Places and People to Visit in Rwanda.

To my dear friends who want to visit Rwanda, let me be your tour guide. Before you embark on your journey to Rwanda , kindly do the following.
Inform your embassy in Rwanda that you will visit the places and the people that I’m going to mention.
Your embassy and your family should keep closer contact with you.
If possible, avoid sleeping in the hotels or lodges, let your embassy help you to find a more secure place for you. Other wise, your family may wake up to a bad news that you took your own life using a bedsheet. Such is common in Rwanda, especially when you choose to see what the regime has been hiding for years.

I don’t mean to scare nor alarm you.
It is a reality and you have to travel knowing it. Forewarned is forearmed.

If I had to promote visit Rwanda , I would encourage the visitation of the following people and places:
Visit Kibeho a place where the current regime led by Paul Kagame killed 48 thousand of internally displaced Hutu refugees, the killing order was given by Paul Kagame. No one remembers them, a few who survived are not even allowed to mention what they went through and how they survived.

Kibeho massacre, 1995

Visit prisons and talk to prisoners and hear what they go through every day, hear how some of them how been in detention for 26 years without charges.
Visit opposition icon Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.
Listen to how she continues to be victimized, harassed and threatened . Learn on how the members of her political party have been killed in most gruesome manner, how others have been arrested with trumped up charges and eventually disappeared for good.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

Visit another opposition icon Maitre Bernard Ntaganda, learn how he spent 4 years in prison for championing the freedom of speech and promoting an equal opportunity for Rwandans. Learn how he has been made a destitute in his own country. A qualified lawyer whose law licence has been confiscated by the current regime for no apparent reason, just to punish him for his political ambitions.
Learn how a few days ago him and Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza houses were raided by the regime’s security men and took away all their phones, computers and some money.
Learn how they are being made to report to the regime’s investigative bureau every other day.


Visit another opposition icon, Déogratias Mushayidi in Mpanga prison and learn how he has been sentenced to life in prison for wanting to challenge Paul Kagame in an election and denouncing the regime for the gross human rights violation.

Déogratias MUSHAYIDI

Visit Diane Shima Rwigara and learn how she was harassed just for announcing that she would challenge Paul Kagame in the passed election in 2017. Immediately after making announcement, fake nude pictures of her were scattered on social media.
Upon seing that the fake pictures did not make her lose focus, they arrested her together with her mother and her young sister.
A visit to Rwigara’s family would indeed give you a glimpse of how Rwanda has developed.

From left to right: Adeline RWIGARA, Diane RWIGARA, Anne RWIGARA.

Visit kwa Gacinya, the infamous detention and torture chamber
Visit Kami (Barracks) , the infamous torture and slaughter chamber
Visit Kizito Mihigo’s mother, see the sadness of loosing her dear son in unexplained manner.
Visit a place called Bannyahe, you will see how poor people’s houses were recently demolished by a named investor closer to the regime. Families have been sleeping outside their demolished houses with no hopes of finding a place to stay.

A woman becomes homeless after her home is demolished by Govt

Learn how Kagame’s soldiers took turns in raping women in Bannyahe at gunpoint in the presence of their husbands and children.
Learn how the journalist of the Ishema Tv by the name of Niyonsenga Dieudonne ,also known as Cyuma Hassan Dieudonne who went to interview the affected families in Bannyahe has been thrown into prison. The same journalist , is the one who upon viewing Kizito Mihigo’s body , he revealed that Kizito Mihigo’s body had three wounds, one on the forehead two on the right and left cheeks respectively, while the world was told that Kizito Mihigo hung himself using the bedsheet.
After you have concluded your visitation, before flying back to your various countries, please, pass through the Rwandan Parliament House.
The speaker is a woman by the name of Donatile Mukabalisa. Since you have heard about women in Rwanda being promoted to the key decision making positions, ask them why the lot is happening and the same women are quiet.
Kindly share with me the answer she(they) will give you , because I have been asking such a question and Donatile Mukabalisa and her group of promoted women ended up blocking me.

Jeanne Mukamurenzi.


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