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Revealed: how the wealth gap holds back economic growth

OECD report rejects trickle-down economics, noting ‘sizeable and statistically negative impact’ of income inequality

Organisation for Economic Co-operation a

OECD secretary-general Angel Gurría said that ‘addressing high and growing inequality is critical to promote strong and sustained growth’. Photograph: Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images

The west’s leading economic thinktank on Tuesday dismissed the concept of trickle-down economics as it found that the UK economy would have been more than 20% bigger had the gap between rich and poor not widened since the 1980s.

Publishing its first clear evidence of the strong link between inequality and growth, the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development proposed higher taxes on the rich and policies aimed at improving the lot of the bottom 40% of the population, identified by Ed Miliband as the “squeezed middle”.

Trickle-down economics was a central policy for Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, with the Conservatives in the UK and the Republicans in the US confident that all groups would benefit from policies designed to weaken trade unions and encourage wealth creation.

The OECD said that the richest 10% of the population now earned 9.5 times the income of the poorest 10%, up from seven times in the 1980s. However, the result had been slower, not faster, growth.

It concluded that “income inequality has a sizeable and statistically negative impact on growth, and that redistributive policies achieving greater equality in disposable income has no adverse growth consequences.

“Moreover, it [the data collected from the thinktank’s 34 rich country members] suggests it is inequality at the bottom of the distribution that hampers growth.”

According to the OECD, rising inequality in the two decades after 1985 shaved nine percentage points off UK growth between 1990 and 2000. The economy expanded by 40% during the 1990s and 2000s but would have grown by almost 50% had inequality not risen. Reducing income inequality in Britain to the level of France would increase growth by nearly 0.3 percentage points over a 25-year period, with a cumulated gain in GDP at the end of the period in excess of 7%.

“These findings have relevant implications for policymakers concerned about slow growth and rising inequality,” the paper said.

“On the one hand it points to the importance of carefully assessing the potential consequences of pro-growth policies on inequality: focusing exclusively on growth and assuming that its benefits will automatically trickle down to the different segments of the population may undermine growth in the long run, in as much as inequality actually increases.

“On the other hand, it indicates that policies that help limiting or – ideally – reversing the long-run rise in inequality would not only make societies less unfair, but also richer.”

Rising inequality is estimated to have knocked more than 10 percentage points off growth in Mexico and New Zealand, nearly nine points in the UK, Finland and Norway, and between six and seven points in the United States, Italy and Sweden.

The thinktank said governments should consider rejigging tax systems to make sure wealthier individuals pay their fair share. It suggested higher top rates of income tax, scrapping tax breaks that tend to benefit higher earners and reassessing the role of all forms of taxes on property and wealth.

However, the OECD said, its research showed “it is even more important to focus on inequality at the bottom of the income distribution. Government transfers have an important role to play in guaranteeing that low-income households do not fall further back in the income distribution”.

The authors said: “It is not just poverty (ie the incomes of the lowest 10% of the population) that inhibits growth … policymakers need to be concerned about the bottom 40% more generally – including the vulnerable lower-middle classes at risk of failing to benefit from the recovery and future growth. Anti-poverty programmes will not be enough.”

Angel Gurría, the OECD’s secretary general, said: “This compelling evidence proves that addressing high and growing inequality is critical to promote strong and sustained growth and needs to be at the centre of the policy debate. Countries that promote equal opportunity for all from an early age are those that will grow and prosper.”

Source: The Guardian, December 9, 2014.

As Tony Blair defends any dictator who will pay him, Save the Children US gives him award!!!!

  • Internal letter signed by almost 200 staff members says award is ‘morally reprehensible’ and endangers STC’s credibility globally
  • “Following the grotesque award to child-killer @TheBlairDoc Tony Blair by Save the Children all right thinking people should withdraw support.”
  • “As this man defends any dictator who’ll pay him, @SaveTheChildrenUS inexplicably gives him award.”
Tony Blair at the Save the Children Illumination Gala in New York City
Tony Blair at the Save the Children Illumination Gala in New York City. Photograph: Getty Images


The charity Save the Children faces a backlash from staff after it presented Tony Blair with a “global legacy award” in New York last week – despite privately acknowledging that he is a controversial and divisive figure.

Amid widespread criticism on social media, many of the charity’s staff have complained that the presentation of the award has discredited Save the Children (STC). An internal letter, which gathered almost 200 signatures – including senior regional staff – in the first six hours of dissemination, said the award was not only “morally reprehensible, but also endangers our credibility globally”, and called for it to be withdrawn.

It said that staff wished to distance themselves from the award and demanded a review of the charity’s decision-making process.

“We consider this award inappropriate and a betrayal to Save the Children’s founding principles and values. Management staff in the region were not communicated with nor consulted about the award and were caught by surprise with this decision,” it said.

The move has also raised questions about Save the Children’s (STC) integrity and independence because of close links between the former British prime minister and key figures at the charity’s helm.

Its UK chief executive, Justin Forsyth, was a special adviser to Blair for three years, and Jonathan Powell, Blair’s former chief of staff, is currently on the board of STC.

Blair was presented with the award by the US arm of the charity at a glittering “Illumination Gala” at the Plaza Hotel in New York on 19 November, in recognition of his “leadership on international development”.

The charity cited two G8 summits hosted by Blair during his premiership which focused on debt relief for poor countries. At the Gleneagles summit in 2005, world leaders pledged to “Make Poverty History”.

Forsyth, who was appointed chief executive of STC in 2010, previously worked for Blair, focusing on global poverty. In an introduction to his blog on STC’s website, Forsyth writes: “In 2004, I was recruited to No 10 by Tony Blair, where I led efforts on poverty and climate change and was one of the driving forces behind the Make Poverty History campaign.”

Accepting the award at the New York gala, Blair said: “From the beginning of humankind there has been brutality, conflict, intrigue, the destructive obsession with a narrow self-interest. But throughout all human history, never has been extinguished that relentless, unquenchable desire to do good. To act not only in self-interest and sometimes to even to act in defiance of it.” Protesters swiftly took to social media, led by MP and anti-war campaigner George Galloway, who tweeted: “Following the grotesque award to child-killer @TheBlairDoc Tony Blair by Save the Children all right thinking people should withdraw support.” He also demanded STC rescind the award.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, tweeted a picture of Blair with the words: “As this man defends any dictator who’ll pay him, @SaveTheChildrenUK inexplicably gives him award.” Roth later corrected this to STC US.

An online petition calling for STC to revoke the award said many saw Blair “as the cause of the deaths of countless children in the Middle East”. It had gathered more than 81,000 signatures by 1pm on Tuesday.

