video Le parti ISHEMA manifestera contre la présence de Paul Kagame à Bruxelles/ Belgium

Ce 2 et 3 Avril 2014, Venez nombreux dire stop au top criminel du 21ème siècle aussi dit Hitler protégé des Etats Unis, et Royaume Uni entre autres. Ce sera une occasion extraordinaire d’éveiller les consciences internationales quant à ce qui concerne la politique d’exterminations tant physiques que caractérielles des opposants politiques menée par Kagame et son Front Patriotique Rwandais (FPR).


On April 2 nd and 3rd, 2014; ISHEMA Party invites you all to come out and raise an objection to the presence of Paul Kagame among leaders. This man is also referred to as the top criminal of 21st century after breaking the record of killing directly  more than 8 million Rwandans, Congolese, Ugandans and Brundians altogether. He is also nick-named Hitler protected by the United States and United Kingdom inter alia. This will be an important occasion to sensitize  the international minds in regards of the criminal plans designed and implemented by Kagame and his RPF clique against all political opponents let alone the rest of Rwandan people.

Come one, come all.

Chaste Gahunde

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