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Korona Virusi mu rugo kwa Kagame?

Abanyarwanda bakomeje guhezwa mu gihirahiro ku bijyanye n’ubuzima bw’umukuru w’igihugu, Bwana Paul Kagame. Kuva icyorezo cya Korona Virusi cyavugwa mu Rwanda, Paul Kagame yahise aburirwa irengero. Abenshi bakomeje kwibaza niba ari ingamba yafashe ku bushake akiheza kugira ngo atanduza abandi. Hari n’abavuga ko yigiriye ubwoba bwo kwandura agahita ahunga igihugu dore ko indege asanzwe agendamo yageze i Londres mu Bwongereza tariki ya 21 Werurwe 2020 ntiyongere kuhava.

Impaka zabaye ndende kugeza n’aho bamwe bemeza ko Kagame yaba yarapfuye abanyarwanda ntibabimenyeshwe. Koko rero, ku muntu wese uzi Kagame n’uburyo akunda kwigaragaza nk’umuntu ufata iya mbere mu guhangana n’ibibazo, kuba atagaragara ni uko afite ikibazo gikomeye. Ijambo yagerageje kuvuga nta kintu yavuze gifite ireme, cyakora yasabye Imana kurinda Abanyarwanda. Ibintu byatunguye benshi kuko Kagame akunze gupinga Imana n’ababona ko Imana ishobora gukemura ibibazo.

Umuhanzi akaba n’umukinnyi wa Film utuye mu Bufaransa Gaël FAYE yanditse ku rukuta rwe rwa facebook yemeza ko amaze ibyumweru bibiri mu kato kubera indwara ya Korona virusi yanduye mu gihe yari mu Rwanda mu minsi ishize. Yongeraho ko abagize ikipe ye bose bashyizwe mu bitaro kubera iyo ndwara.


Ikizwi ni uko mu gihe yari i Kigali Bwana FAYE yabonanye, ahoberana na Madamu Jeannette Kagame ndetse bamarana umwanya utari mutoya. Abandi bari bahari ni Madamu Ines MPAMBARA wa wundi wavuzwe cyane ku ruhare yagize mu rupfu rwa Kizito Mihigo.


Madame Jeannette Kagame hagati na Bwana FAYE iburyo.


Madame Jeannette Kagame ibumoso, Ines Mpambara hagati, Gaël Faye n’ikipe ye iburyo.

Nta shiti ko urugo rwa Kagame rwaba rwarinjiwe n’iki cyorezo ariko abantu bakibaza impamvu bigirwa ibanga kandi nyamara nta gisebo kirimo.  Cyakora ibihugu bitegekeshwa igitugu bikunze kwimana amakuru ajyanye n’ubuzima bw’abakuru b’ibihugu. Urugero, mu minsi ishize Perezida wa Gabon yagize ikibazo cy’umutima bigirwa ibanga rikomeye, aza kugaragara nyuma y’amezi menshi agenda atitimira.


Kubera ko nta makuru bahabwa, Abanyarwanda bagerageza kwinjira mu bitekerezo by’urugo rwa Kagame.

Turakomeza kwibaza ngo Kagame ari he? amerewe ate? Ese ni ikigwari gitinya aho rukomeye?

Chaste Gahunde.

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Rwanda: Kagame’s daughter unleashes “her war dogs” against Ingabire Victoire!

On March 21, 2020; Victoire Umuhoza received in her residence Aimable Karasira, a university professor who also manages a Youtube channel during his spare time. In his videos, Mr KARASIRA carries analyses on social phenomena, and counts many followers.

A gesture of washing hands

Before granting an interview to Karasira, Victoire Ingabire washed her hands with soap, following the example of President Paul Kagame, who in a video, had invited Rwandans to protect themselves against the corona virus by washing hands regularly.

The journalist filmed this sequence before he, himself washed his hands. The interview focused on a unique topic: The corona virus and its consequences in a country like Rwanda in general and in the city of Kigali in particular. Karasira made it clear that he is not in politics, that he does not belong to Ingabire’s DALFA (Development And Liberty For All) party or to Paul Kagame’s RPF. He invited Victoire Ingabire to limit herself only on this one topic in her statements.

During the interview, Victoire Ingabire drew attention to the damage caused by the corona virus to the Rwandan economy. She notably pleaded in favor of small self-employed people (hairdressing saloons, motorcycle and car taxis, repairers of all kinds, vendors at markets, etc.) who saw their activities closed while  tha was their onlys source of income and daily bread. She suggested that the state provide assistance unto them.