According to an email sent last week by Krista Armstrong, the charity’s global media manager, to senior colleagues, STC has received a “high volume of complaints and negative reactions regarding the award”.

The email acknowledged that Blair “is a hugely controversial and divisive figure in many parts of the world” and listed a number of questions that had been raised by STC staff, soliciting possible responses from her colleagues.

The first question was: “Why would Save the Children chose (sic) to provide one of its most prestigious award – ‘a global legacy award’ to a man accused of being a war criminal?”

In response, Eileen Burke, STC’s director of media and communications in the US, circulated “a line” explaining Blair was selected for the award for debt relief work and the Make Poverty History campaign.

“Otherwise we are not in a position to respond to some of the geopolitical questions below,” she wrote in a separate email.

In a statement, STC stressed that the award was given by the US arm of the charity, not by STC UK or Forsyth. It said the award was presented because of Blair’s work as prime minister on Africa and poverty.

In response to a question about the scale of internal anger and opposition, STC added: “In a global organisation like ours of thousands of people, our staff have strong views on a whole range of issues and people and we respect that diversity of views.”

A spokeswoman for Blair said the former prime minister was “deeply honoured and moved to receive the award in recognition of his work”. Asked about the wisdom of accepting an award from an organisation with two former Downing St employees within its leadership, Blair’s office pointed out that the award was made by STC US.

Since propelling Britain into the US-led war in Iraq in 2003, in the face of fierce opposition in parliament and among the public, Blair has regularly been accused of war crimes. He is expected to be strongly criticised in the report of the government-appointed Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war, which is due to be published next year.

On the day he stepped down as prime minister in 2007, Blair took up the post of special envoy to the Middle East Quartet, which mediates between Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinians and their supporters have frequently charged that, rather than a neutral interlocutor, Blair is strongly pro-Israel.

Three years ago Tony Blair Associates, the former prime minister’s consultancy firm, signed a multimillion-pound deal to advise the autocratic president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbeyev. Blair and his companies also have lucrative consultancy contracts with Kuwait, the UAE and Colombia.

Other areas of Blair’s post-Downing St work include African governance, faith, sport and climate change.

Powell did not respond to Guardian requests for comment on Blair’s award and his role as a board member of STC.

Forsyth’s salary at the Save the Children came under scrutiny last yearwhen it was disclosed that he was paid £163,000 a year, including more than £22,000 in performance-related pay. He has since taken a pay cut to £140,000.

Source: The Guardian

Baduhe izina ryacu ry’Abatwa ntacyo ridutwaye

  • Mudushakire Perezida Kagame niwe uzadukemuira ibibazo
  • Umuyobozi mu karere ka Nyagatare yaratunennye yanga kurarana natwe
  • Ubukene bukabije bubugarije, amavunja adasanzwe
  • 1% niwe warangije amashuri yisumbuye ndetse na kaminuza
  • Baduhe izina ryacu ry’Abatwa aho kutwitiranya na za Minisiteri
  • Hagira uwibwa hagahondagurwa ‘Abatwa’

Abahagarariye abasigajwe inyuma n’amateka mu Rwanda barasaba ko bahura n’Umukuru w’Igihugu bakamugezaho ibibazo uruhuri bibugarije, bidakemurwa n’inzego z’ibanze bigatuma bakomeza kwitwa abatindi.

Iki cyifuzo bagitanze ku wa kane tariki ya 20 Ugushyingo 2014, ubwo hamurikwaga ubushakashatsi ku mibereho n’ubukungu by’abasigajwe inyuma n’amateka bwakozwe n’umushinga ushinzwe kurengera inyungu z’iki cyiciro, COPORWA mu turere twa Nyanza, Nyaruguru, Nyagatare, Nyamasheke na Gasabo.

Ubu bushakashatsi bwakozwe hagati y’imyaka 2013-2014 bwerekanye ko bagikennye ku buryo budasanzwe.

Muri bo abarangije amashuri yisumbuye ni 1%, bangana n’abarangije kaminuza, mu gihe abarangije amashuri abanza ari 31%. Kuba umubare ukiri muto biterwa nuko ngo bagifite ubukene ku buryo hari umubare munini w’abana bata ishuri kubera ko batabona ibyo kurya.

Abashobora kwiyishyurira ubwishingizi bw’ubuzima ni 33% mu gihe abasaga 66% batabishobora.

Gahunda igamije kubateza imbere ya VUP (Vision 2020 Umurenge Program) mu karere ka Nyaruguru yageze kuri 1.5% mu gihe muri Nyanza yageze ku 8.2%.

Inkunga y’ingoboka nta n’umwe uyihabwa muri Nyaruguru mu gihe ahari benshi bayihabwa ari 7.6% mu karere ka Nyanza.

Nta n’umwe ubasha gukoresha inguzanyo ahabwa muri VUP muri Gasabo mu gihe ahari umubare munini ari 9.1% muri Nyamasheke.

Ubu bushakashatsi bukomeza bwerekana ko babaho mu buzima bubi, nta butaka, nta n’amafaranga binjiza.

Habajijwe abantu 280, harimo abahejwe n’amateka 120, abasanzwe 97 n’abayobozi b’inzego z’ibanze 63.

Bivuyeyo mu kuvuga ibibazo bibugarije

Perezida w’Inama y’Ubutegetsi ya COPORWA, Gatera Jonathan yatangarije mu ruhame ibibazo bibugarije.

Icya mbere kirimo kunenwa, urugero yatanze ni ubwo umwe mu bayobozi wo mu karere ka Nyagatare yavugaga ko atararana n’ “ Abatwa” ubwo bari mu ngando, bose bagafata umwanzuro wo gutaha, bakisubiraho nyuma yo guhendahendwa.

Ibibazo by’ubukene, kutagira amacumbi n’izindi gahunda za leta bituma barwara amavunja.

Yagize ati “ Muhaguruke mujye hasi mu cyaro aho umuntu arwara amavunja akagera no mu mutwe.”

Nyuma yo kugaragaza ibi bibazo yagize ati “ Mudushakire Perezida Kagame wacu niwe uzadukemuira ibibazo.”
Abayobozi bapyinagaza abahejwe n’amateka

Ubwo hamurikwaga ubu bushakashatsi bakomeje kwerekana uburyo bagihura n’ibibazo bitandukanye ubuyobozi bukabatererana kandi bwagombye kubikemura.

Muhawenimana Marthe , umuyobozi ushinzwe uburinganire n’uburezi muri COPORWA yavuze ko uturere twa Kamonyi, Rwamagana, Rulindo, Ruhango, Nyagatare, Nyabihu, Gakenke na Rutsiro batereranye abahejwe inyuma n’amateka.

