RWANDA: Kuzahura ubukungu birasaba kuva mu marangamutima , kureka icyenewabo n’itekinika.

Ndatekereza ko mu gihe tugezemo, igihugu kidakwiye kuyoborwa bigendeye ku kuraguza umutwe, cyangwa uko umuntu yaramutse. Ibyemezo bifatwa bigomba kuba biturutse ku bushakashatsi buturutse kuri facts (empirical evidence) kandi hatarimo itekinika. Ibyemezo kandi bigomba kuba bihiswemo kuko ubushashatsi bwerekanye ko aribyo birusha inyungu ibindi byemezo byose byashoboraga gufatwa. Aha hakoreshwa icyitwa “cost-benefit analysis”, ni ukuvuga kureba buri cyemezo ibyo cyadusaba ushyize mu gaciro k’amafaranga n’inyungu cyatuzanira. Iyo inyungu ariyo iri hejuru icyo cyemezo nicyo gihitwamo. Urugero: Kugereranya hagati yo gushyiraho minisiteri cyangwa gushyiraho direction muri minisiteri isanzweho. Cyangwa se gushyiraho Komisiyo y’abadepite aho guha akazi bureau d’études,… Bityo bityo.

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Les FDLR et les interahamwe : un problème inter-rwandais

Il y a lieu de se demander où se situe la responsabilité de la RDC sur cette question. Il s’agit bel et bien d’une question rwandaise qui stipule une réponse appropriée du Gouvernement rwandais élude sa responsabilité depuis des décennies, la renvoyant paradoxalement au gouvernement de la RDC, avec la compréhension complaisante et la fuite en avant de la communauté internationale.

Faut-il rappeler, aussi douloureux que soit ce souvenir, que le génocide de 1994 au Rwanda, s’est passé entre Rwandais, sans aucune implication des Congolais.

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Congress to investigate Kagame’s spy actions against Americans with Pegasus

Last year, the world was shocked to learn that Rwandan President Paul Kagame was using Israeli spy software, Pegasus to spy on his perceived enemies. They include Americans. One American citizen he targeted is Carine Kanimba. She found out the security on her phone had been compromised when she was in Belgium advocating for her father’s release.

Kanimba said, “It was bad enough that they kidnapped my father, tortured him, and robbed him of his legal rights. Now we find out that they have listened to my conversations with the US State Department, Belgium Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, and our attorneys. This adds insult to injury.”

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Tito RUTAREMARA, jya umenya gusaza utanduranyije cyane.

Mu minsi ishize nabagejejeho inyandiko ngufi yamagana ibitekerezo bya Paul KAGAME byo kugundira ubutegetsi. Ibyo bitekerezo yabigaragaje mu kiganiro yagiranye na televiziyo y’Abafaransa yitwa France24, aho yavuze ko azongera kwiyamamaza imyaka 20. Nyamara itegekonshinga u Rwanda rugenderaho uyu munsi rimwemerera kongera kwiyamamaza manda ebyiri z’imyaka itanu, bivuze ko ari imyaka icumi gusa. Kuba Kagame ashaka kwiyamamaza imyaka 20 bivuga ko uyu mugabo afite gahunda yo guhonyora itegekonshinga. Abantu benshi bamaganiye kure aka gasuzuguro gakomeje gukorerwa amategeko kandi kagakorwa n’abashinzwe kuyarinda. Cyakora kubera ko ngo “nta murozi wabuze umukarabya”, umusaza Tito Rutaremara we aracurikiranya amagambo ashyigikira ubwo bukunguzi n’ubukozi bw’ibibi.

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Vénuste Nyombayire n’est plus accusé de génocide rwandais

Un juge d’instruction parisien a rendu un non-lieu au bénéfice de Vénuste Nyombayire, un Rwandais qui était accusé de massacres dans un orphelinat qu’il dirigeait pendant le génocide des Tutsis en 1994, a appris jeudi l’AFP de sources proches du dossier, confirmées par une source judiciaire. L’ordonnance de non-lieu a été rendue le 9 juin, selon la source judiciaire.