In fact, the quarantine measures decreed by Rwanda are extreme since they go as far as the closing of all borders, which will weigh heavily on the supply of essential goods from neighboring countries. Meanwhile, the authorities are asking traders not to raise prices and have even ordered rationing.

War dogs unleashed

Instead of criticizing this proposal by Victoire Ingabire, the presidnt’ daughter, Ange Kagame and her team, via Twitter, launched an action to denigrate the political opposition, focusing on the gesture of washing their hands made by Victoire Ingabire. The attacks were virulent and some suggest that Victoire Ingabire be taken to the psychiatric hospital for examination (1).

Among the eminent members of the team include not only Ange Kagame but also another figurehead of the entourage of the president, a certain Yolande Makolo, ex- director in charge of communication of president Kagame ; Lucy Mbabazi, another important woman in Kagame’s system; or Edwin Mukiza, a lawyer and legal adviser to cabinet offices.

Like father like daughter ?

Since her arrival in Rwanda in January 2010 to stand for the presidential elections, Victoire Ingabire has been designated as the person to be killed by all means. It didn’t take long, and in his official speeches, President Kagame verbally attacked her, calling her a hooligan in particular and predicting her imprisonment. It didn’t take long, Ingabire was taken into prison the same year. The appeals were unsuccessful and in 2013 the Supreme Court sentenced her to 15 years of prison,  for “conspiracy against the authorities by terrorism and war”, inter alia. She was released after eight years by presidential pardon. Recently, she founded a new political party: DALFA (Development And Liberty For All) but her troubles are far from ending. In fact, in one of his legendary angers, the president threatened to have her put back in prison.

It is worrying that Ange Kagame joins his father in harassing political opponents. Young, and holder of American universities degrees, one would wonder what what she has learned from the country pionneer of the modern democracy. How comes she cannot understand and measure the importance of political opposition in a country for the promotion of a true democracy and a real respect for human rights?

Ange Kagame

B. Ndengeyingoma (left) and A. Kagame (right)

But the dice are loaded and therefore it cannot be otherwise. Isn’t Ange Kagame’s husband Bertrand Ndengeyingoma (2) cited in the Panama Papers, an investigation in which the world press denounced the owners of bank accounts hidden in tax havens! The couple therefore rolls on gold. The couple has millions of dollars in blocked bank accounts, especially in Panama. Ange Kagame has an interest in seeing no political changes in Rwanda, scared that she migh lose her colossal fortune stolen from Rwandan taxpayers. If Ange Kagame unleashes her war dogs to silence any dissident voice according her father’s policy, she knows that by the time she won’t be in power any longer, the castle will collapse. When that time comes, it will be “la fin des haricots”!

Jean-Charles Murego


A free translation from French by Chaste GAHUNDE

(1) This means a lot to Rwandans, since recently another political opponent was sent to the mental health facility and injected drugs in order to silence him. A new strategy to fight the dissenting views.
(2) There are unverfied information that Ndengeyingoma cited in the Panama Papers might be Ange Kagame’s brother-in-law, not her husband.

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James MUNYANDINDA writes to Ange KAGAME

Dear Madam Ange Kagame,
Covid 19 pandemic is not a big issue in Rwanda than your father Paul Kagame. Take an example, until now, COVID 19 had killed about 7,500 people around the globe.
But your father Paul Kagame had killed over 1 million people before and during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, he Killed thousands of Hutus in Kibeho refugee camp in 1995 in Rwanda, and the same father of you killed over 6 million people in DR Congo.
Your father committed Hutu genocide in 1996-1997 according to the UN Mapping report of 2010.
Your father Killed his former boss General Fred Gisa Rwigema, he also assassinated former president Juvenal Habyarimana, Seth Sendashonga,Colonel Lizinde, Colonel Patrick Karegeya,Major Kiza,Dr Gasakure, and many others.
He attempted to assassinate General Kayumba Nyamwasa several times in South Africa and he recently killed our beloved Celebrity singer Kizito Mihigo.
Do you really think that COVID 19 pandemic is dangerous to Rwanda public than your father?
Don’t you see that your father Paul Kagame is actually a real pandemic to Rwandans?
Don’t you see that instead of joining World Health Organisation (WHO) campaign for educating people to clean their hands that you should instead join Rwandans to fight the actual pandemic which is your father?
We need to see you directing your efforts in fighting the horrible behaviours of your father of murdering innocent Rwandan people.

Your father is the actual pandemic to Rwanda than COVID 19.

James Munyandinda

Source: Facebook

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