US – trained rank among Kizito Mihigo’s assassins.

Testimonies about Kizito Mihigo’ death keep flowing in from all sides indicating who did what and in which circumstances it took place. The most important testimony comes from Kizito’s own audio recorded in 2016 and 2017 whilst in his detention facility also known as 1930 prison.

What we know so far:

Kizito’s assassination is a state’s crime. Green and Ward (2005) give us the most important definition of a state’s crime:

“illegal or deviant activities perpetrated by the state, or with the complicity of state agencies’. State crimes are committed by, or on behalf of nation states in order to achieve their policies”. 

The first mindest of the crime happens to be Mrs Ines MPAMBARA, a canadian of rwandan origin who as presidential cabinet director acted on orders from Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda.


Another prominent figure into this scandal is Lt Colonel Gérard NYILIMANZI, a US -trained military rank well known in ideological conferences aimed at trying to re-write the History based on fabricated stories and nonsensical myth-like  and virtual war expeditions that , he says, might have been carried out by Kagame and his rebel group.

He attended Karubanda Petit Séminaire in 1980’s, then Université Nationale du Rwanda where he studied English in Facult of Arts ( Faculté des lettres). He joined the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) gorilla war and from 1994 he was promoted from Lieutenant to the rank of Major in 2005, to Lieutenant Colonel today. He also attended military training in the United States of America from where he is said to be brilliant.

Rwandans are longing for justice but are always confronted with a bunch of state agents armoured by political power such as Lt Colonel who are determined to take the wrong side of history. Time will come when they will have to answer for any single crime they committed.


Chaste Gahunde

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