Rwanda cricket captain Eric Dusingizimana creates Guinness record

Eric Dusingizimana on his way to a Guinness record. Photo Courtesy: @NewTimesRwanda Twitter account

Rwandan cricket captain broke the Guinness record of batting for the most number of hours in the nets. Eric Dusingizimana batted for 51 hours in the nets between May 11 to May 13. Rwanda Cricket Board shared a picture of Dusingizimana batting in the nets. He was apparently batting for a cause. He was raising money to build the first ever international ground in Rwanda. The President of the country Paul Kagame was aked to bowl a few deliveries at him, but he did not. Dusingizimana had also tweeted to the President before embarking this mission, but did not get a response. READ: Virag Mare creates Guinness record of batting for 50 hours in nets

“@PaulKagame i’ll be attemptin 2 set a new Guinness World Record of longest batting 51hr from 11-13 May @petitstade, great if you bowled at me,” he tweeted, as reported by

Dusingizimana broke the record of an Indian player, Virag Mare, who set the record of batting for 50 hours in the nets. He batted from December 22 to December 24 for a time of 50 hours. Ahead of this record, English duo Dave Newman  and Richard Wells had the record to their names, batting for 48 hours, according to Mare came from the same academy from where Sachin Tendulkar had graduated. READ: Nagaraju Budumuru aims for Guinness Record of longest net session by an individual

When the English batsmen were batting UK’s Prime Minister David Cameroon cheered the boys on. As far as Dusingizimana is concerned, it will be interesting to see if his efforts has given him enough funds to build an international cricket stadium. The Rwanda Cricket Association is the governing body that controls their cricket. Their headquarters is in Kigali, which is the capital.




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