RPF’s impunity, myth of Kagame’s ending the Rwandan genocide, and real responsibilities

The audio published through the link  in this note recalls the events of April 6th, 1994 in Rwanda: what happened on that day and the following ones.

The testimony is from Christopher Black, who was the lawyer of General Augustin Ndindiriyimana at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The general was the highest military around in Kigali after the assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana and the army chief General Nsabimana.

Today, after many years and rooms of documents of testimony, the prime suspect has become Paul Kagame since everyone who was accused of conspiracy to commit genocide against Tutsi has been found innocent. It has taken almost 20 years to come to that conclusion, after that all the allegations have not brought any evidence to sustain accusations.

Surprisingly every acquitted accused by the ICTR is not let out. There is no country willing to receive them. It is feared that Paul Kagame could kill them or that those countries don’t want to be seen negatively by the Rwandan president and most importantly by those [US and UK particularly] backing him for their economic and regional interests. But he can freely travel the world and not be worried. It is like having Osama Bin Laden touring places with the benediction of those two countries.

The innocent Hutu politicians and generals are still kept in UN safe houses in Arusha despite having been acquitted. That is the kind of justice tailored to Hutu Rwandans which does not provide equal rights of treatment even when one is told to be free of movement.

Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, UN, etc, have been lying about the story of the Rwandan tragedy for the last 20 years. That is what transpires from the audio. Many Rwandans are well of that fact for many years.

AUDIO: “It’s a [complete] myth that Paul Kagame acted to stop the genocide,” said Alice des Forges.http://www.radio4all.net/files/anonymous@radio4all.net/16-1-ChrisBlackonRwanda1994.mp3

General Augustin Ndindirimana was arrested and framed for more than 15 years to testify against Colonel Bagosora but refused. The ICTR judges found out about the framing and pronounced a judgement to exonerate him. 10 men in total accused of conspiracy at that tribunal have all be found innocent of that charge.


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