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An Interpol officer involved in Kizito Mihigo’s death.

In his own voice, while he was in prison, the late Kizito Mihigo stated that prior to his unlawful detention, he was tortured, the generals and those high ranking officials, such as ministers, the Vice President of Rwandan  senate took turn in torturing him. Notable Among them is a woman called Ines Mpambara, who was the chief of staff in Kagame’s office. Continue reading

Rwanda : Open Letter to Mrs Ines MPAMBARA.

Dear Madam Inès Mpambara,
I hope for you that you have got strong arguments about the torturing you and other top army Generals in Kigali have allegedly committed (or participated in) against Kizito MIHIGO. Remember that, as a canadian citizen, wherever you commit such crimes, justice will be awaiting for you here. Good luck.

Nadine Claire Kasinge


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