Muhawenimana Marthe

Agaragaza ko muri utwo turere banze gushyira mu mashuri makuru, kaminuza n’ay’imyuga bamwe mu banyeshuri bemererwa gufashwa na Minisiteri y’Imibereho myiza y’Abaturage, Minaloc, ngo bajye kwiga, utu turere tukavuga ko nta mafaranga bafite yo kubishyurira.

Akavuga ko ari ukubabonerana nkana bakimwa amahirwe baba bagenewe n’igihugu ku buryo bamaze kwandikira Minaloc ubugira kabiri nta gisubizo babona kuri aba banyeshuri basaga 20 ‘bacyandagaye’.

Ikindi yagarutseho ni ukutagira imyanya mu buyobozi uretse muri sena harimo umwe ngo nta muyobozi wundi bagira, bagasaba ko mu bagore bafite imyanya isaga 60% mu nteko hagombye kubamo n’abahejwe n’amateka, kimwe no mu zindi nzego.

Kutabona imyanya mu buyobozi ngo biterwa n’ubuke bwabo kuko ngo niyo hagize ushaka gutorwa hazitirwa Abahejwe n’Amateka gusa hagatora abasigaye.

Hatanzwe urugero rwa gahunda za leta zitabageraho harimo girinka Munyarwanda, nko mu murenge wa Muganza ngo “Umutwa” wahawe inka ni umwe nawe ahabwa iyahumye y’ikimasa mu gihe abandi bahabwa inzima kandi zitari ibimasa.

Izina “Abatwa’ baracyarikomeyeho

Muhawenimana yakomeje avuga ko badakeneye kwitwa Abahejwe n’Amateka cyangwa Abasigajwe inyuma n’Amateka ahubwo bashaka gusubirana izina ryabo aho kwitiranwa n’ibindi bintu bitandukanye nka Minisiteri y’iterambere ry’abari n’abategarugori(yitaga ku bagore bavuga ko basigajwe inyuma n’amateka).

Yagize ati” Baduhe izina ryacu ry’Abatwa aho kutwitiranya na za Minisiteri.”

Iri zina kandi n’abandi bose barihurizaho kuko ngo babona ntacyo ribatwaye.

Umuyobozi wa COPORWA Sebishwi Juvenal nawe yagaragaje ibibazo bibugarije birimo kutagira ubutaka, kuba umubare munini w’abakobwa babo bishora mu busambanyi kubera kutitabwaho bakanahabwa intica ntikize, no kutabona akazi aho usanga hari abarangije kaminuza basubiye mu kubumba inkono bya gakondo.

Yanagarutse ku gikorwa cy’abababaje cyo kugabwaho igitero mu karere ka Nyaruguru.

Yagize ati “ Hagira uwibwa hagahondagurwa ‘Abatwa”.

Yakomeje avuga ko izina Abatwa ari iryabo kandi bataryanze. Ahubwo ababazwa n’uburyo amateka yagiye abibasira bakigwa mu mashuri hagaragazwa ubugoryi bahimbiwe mu mwandiko ‘Gatwa le Potier’.

Yasoje avuga ko mu bibazo bitandukanye bagiye bahura nabyo bakeneye guhumurizwa.

Minisiteri y’Ubutegetsi bw’Igihugu yemeza ko bafashwa kimwe nk’abandi Banyarwanda bose, kimwe no kwiga.

Ku bavuga ko batabona imyanya muri leta, Karekezi Emmanuel yavuze ko bagombye guhindura imyumvire bakajya bakora ibizamini nk’abandi, gusa ngo mu gihe haba hari utsindira umwanya akawuvanwaho no kuba uwahejwe n’amateka ngo byaba ari ikibazo.

Senateri Kalimba Zephilin ukunze gukorera ubuvugizi abahejwe n’amateka wanashinze Ikigo cy’Imyuga rya Kitazigurwa (Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Kitazigurwa)kiri mu karere ka Rwamagana, aho abanyeshuri baturuka mu miryango itifashije irimo n’iy’abasigajwe inyuma n’amateka bahabwa ubufasha bw’umwihariko yasabye ko ibibazo byabo byakomeza kwitabwaho.

Senateri Kalimba Zephilin

Anavuga ko ibibazo bafite sena ikomeje kubigaragaza aho izunganirwa n’ubu bushakashatsi.

Yanasabye kandi ako abanyeshuri b’ababahejwe n’amateka biga mu mashuri y’imyuga bajya baherekezwa bagafashwa kubona ibikoreshokugira ngo ubumenyi bahabwa butazabapfira ubusa. Yasabye imirayngo itegamiye kuri leta guhagurukira rimwe igafasha abahejwe n’amateka.

JPEG - 36.1 kb
Uwihoreye Omar umwe mu bagize inama y’ubutegetsi ya COPORWA, ayoboye ibiganiro


La violence n’est jamais une réponse – Caritas internationalis sur la crise au Moyen-Orient


De l’Irak à la Syrie et à la Bande de Gaza : la solution des conflits doit passer par le « dialogue », ou quoi qu’il en soit par « une autre voie » par rapport à « une violence supplémentaire ». C’est ce qu’a dit le cardinal archevêque de Tegucigalpa, Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, président de Caritas Internationalis, en ouvrant hier, lundi 15, à Rome, la rencontre de haut niveau dédiée à la crise au Moyen-Orient avec les présidents et les directeurs de la Caritas des pays impliqués et leurs partenaires internationaux.

Dans la conscience « d’être face à la plus grande crise que le monde affronte depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale », le cardinal a invité tous les gouvernements « à la cessation totale des envois d’armes dans les pays du Moyen-Orient », en réaffirmant que « la paix ne peut pas être imposée de l’extérieur, mais doit naître de l’intérieur » sur la base de la « justice sociale entre les personnes ».

La situation dramatique de la population est au centre des travaux, qui se concluent mercredi 17, avec l’objectif, comme l’a expliqué Michel Roy, secrétaire général de Caritas Internationalis, de «réfléchir ensemble sur quelle peut être la meilleure réponse, dans les prochains mois et années, à la tragédie qui frappe le Moyen-Orient, et sur comment on peut collaborer avec d’autres organisations de l’Eglise catholique ou en dehors d’elle pour promouvoir la paix et la stabilité dans la région ».

