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Rogue Rwandan Soldiers Abduct UPDF officer at Cyanika Border

Paul Kagame speaking to a military detachment of his army.

A group of Rwandan defense forces have kidnaped a Ugandan soldier at Cyanika border in Kisororo district in what officials say is an act of provocation.

Private Baruku Muhuhu a Uganda people defense force soldier attached to 32 battalion Nyakabande detach is suspected to have been kidnapped by the Rwanda peoples force last evening 12-June-2021at 550pm.

Security in Kisoro District says during a daily routine patrol along Chanika border in Chanika Town council, Baruku was left behind easing himself but never returned back which forced his fellow soldiers on duty to go back and search him but all in vein.

Baruku fell in an ambush by Rwandan soldiers who had crossed to the Ugandan side.

Security is reported to have deployed along Chanika border as efforts by Kampala to contact its Kigali counterparts to produce Pte. Baruku are still underway.

In recent past, Rwandan soldiers have been illegally crossing the international border into Uganda to abduct Ugandans living along the border sometimes for ransom.

Hundreds of Ugandans have lost their lives at the hands of the ruthless Rwandan soldiers with orders of shoot to kill Ugandans.

Currently, it is illegal for Ugandans to stay or work in Rwanda if you are not willing to talk ill against President Museveni and his government.

Most victims who have managed to come back to Uganda alive say if you cannot be anti-Uganda government in Kigali you risk being framed using trumped up charges like rape, defilement, drug abuse by the Rwandan security forces.

The lucky ones are arrested and declared prohibited migrants and dumped at the borders while others are sent to jails without trial or killed.

Despite the hostile treatment of the Ugandans by the Rwandan establishment, Kampala has remained open to solving the impasse diplomatically.  

Nancy Aheebwa