The political map of Rwanda before 1994

Born in Rwanda commune Mabanza prefecture Kibuye today’s Western Province, Chaste Gahunde  is also known as Dynamique. His primary school studies were done at Mushubati before joining the Catholic Minor Seminary of Nyundo. In 1994 at a minor age, he, like many other Rwandans fled to CONGO (Former Zaire) where he spent three years.

On his return in 1997, he was victim of RPF soldiers repeated violence. He was able to finish his secondary education in Latin/Sciences in Nkumba Catholic Minor Seminary.

In 2005, he was forced into exile after succumbing to the cruelest violence of RPF’s.

He holds a BA in Geography/Economics (Double Major) and a Diploma in Commonwealth Values and Youth Development. He believes he survived to help the Rwandans to achieve the true reconciliation.


Chaste Gahunde

C/O Ishema Party

08 Rue Charles Yvray

76620 Le Havre


Tél : +33(0)783434672





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