Actuellement, a rappelé le cardinal, « à chaque minute, quatre enfants syriens sont forcés d’abandonner leurs maisons. Les extrémistes en Irak et dans l’ouest de la Syrie sont en train d’étendre le nettoyage ethnique et religieux à une vaste zone sous leur contrôle. A Gaza, un demi-million d’enfants ne peuvent pas retourner à l’école parce que leurs classes ont été détruites. A Mossoul en Irak, la lettre N qui signifie Nazaréen, a été peinte sur les portes des maisons pour identifier les chrétiens puis les passer à tabac ou les tuer ». Environ 1,3 million d’Irakiens ont dû abandonner leurs maisons, les opérateurs de la Caritas eux-mêmes ont dû fuir. Et depuis le début de la crise en Syrie, plus de 13 millions de Syriens sont dans des conditions désespérées et 3 millions se sont réfugiés hors du pays, en Jordanie, au Liban, en Turquie.


KURIGISWA NO KWICWA KW’ABATURAGE : ACP BADEGE yasetsa n’uvuye guta nyina !

Biratangaje ariko biranababaje kubona umubare munini w’abaturage ukomeje kurigiswa no kwicwa rubi ! Wagira ngo ntayindi nshingano FPR yihaye uretse KWICA abaturage, kubarasa izuba riva no kurigisa imirambo. Muri iyi minsi hakomeje kuvugwa abenegihugu benshi baburirwa irengero, imiryango yabo ikarira, ikahanagura, igatakamba, igahogora. None aho bigaragariye ko hari imirambo iri gutumburuka mu nzuzi n’ibiyaga, Umuyobozi w’Ishami ry’Ubugenzacyaha muri Polisi y’Igihugu, ACP Theos Badege, yihaye amenyo y’abasetsi mu kwihandagaza agahakana ukuri kugaragarira bose: ngo imirambo si iy’abanyarwanda !

Baravuga ko haturumbutse imirambo 40 we akavuga ko yabonye 2 gusa ! Yabujijwe se nande kureba n’iyo yindi abaturage babona kandi bo badahemberwa kuba abagenzacyaha ???!!!!  

Ariko igiteye isoni kurushaho, ni impamvu cyangwa ingingo (argument) Theos Badege ashingiraho yihakana imirambo y’abenegihugu, akayishinyagurira ngo si iy’abanyarwanda !!!! Ikimenyetso rukumbi ngo cyerekana ko iyo mirambo atari iy’Abanyarwanda , ngo ni uko : “nta muntu n’umwe uhaturiye watatse ko umuntu we yaburiwe irengero !!!”   Namwe munyumvire mwo kagira imana mwe!

Uyu mugenzacyaha rwose ateye amatsiko ! Ariko nyine hagati aho ateye n’ubute ! Ibi se yaba yabivuze kubera ubuswa ? Kubera se gushinyagura? Ahari ni mu rwego  rwo gusisibiranya no kuyobya uburari !

Uretse n’umugenzacyaha wize uko uyu murimo ukorwa, n’umwana w’imyaka 8 yannyega iyi ngingo (argument) ya Badege ! Niba  ntawe uturiye inkengero z’ikiyaga cya Rweru uvuga ko yabuze umuntu we (niba ataracecekeshejwe!) birashoboka ko abishwe baba bakomoka mu zindi ntara z’u Rwanda. Abamaze iminsi barigiswa mu Ruhengeri, Gisenyi, Kigali….uwata imirambo yabo mu kiyaga cya Rweru yakwanga kujyamo ngo ni uko batari batuye hafi yacyo ?

Ahubwo tuboneyeho akanya ko gusaba abamaze iminsi babura benewabo, begere icyo kiyaga barebe ko FPR atariho yabatabye ibanje kubahambirira amabuye ku mugongo, mbese nka kwa kundi yagombye kujya guta ibisigazwa bya Musenyeri Focasi Nikwigize mu kiyaga cya Lac Vert kiri hirya ya Goma. Iyo ngeso barayisanganywe, si ubwa mbere babikoze si nabwo bwa nyuma !!! Imana ikwiye gutabara bwangu umuryango wayo ikawukiza aba bicanyi . Ariko baribeshya tu,  umunsi uzaba umwe , baryozwe ubugome bakoreye rubanda!

Ngaho isomere ayo magambo y’urukozasoni yatangajwe n’, y’umuntu ngo ushinzwe ubugenzacyaha bw’igihugu cyose! (Ubwanditsi )


Imirambo yabonetse muri Rweru si iy’Abanyarwanda- ACP Badege

Ubugenzacyaha bw’u Rwanda bwatangaje ko nta imirambo y’abantu yatahuwe mu Kiyaga cya Rweru kiri ku mbibi z’u Rwanda n’u Burundi atari iy’abaturarwanda.

Mu mpera z’icyumweru gishize, Abarundi batuye mu Ntara ya Muyinga baroba mu Kiyaga cya Rweru bagaragaje ko babonye imirambo ireremba mu kiyaga, ariko ntibashobora kumenya niba abapfuye ari abaturage bo ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda cyangwa u Burundi.

Umuyobozi w’Ishami ry’Ubugenzacyaha muri Polisi y’Igihugu, ACP Theos Badege, yabwiye IGIHE ko nyuma yo kumenya aya makuru, Polisi y’u Rwanda yafatanyije n’iy’u Burundi mu gukurikirana iby’iyo mirambo, babona ibiri yangiritse.

ACP Badege yasobanuye ko nubwo iperereza rigikomeje, ibyakozwe bigaragaza ko abapfuye atari abo ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda kuko nta muntu n’umwe uhaturiye watatse ko umuntu we yaburiwe irengero.

Umuyobozi w’Ubugenzacyaha bw’u Rwanda, ACP Theos Badege

Yagize ati “Kugeza ubu nta nkuru n’imwe y’umuturarwanda waba waraburiwe irengero muri ako gace, yaba umuzima cyangwa se umurambo wabuze.”

Usibye iyo mirambo ibiri, abo barobyi babwiye RFI ko mu cyumweru kimwe babonye imirambo itanu, naho kuva mu kwezi kwa karindwi bamaze kubona imirambo igera kuri 40. Bavuga ko bagiye bayibona ireremba mu kiyaga iboshye.

ACP Badege we yasobanuye ko nubwo hari abavuga ko babonye imirambo 40, Polisi y’u Rwanda yeretswe ibiri gusa ari nayo yatangira amakuru.

Yagize ati“Hari ibyavuzwe, hari n’ibyo twebwe tweretswe. Aho Umupolisi agiriyeyo bamweretse imirambo ibiri.”

Mu itangazo ryashyizwe ahagaragara na Polisi y’Igihugu, ACP Badege yagize ati “Turemeza ko nta Banyarwanda babuze baba babonetse muri iyo mirambo”.

