James MUNYANDINDA writes to Ange KAGAME

Dear Madam Ange Kagame,
Covid 19 pandemic is not a big issue in Rwanda than your father Paul Kagame. Take an example, until now, COVID 19 had killed about 7,500 people around the globe.
But your father Paul Kagame had killed over 1 million people before and during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, he Killed thousands of Hutus in Kibeho refugee camp in 1995 in Rwanda, and the same father of you killed over 6 million people in DR Congo.
Your father committed Hutu genocide in 1996-1997 according to the UN Mapping report of 2010.
Your father Killed his former boss General Fred Gisa Rwigema, he also assassinated former president Juvenal Habyarimana, Seth Sendashonga,Colonel Lizinde, Colonel Patrick Karegeya,Major Kiza,Dr Gasakure, and many others.
He attempted to assassinate General Kayumba Nyamwasa several times in South Africa and he recently killed our beloved Celebrity singer Kizito Mihigo.
Do you really think that COVID 19 pandemic is dangerous to Rwanda public than your father?
Don’t you see that your father Paul Kagame is actually a real pandemic to Rwandans?
Don’t you see that instead of joining World Health Organisation (WHO) campaign for educating people to clean their hands that you should instead join Rwandans to fight the actual pandemic which is your father?
We need to see you directing your efforts in fighting the horrible behaviours of your father of murdering innocent Rwandan people.

Your father is the actual pandemic to Rwanda than COVID 19.

James Munyandinda

Source: Facebook

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