by parliament and went on to win a second term five years later by popular vote.

President Nkurunziza’s tenure has been dogged by controversy over the interpretation of the constitution. While some parties say the President has had his maximum two terms, his supporters insist the first five years did not count under the law.

The 2000 Arusha Accord, which ended the protracted Burundi civil war and culminated in Mr Nkurunziza’s rise to power, is categorical that no one person should be president for more than 10 years.

Source: The Citizen

“Censorship gives power to dictators and tyrants” US Official


Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 5, 2015

On May 3rd, we honored journalists who defend democratic ideals through their commitment to discovering and telling the truth. In doing so, we also paid tribute journalism itself, a profession to that is essential to good governance and the functioning of democracy. This is a critically important time to acknowledge the contributions of journalists. As the Committee to Protect Journalists recently reported, this is the “most deadly and dangerous period for journalists in recent history.” From violent extremists and criminal gangs who abduct and kill reporters to authoritarian governments that persecute them, press freedom is under attack.

The most common reason journalists are targeted, of course, is to limit and control the free flow of information and ideas. Censorship gives power to dictators and tyrants; it allows them to mask the truth, to propagate false narratives that play to their self-serving interests. That’s what’s happening in places like Syria, where those in power, and the extremists present there, want nothing to stand in the way of their ability to distort the truth.

But journalists aren’t just under attack in war zones. In Paris, journalists and cartoonists were murdered for exercising their right to free expression. In China, journalists continue to suffer surveillance, censorship, and detainment. In Russia, the government has expanded its control over the media and prosecuted bloggers for failing to conform to its increasingly strict definition of “legitimate views.”

At the State Department, we’ve launched the Free the Press campaign, highlighting individual journalists who remain wrongly imprisoned. The list includes Gao Yu, a 71-year-old Chinese journalist, who was sentenced to seven years for allegedly leaking state secrets to foreign media; Mazen Darwish, who remains imprisoned by the Asad regime for trying to expose the regime’s brutal atrocities; Ta Phong Tan, who is serving a 10-year sentence in Vietnam for unmasking government corruption; and Reeyot Alemu, who was imprisoned in Ethiopia for writing an article critical of her government.

The United States calls for the immediate release of these individuals and all journalists imprisoned for doing their jobs. We will continue to speak out when journalists are unfairly arrested and detained; we will continue to raise these issues with foreign officials at every level; and we will continue to promote journalists’ physical and digital safety. Freedom of expression is one of our country’s core values and one which we will continue to defend both at home and overseas.

US Dept of State

Rwanda: Abaturage bakomeje gutera utwatsi igitekerezo cyo guhindura itegekonshinga hagamijwe ko Kagame yongera kuba perezida.


Batewe umujinya n’ubutegetsi bubahimbira ngo barashaka Kagame.

Kuva aho bimwe mu bihugu by’ibihangange bigaragarije ko bidashyigikiye aba perezida bashaka guhindura itegekonshinga bagamije kwizirika ku butegetsi, abenshi mu ba perezida barebwa n’ibi baratitiye karahava. Muri bo hari Bwana Pahulo Kagame uyobora u Rwanda kuva mu mwaka wa 2000. Ukurikije itegekonshinga u Rwanda rugenderaho uyu munsi, Pahulo nta bundi bushobozi afite bwo kwiyamamaza kuko manda ebyiri ateganyirizwa zizarangira mu minsi 852 uhereye uyu munsi.

Abandi  nka perezida Kabila wa Congo bagerageje guhindura itegekonshinga abaturage babamerera nabi. I Burundi naho uko byifashe si shyashya nyuma y’aho Nkurunziza ageragereje gushaka kwiyamamaza igihugu cyacuze imiborogo. Hasihaye Pahulo urmo kubikurikiranira hafi ubutaruhuka ari nako afata ingamba kuko azi neza ko inkoni ikubise mukeba bayirenza urugo.

Binyujijwe mu itekinika risanzwe riranga FPR, abaturage bo hirya no hino barasabwa gusinya impapuro zemeza ko basanga itegekonshinga rikwiye guhindurwa Kagame akongera kuba umukandida. Amakuru atugeraho aturutse mu mirenge yemeza ko abaturage benshi bamaganye iki gitekerezo hanyuma abakada ba FPR bahitamo kubinyuza mu dukipe tw’abantu bakeya bafite icyo bahuriyeho. Ng’ayo amashyirahamwe y’ubuhinzi bw’icyayi, abacukuzi ba gasegereti, abiyita aba pasiteri b’amadini y’inzaduka n’abandi.

Kugira ngo itekinika ryihute, inkuru z’urudaca ziracicikana ku mbuga zisanzwe zinyuzwamo ibitekerezo bya FPR. Muri iz nkuru haba havugwamo ko Kagame ariwe muntu wenyine ukwiye kuyobora, ngo ibi bikaba byemezwa n’amabaruwa yasinywe n’abaturage bose. Nyamara birazwi neza ko ari abantu bakeya basinya mu mazina ya rubanda barangiza bagashyiraho nimero y’amarangamuntu ngo kugira ngo ikinyoma gifate.

Abaturage bakomeje guhangayikishwa n’ibyo babona byitirirwa mu izina ryabo, umujinya urushaho kubasya iyo bumvise ko Kagame ashaka kongera gutegeka, kandi  ni mu gihe bafite impamvu ifatika yo kurakara:

  • babonye Kagame n’ingabo ze bamara abantu,
  • bagendana amasasu mu mubiri n’ibikomere by’ingoyi ku maboko,
  • babonye amasambu yabo afatirwa atezwa cyamunara kandi nta cyaha bakoze,
  • babonye bahatirwa kwishyura imitungo itarigeze ibaho cyangwa bakoherezwa mu mirimo y’uburetwa,
  • babonye ababyeyi babo bafungirwa ubusa bahinduka inzererezi bava mu ishuri
  • babonye imirambo y’abana n’ababyeyi babo itabururwa ijya kwanikwa ku gasozi kandi nyama umubyeyi wa Kagame we yarashinguwe mu butaka,
  • bambuwe uburenganzira ku mfashanyo za bourse,
  • n’ibindi byinshi cyane.

Gusa rero iyo Kagame abonye bicecekeye agira ngo ni ibicucu! Niyo mpamvu bakomeje kwitegura kuko uwo ari we wese uzibeshya agakora ku itegekonshinga azaba yisinyiye. Azaba avugije ifirimbi ya revolisiyo izamuhitana, kandi ntakagire ngo ntiyabibwiwe.