Abayobozi b’uturere twa Ngoma na Kirehe ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda nabo bemeje ko nta baturage babo baburiwe irengero.

ACP Theos Badege yavuze ko binyuze mu mikoranire myiza isanzwe hagati y’igipolisi cy’u Rwanda n’u Burundi, Umuyobozi wa Polisi y’Igihugu mu Ntara y’Iburasirazuba yambutse akajya gukomeza iperereza i Burundi, ndetse no kumenyesha bagenzi be b’Abarundi ko nta bantu baburiwe irengero ku buryo wenda hakekwa ko imirambo yabonetse mu kiyaga yaba ari iy’Abanyarwanda.

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Umwana wagizwe impfubyi na FPR yarakajwe n’imvugo ya Ange Kagame ngo “sinabaho ntafite umuryango wanjye”.

Paul Kagame aho kujyana n’umugore we mu nama yahuje perezida wa leta zunze ubumwe z’amerika n’abakuru b’ibihugu by’afurika, we yahisemo kwijyanira n’umukobwa we umwe Ange Kagame. Nyuma y’urwo ruzinduko, Ange yagiranye ikiganiro n’urubuga nsakazamakuru rukorera kuri internet rwitwa Kimwe mu bibazo byamubajijwe ni ukuvuga ikintu kimwe atakwihanganira kubaho adafite. N’umutima mwiza, Ange yasubije ko ikintu atakwihanganira kubaho adafite ari umuryango we. Aya magambo yababaje benshi cyane cyane abagizwe imfubyi n’ingabo ise wa Ange yari abereye umugaba mukuru. Iyi ni ibaruwa uwitwa Kanyabigega Elijah yandikiye Ange Kagame. Kanyabigega ni umwe mu mfubyi zarokotse ubwicanyi bwa Paul Kagame. Ibaruwa yanditse mu rurimi rw’icyongereza, twayibahinduriye mu Kinyarwanda.



Ange Kagame niwe mukobwa wenyine Kagame afite.

Nshuti Ange Kagame, imfura mu bakobwa b’u Rwanda,

Nyemerera nkwandikire mu rurimi rw’icyongereza, ni kimwe mu bintu bibi so wakubyaye yampatiye kubana na byo. Nabwiwe ko ababyeyi banjye bakomoka muri komine Kiyombe, kamwe mu karere so wakubyaye yahaye ibihano ku byaha bitakozwe. Mfite imyaka 24, kandi ndizera ko niba maneko za papa wawe nizidashakisha inimero ya mudasobwa yanjye ngo zinyice ndi hafi kwizihiza isabukuru y’imyaka 25 vuba aha. Ariko nyamara iyo siyo mpamvu yo kukwandikira. Ibaruwa yanjye iribanda cyane ku rugendo rwanyu muri Leta zunze ubumwe z’Amerika, no kuri papa wawe nka perezida w’igihugu cyanjye.

Ikiganiro wagiranye na

Nyuma y’uruzinduko wakoranye na papa wawe I Washington, nta shiti umubyeyi wawe yageze kucyo yashakaga. Yifuzaga ko itangazamakuru mpuzamahanga rikumenya kandi yabigezeho. Rwose nabishimirwe papa wawe n’uburyo akoresha mu kwiyamamaza. Ubonye iyaba yashoboraga no kubikorera umurenge wanjye wa Mukarange!? Twahita tubona amazi yo kunywa mu gitondo. Ariko rero ikiganiro cyawe na Igihe .com cyatumye ntekereza cyane aho bakubajije ikintu udashobora kwihanganira kubaho udafite. Igisubizo watanze cyari gihwitse rwose.

Waravuze ngo “sinshobora kubaho ntafite umuryango wange.” Nyemerera ngukosore kuko mu Kinyarwanda ntituvuga “wange” ahubwo tuvuga “wanjye”, keretse niba papa wawe ashaka gusimbuza Ikinyarwanda Uluganda nk’uko yasimbuje icyongereza igifaransa. Nta kibazo tuzakomeza twihangane nk’uko tubimenyereye kuva mu kwezi k’Ukwakira 1990.

Tugarutse ku gisubizo wahaye IGIHE.COM, gifite ishingiro rwose. Umuryango w’umuntu ufite agaciro gakomeye cyane, ariko ndibaza niba iso azi cyangwa asobanukiwe intimba miliyoni z’abanyarwanda bafite nyuma y’aho ababyeyi babo bazize agafuni! Uri mutoya cyane wenda ntuzi icyo agafuni bivuga ariko niba iso atarakwicaje ku bibero ngo akubarire uko yajyaga yica abanyarwanda b’inzirakarengane muri Kiyombe, Mukarange, Bwisige, Butaro, Kidaho n’utundi duce two mu Rwanda, nshobora kwitanga nkakwigisha amateka y’u Rwanda n’uburyo iso yateguye kuba ikirangire ubu wowe urimo wishimira uyu munsi.

Uburyo agafuni kangize imfubyi mfite imyaka 4

Nshuti Ange, sinzi uko navutse ariko wowe nziko uzi uko wavutse kuko papa wawe n’inshuti ze zafashe amafoto ndetse nyuma mwagiye mwizihiza umunsi w’amavuko wawe. Nyamara jyewe navutse ibisasu bya katiyusha binyura ku mutwe. Bambwiye ko igihe papa wawe yoherezaga ibisasu 12 icyarimwe, mama wanjye yagize ibise igihe kitageze, mu gihe (ababyeyi banjye) barimo bahunga so. Bambwiye ko muri icyo gihe iso yarimo atsembatsemba. Yariyarahiye gukubura Kiyombe, Cyungo, Bwisige, Kivuye na Kiyombe ngo murwego rwo kugutegurira amayira. Muri iyo nkubiri ibintu ntibyagendekeye neza Mama wanjye. Yagombaga guhita mbyara. Nyamara umuriro wa so wari mwinshi cyane. Mama wanjye yari azi ko gutinda gatoya byashoboraga kumushyira ku bugi bw’inkota ya so. Nuko rero Papa wanjye yahise atekereza uburyo yakemura icyo kibazo. Njye nari imfura ye. Yifuzaga ko twese twabaho ariko ingabo za so zari zitwegereye cyane. Ni uko Papa yabonye ikigega maze ashyiramo mama waribwaga cyane na we yinjiramo amufasha kunyibaruka, ni naho haturutse izina rya Kanyabigega.

Maze kuvuka ibintu byakomeje kudogera. Ibuka ko ikigega cyakijije ubuzima bw’abantu batatu, jyewe, mama na papa. Simfite umwanya wo kukunyuriramo mu magambo arambuye uburyo navutse ariko umenye ko Imana yahagaze hagati yanjye na So ikoresheje ikigega bityo ingabo za so ntizatubona.