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Ibyifuzo bya KAGAME ni urukozasoni ku gihugu cy’u Rwanda, Turabyanze.

Mu minsi ishize Perezida Paul KAGAME yagiranye ikiganiro na Televiziyo y’Abafaransa izwi nka France24. Icyari kigamijwe kwari ukubaza Kagame ku bijyanye n’intambara u Rwanda ruherutse kongera gutangiza rugaba ibitero ku gihugu cya Repubulika iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo. Koko rero, n’ubwo ibyo bitero byitirirwa umutwe wa M23, ibimenyetso byose byerekana ko ari u Rwanda rwateye Kongo, ndetse aya makuru agashimangirwa n’amashusho afatwa na Satelite z’Abanyamerika ndetse na Drones z’ingabo z’umuryango w’abibumbye muri Kongo, MONUSCO. Na Kagame ntiyigeze abihakana kandi ibi ntibyatuguranye. Igisa n’icyatunguye benshi ni ukongera kumva Kagame avuga ko ashobora kongera kwiyamamaza imyaka 20! Reka turebere hamwe uburyo ibi byifuzo ari urukozasoni ku gihugu n’abenegihugu.

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World’s ‘most inhumane’ jail where ‘prisoners eat bodies of dead lags to survive’

Rwanda’s Gitarama prison can lay claim to the dubious honour of being the filthiest, most overcrowded and most brutal jails on Earth, even though a former governor admits it’s ‘possible’ that some of its inmates are innocent.

Gitarama Prison is considered to be one of the most hellish places on Earth.

The brutal jail on the outskirts of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, was built in 1960 as housing for British workers. It was later converted into a jail designed to hold around 400 prisoners.

It currently holds over 7,000, and at its peak after the horrifying Rwandan genocide of the mid-1990s, was estimated to hold closer to 50,000 inmates.

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Testimony: ON THIS DAY MAY 15, 1997, IN MY HISTORY; The Fall of Mobutu Sese Seko and Kinshasa

When we arrived in Kinshasa a week before the fall of Mobutu. It was during that time that General Donatien Mahele Lieko Bokungu (aka Mayere) was killed by what is believed to be the Mobutu’s son a day before Mobutu’s overthrow. It is said that he had started negotiations with Kagame’s soldiers for a peaceful surrender of Kinshasa to the Kabila’s rebels without a fight.

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UK’s Rights Assessment of Rwanda Not Based on Facts

Abuses Overlooked to Justify Cruel Asylum Policy

This week, the United Kingdom published its safety assessment on Rwanda, intended to justify a recently announced agreement to send asylum seekers crossing the English Channel or other so called “irregular” or dangerous routes to the Central African country. The report was expected to downplay human rights violations in Rwanda. After all, the government couldn’t ship off vulnerable people seeking protection with a one-way ticket to a partner they regard as abusive. But it goes even further, cherry-picking facts, or ignoring them completely, to bolster a foregone conclusion.

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Pretoria has submitted to ‘bullying’ by Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, says author Michela Wrong

Rwandan President Paul Kagame. (Photo: EPA-EFE / Justin Lane)

Kagame’s ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front ‘has gone from a band of brothers who invaded Rwanda in 1990 and toppled a genocidal regime, to a revolution eating its own’, author Michela Wrong told the Cape Town Press Club on Wednesday.

South Africa, like most countries, is failing to stand up to the bullying of Rwandan President Paul Kagame and is allowing him to increasingly become the dominant African leader.

“And that’s something I find both puzzling and depressing,” says Michela Wrong, the British author of Do Not Disturb, an investigation of the Rwandan government’s assassinations of opponents in foreign countries and other crimes. 

Kagame’s ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) “has gone from a band of brothers who invaded Rwanda in 1990 and toppled a genocidal regime, to a revolution eating its own”, Wrong told the Cape Town Press Club on Wednesday.

“One of my aims was to point out that recent Rwandan history is not a simplistic story of Hutus versus Tutsis, as we tend to assume. It’s a story of a dictator who is determined to cut down any possible challengers, whatever their ethnicity. He doesn’t care whether they are Hutus or Tutsis, the question is whether they pose a viable threat.” 

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