Rwanda : Kizito Mihigo was killed for acknowledging that Hutu are human.

IMG-20200223-WA0023Rwanda: Kizito was not killed for preaching the sole peace and recociliation, rather for acknowledging that Hutu are humans.

How many sang peace and reconciliation and were killed for it? No one. The message from National Unity and Reconciliation, isn’t about peace and reconciliation? Pastor Rutayisire doesn’t teach peace and reconciliation? How about Gitwaza and all churches, etc ? Aren’t they safe?
Now it must be clear in all your heads.

Kizito Mihigo was not killed because he sang peace and reconciliation. His only sin was that he dared say ” Na bo ni abantu, ndabazirikana” Meaning, they are also humans, I think of them.
Rwandans from hutu families are not allowed to express their sufferings and their mistreatment. Not only Kizito Mihigo, whoever else will say it openly, will face consequences.

Because that is the political pillar of the RPF: dehumanize the Hutu, negate their existence, diabolize them in order to control the power. Kizito was killed for the sole reason that he acknoweledged that Hutu are human, that their victims must be commemorated as it is done for Tutsi victims, no matter what kind of death they faced.

I call on all citizens of goodwill to distance themselves from this satanic mindset, rebuke the RPF regime, and know that our diversity constitutes more an advantage than a disadvantage.

Being Hutu or Tutsi is not a crime, it is rather our social construct on which we can build an equal and equitable society by cooperation and “comparative advantage”.
May the blood of Kizito Mihigo help us grasp this great principle.

Chaste Gahunde


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