Twihuse gatoya reka nkubwire undi munsi ukomeye mu buzima bwanjye, ubw’umuryango wanjye n’ubw’umuryango wawe.

Umunsi umwe mu mwaka wa 1993 ababyeyi banjye bagiye gushaka ibyo kurya kuko twari tumaze iminsi itatu nta kintu dukoza ku munwa. Icyo gihe twabaga mu nkambi y’abavanywe mu byabo ya Muhura. Ndizera ko is yakubwiye aho Muhura yari  iherereye. Mushiki wanjye yari afite amezi ane gusa na murumuna wanjye yari afite imyaka ibiri. Kuri uwo munsi murumuna wanjye yari arwaye kandi ashonje. Ni uko ababyeyi banjye baramutwaye we na mushiki wanjye babajyana ahitwa Nyagahanga. Muri aka gace hari hatuye masenge wari warahashyingiye ahitwa NEKE. Masenge yari yadutumiye ngo dufate ibiryo dushoboye kuko abana twari dushonje cyane. Ababyeyi banjye baragiye ntibagaruka, hagarutse gusa abakecuru ingabo za so zaretse ngo bazajye kubara inkuru. Uzagende ubaze aho Nyiramitsindo yabaga. Ni we watubwiye uko ingabo za so zaje zigatsemba urugo rwa masenge. Haje inyeshyamba 11 za FPR zuzuye ubugome zigendereye kungira imfubyi uwo munsi. Nko ku isaha ya saa cyenda nibwo zageze mu rugo rwa masenge zitwaje udufuni. Zishe abantu bose bari bahari hasigara Nyiramitsindo wenyine. Murumuna wanjye Migisha na mushiki wanjye Akizanye ntinbarokotse ngo barebe uko isi itembera ubu, bitewe na so uriho.

Mushiki wanjye Akizanye asekera kuri FACEBOOK

Mu gihe wibaga umugono maze ukiyerekana I Washington bityo ugahinduka ikirangirire mu ijoro rimwe umwenyura iruhande rwa so hejuru y’amafaramga ava mu misoro itangwa n’abenegihugu hari ikintu kimwe cyanje mu mu mutwe. Mushiki wanjye Akizanye aba ari kwizihiza isabukuru y’imyaka 21 uyu munsi. Yari kuba kuri FACEBOOK yandika asangira n’inshuti ze ababwira uko yishimiye uyu munsi.

Akizanye yari kuba yishimiye ibyo nanditse ku rubuga rwe mubwira nti: Ugire isabukuru nziza baby girl, nishimiye kugira mushiki wanjye umeze nka we” . Nyamara ibi ntibyabaye bitewe na so uriho.

Iyo nkubonye ukura wishimye nibaza niba ujya utekereza ku bandi banyanrwanda batakaje ababyeyi babo biturutse ku bikorwa bya papa wawe. Ese iso yigeze akubwira ko we n’agatsiko bavanye Uganda banze guhagarika imirwano ndetse bakanga 40% by’imyanya muri guverinoma bari bahawe na Habyarimana? Ese iso yigeze akubwira ko ibyo byatumye habaho ubwicanyi bwakorewe inzirakarengane z’abatutsi bashoboraga kurokoka ndetse ubu bakaba baryohewe n’ubuzima nk’uko nawe bukuryoheye? Yigeze akubwira ko hari impinja ama miliyoni zari zifite umwaka umwe gusa igihe iso yarasaga indege ya Habyarimana na Ntaryamira? Ujya se wibaza uburyo iso yambujije kwibuka mu cyubahiro ababyeyi banjye n’abavandimwe Akizanye na Migisha, reka wenda ibyo kubashyingura mu cyubahiro tubireke!

Mu gusoza ibaruwa yanjye nshuti Ange, nifuzaga kukwibutsa ibikurikira: U Rwanda ni urw’Abanyarwanda, Abahutu, Abatutsi n’Abatwa ariko iso yahinduye igihugu cyacu igikumba cye bwite yiyibagiza ko Abanyarwanda bafite uburenganzira bwo kwibuka ababo bishwe. Abanyarwanda bazi neza badashidikanya ko kubera ibikorwa bya so, u Rwanda rwibukwaho jenoside kandi nyamara yarashoboraga kutabaho iyo iso ahagarika umutima w’inda nini.

Urubyiruko rw’Abanyarwanda rurashenguka ariko nta n’umwe wo kubara imkuru kuko dutinya iso azaza akatugira nk’ibyo yakoreye KIZITO Mihigo, na Patrick Karegeya. Ubu umwana wa Karegeya Portia Mbabazi yari kuba yizihiza imyaka 23 ari kumwe na se iyo so aza kuba atariho.


Portia Mbabazi Karegeya

Nshuti Ange, ndi umusore w’umunyarwanda wabujijwe uburenganzira bwo kugira ababyeyi n’abavandimwe kandi aya mateka agera kuri buri wese yaba umututsi, hari miliyoni z’abatutsi zatakaje ababyeyi kubera so; haba no mu bahutu miliyoni z’abana b’abahutu babuze ababyeyi babo kubera so. Reka wenda tube twibagiwe Abatwa kuko na guverinoma zabanje ntizigeze zibaha ishema bakwiye ndetse n’ubutegetsi bwa so ni uko. Ubutaha nujya mu itangazamakuru kuruka, nyamuna ujye wibuka ko hari miliyoni z’abantu iso yasyonoreye aho.

Kanyabigega Elijah

Ushaka gusoma original text yayibona aha:

Erega njye “si ndi Umunyarwanda, ndi Umuhutu”J de Dieu MUSEMAKWELI

Kimwe mu byarangaga Umunyarwanda harimo kwanga umugayo. Kandi si Umunyarwanda gusa, ahubwo yari umuntu wese w’imfura, dore ko “ubupfura butagira ubwoko” nk’uko muri buri bwoko haba inyanda, imfunya n’imfura mbi. Kimwe mu byerekana ko Abanyarwanda bamwe batacyanga umugayo ni ziriya mbabazi abategetsi b’Abahutu bategetswe na Kagame gusaba ngo mu izina ry’Abahutu bose, kuberako ngo ari abicanyi kuva mu gisekuruza kugera mu kindi.

Ubona koko habure n’umwe, babiri se cyangwa batatu batinyuka kubwira Kagame bati “Oya ntitubikora, kubera ko ari amafuti, nushaka utuvane ku kazi, udufunge cyangwa se utwice” ? Rwose, habure n’umwe ? Ni akaga, ni ishyano u Rwanda rugushije. Nyamara mu mateka y’u Rwanda n’ayo mu bindi bihugu byo ku isi, ntihabuze ingero bari kwibuka, bikabatera ubutwari bwo kuzikurikiza, rwose bakavanira Kagame inzira ku murima izuba riva.

Ese ntibabona ko mu maso ya Kagame icyaha cy’Umuhutu ari uko ari Umuhutu nyine ? Bisubiye nk’uko byari bimeze ku ngoma ya gihake na gikolonize mu Rwanda, nk’uko Gashakabuhake wo muri Afurika y’Epfo yazizaga Abirabura ko ari Abirabura, nk’uko Hitler yazizaga Abayahudi ko ari Abayahudi. Iryo ni ryo rondakoko ry’ukuri, ngicyo ahubwo icyaha cy’inkomoko, ureke ibindi.

Gusaba imbabazi umuntu ukuziza icyo uri cyo ni uguta igihe no kumwoshya kuko ahubwo bituma akeka ko ari mu kuri. Iyo umaze gutuma akeka ko ari mu kuri, noneho “asya atanzitse”. Kera abagabo bagikubita abagore, hari abagore bamwe wumvaga bavuga bati “nankubite nyine, none se ko yankoye, byagenda bite ?”. Haba n’imvugo yabaga mu muco w’Abashinwa yagiraga iti Kubita umugore, niba utazi icyo umuhora, we aba akizi”. Imitekerereze nk’iyo ikomoka ku myumvire mibi y’icyo bivuga kuba umwari, umutegarugori, umusore, umugabo no ku myumvire mibi y’uko abashakanye bagomba kubana. Icyo gihe rero ntacyabuza umugabo gukomeza guhonda umugore, ndetse yashaka akamwica.

Iby’Abahutu mu Rwanda ni aho bigana. Ku ngoma ya gihake na gikolonize mu Rwanda, kwica Umuhutu cyangwa kumwambura ibye nticyari icyaha. Igihe Abarabu n’Abazungu batundaga Abirabura bakajya kubagira abacakara (traite négrière, commerce des esclaves), abo Birabura bashoboraga gupfa uko bashatse, bagatumba bubeba (nk’imbeba), ibyo ntacyo byabaga bivuze. Ngaho rero aho Abahutu bo mu Rwanda bagiye gusubira.

Tugarutse ku bagore bakubitwaga n’abagabo, hari n’uwamaraga gukubitwa, umugabo akamubaza ati “wandakariye ?”. Umugore agasubiza ati “Nabarakarira nte se kandi mwankonsoraga ?” Iby’Abahutu bo mu Rwanda ni aho bigana. Kuva ubu ingoma ya Kagame izajya ifata Abahutu, ibakorere ibibi byose bishoboka, ivuge ngo iri kubakosora ubusembwa karande bavukana cyane cyane ubwo kuba abajenosideri. Abahutu bagiye gusubizwa kuri ya mvugo ya kinyarwanda ngo “Umwami yica so, ukamutura” kugirango nawe atakwica. Kandi koko ni ko byagendaga. Mu Rwanda no mu Burundi, iyo wajyaga gufata umurambo w’uwawe wiciwe ibwami, wagombaga kugenda useka kandi witwaje inka yo gushima, hato batavuga ngo warakariye umwami. Ngaho rero aho u Rwanda rusubiye.

Icyakora hari abandi bagore bihagararagaho, bakanga gukubitwa bakabwira abagabo bati Urashaka kunkubita, aha ngo urankosora ? Uragakosorwa n’inkuba ! Ngicyo igisubizo kigomba guhabwa ingoma ya Kagame.

Ku ngoma ya gihake na gikolonize mu Rwanda, Abahutu barakubitwaga kakahava. Ikiboko cyararishaga. Ubwo kandi bakubitwaga ku kibuno, baryamye bubitse inda, bamanuye ikabutura, ipantalo cyangwa akenda babaga bambaye. Hari n’abakubitirwaga imbere y’abagore n’abana babo. Bamwe bahitagamo guhunga bakajya muri Uganda no muri Tanzaniya kuko ari ibihugu byakolonizwaga n’Abongeleza. Ntibajyaga i Burundi cyangwa muri Congo kuko naho hategekwaga n’Ababiligi’ kandi Ababiligi n’Abatutsi, “umwe yabaga ari icyitso, undi ari gatozi”. Igihe cyarageze ariko, Gahutu yanga gukomeza gukubitwa. Urebye uko ibintu biri kugenda bihindagurika mu Rwanda, noneho si ugukubitwa gusa, ahubwo agiye gusubira ku ngoyi, ayirambeho.

Muri uko gukubitwa kwabo, hari abandi bagore wumvaga bagira bati “ankubite se, ankubite igitenge, ankubite se akanyama ?” Kuba umugabo ahahira urugo bimuha uburenganzira bwo gukubita umugore no kubuza abana amahoro ? Oya rwose, habe na busa. Niba umugabo ari umutwe w’urugo, umugore ni umutima warwo. Kimwe kiryamiye ikindi, umubiri wose wahababarira, ndetse bikaba byawuviramo n’urupfu. U Rwanda rero ni ho rugana.

Iriya gahunda “Ndi Umunyarwanda” igejeje u Rwanda aho benshi mu Batutsi bumva ko aribo Banyarwanda bonyine. Umuhutu azajya aba umunyarwanda ari uko Abatutsi babimwemereye. Icyo gihe kandi nabwo, azaba ameze nk’inyana y’insindirano. Ngo “Ironka, ntitsimba”. Abatutsi bazajya bamugerera, bamuhe utuvungukira ku byiza by’u Rwanda, batumukubitireho, bagerekeho n’inshyuro aka wa mugani wa kinyarwanda ngo Umwana w’umuja akubitirwa ku mazi nyina yavomye.

Ni byo Kagame yatangiye avuga ko “u Rwanda rubana n’abarwishe”, ko muri leta ye harimo abajenosideri, ko nta kundi gufungura urubuga rwa politiki kuruta ibyongibyo. Ubu rero kugirango Umuhutu azabone ishuri cyangwa akazi mu Rwanda, kabone n’ubwo kwaba ari ukwikorera ku giti cye, kugirango azabone uburenganzira nk’ubw’Abanyarwanda b’ukuri, ni ukuvuga Abatutsi, ni ineza azaba agiriwe. Ibyo nabyo si iby’ubu kuko ariyo mitekerereze dusanga mu mabaruwa 2 y’abagaragu b’ibwami yo mu w’1958, mu migambi n’imigabo (statuts) y’ishyaka rya UNAR, akaba ari nayo mitekerereze mu by’ukuri ya FPR-Inkotanyi.

Ngaho rero aho u Rwanda rugana. Kera Abatutsi n’Abahutu banenaga Abatwa. Bivugwa ko Umutwa yigeze kunyura munsi y’urugo rw’abandi bugorobye mu kabwibwi, nyiri urugo amwumvise arabaza nk’uko byagendaga mu muco wa kinyarwanda ati “Yewe muntu utambuka uri nde ?”. Undi arasubiza ati “Erega sindi umuntu, ndi Umutwa”. Igihe kiregereje rero ngo Umuhutu w’i Rwanda ajye avuga atiErega sindi umunyarwanda, ndi Umuhutu”. Kuri radiyo, televiziyo n’ibinyamakuru byo mu Rwanda, bazajya bavuga amakuru y’ahabaye impanuka y’imodoka bagira batiHakomeretse Abanyarwanda batatu n’Abahutu umunani


Niba hatabonetse bwangu abanyapolitiki bitanga ngo babogore uru Rwanda, nta handi Kagame arwerekeza hatari kuri mteremko ! Mu minsi mike iri imbere aha ibintu ntibizaba bigifite igaruriro.

Niba idaharitswe , iyi gahunda ya “Ndi Umunyarwanda” irasiga yoretse u Rwanda izuba riva.



Rwanda: A country where people open their mouth only to see the dentist!

This article was blogged  here for the first time in January 2014. It predicted exactly what is happening right now ( and has been going on for two decades)  in Rwanda. Kizito Mihigo, a musician, Cassien Ntamuhanga a private radio director  and many others paid a price for reminding the dictator that the national unity can only be built through the recognition of all victims be they due to genocide or by war engaged by RPF since 1990. The police accuses them falsely to plot against General Kagame  and his regime. According to the catholic priest, Father Thomas Nahimana, the presidential candidate in 2017 elections who rightfully deserves my support, “plotting against a tyranny of Kagame’s style is a noble task that should be embraced by every good citizen”.

It has become a norm. Rwandans have no right to speak out. Somebody wrongs you and cynically asks you how it feels, and the only correct answer you have to provide is “I am alright”. Really? are you alright? Serious?

Somebody who survived killings in Byumba, Kabgayi, Kibeho, Kashusha, Nyabibwe, Mugunga, Itebero, Osso, Tingi tingi, Kisangani, Mbandaka…is asked if RPF killed Hutu  refugees and the only right answer is “No, they helped me to come home”. Nobody can talk against the government led by the 21st century’s unbeatable dictator, Paul Kagame. In this country the freedom of speech has no space.

Rwanda is referred to as a country that has made tremendous economic development but something very integral is missing:freedom. Look at the picture below:

Chiens en cage

The puppy in the cage looks, and is healthy. He/she has a space to play and can see what is happening in all the four directions. But look at the size of the cage! This puppy gets all necessary treatments, morning, day and night. However, this puppy would like to be walked around and breathe fresh air.  For Kagame, this puppy is developed, just like Rwandans are said to be. The puppy is even better off since it does not have to worry about the future, but Rwandans must!

Sen’s theory of development.

Since 1999, nobody in academia, political and socioeconomic arena was able to convincingly challenge Sen’s Development as freedom. Sen asserts that the enhancement of freedom is the only acceptable way to evaluate human progress and that development depends on the free agency of the people. By bringing out this invaluable piece in the literature, Sen challenges the Singaporean model of development according to which denying political and civil rights is acceptable if it promotes economic development and the general wealth of the population (Sen, 1999:15). For Denis O’Hearn, it is rightfully put when we agree  that we should approach political freedoms and civil rights not through the means of eventually achieving them (GDP growth) but as a direct good in their own right (O’Hearn, 2009).

In its most recent report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) gives us the state of things in Rwanda.

“Rwanda has made important economic and development gains, but the government has continued to impose tight restrictions on freedom of expression and association”.

But why does Kagame think nobody should open their mouth unless for teeth check up?


Paul Kagame (in front) was supported by westerners to secure a military victory in 1994

This man, a former officer of the National Resistance Army of Museveni,  the leader of Tutsi rebellion (Rwandese Patriotic Front-RPF Inkotanyi) after Rwigema’s death, a man well known for his cruelty when he was serving as a senior intelligence officer in Uganda or even when he was hunting down Hutu from the north of Rwanda; a machiavellian guy who did not give a damn when he sacrificed his own people, Tutsi, as a price to achieve power via genocide; this man does not want to hear anybody talk about his war crimes and crimes against humanity. Whoever dares, is accused to promote genocide ideology or instigate hatred among the people or for making a threat to the national security.

Deo Mushayidi, a Tutsi and genocide survivor and the founder of Pacte Démocratique du Peuple (PDP-Imanzi), entered politics to tell the truth on how Kagame uses Tutsi and genocide for his own interests. He (D. Mushayidi) was kidnapped by Kagame’s secret services in Tanzania, brought to Rwanda and sentenced to life imprisonment. Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza, the president of Forces Démocratiques Unifiées (FDU-Inkingi) came to Rwanda to contest the presidential election. She reminded Kagame that Hutus who were killed should be remembered and those responsible brought to justice. She was sentenced to 15 year in prison.

Numerous other politicians, journalists and military men were either killed , jailed, or forced into exile because they tried to reason the strong man of Kigali, Paul Kagame. Some were hunted down and killed in exile, a recent example is the former spymaster, Colonel Patrick Karegeya killed in South Africa on last Saint Sylvester’s night.

Diverse views have warned that should Kagame fail to change his style, Rwanda could see itself in another cycle of tribal killings like two decades ago. These calls seem fruitless because Kagame feels too strong to be influenced by words.He has built a strong army inside and outside the country, he has befriended influential personalities in the world such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, he has forged cooperation with giant business people like Bill Gates and religious business such as Rick Warren. Above all, it is said that Kagame joined the Illuminati order, a secret organization that oppose religious influence over public life. The membership of this order has grown for centuries and is believed to include many leaders in the world, thus its ability to influence the global decision-making.

That is why Kagame despite all crimes he is accused of, remains unpunished and is given so many favors. One sound example is the dispatch of  Rwandan soldiers in different peace keeping missions in Haiti, Liberia, Sudan, and recently, in the Central African Republic. Why would a psychologically fit person give such a consideration to a criminal regime? Two possible answers can go for this. (1)Either the decision makers are not psychologically fit or (2) they are criminals just like Kagame himself and they do not see anything wrong in what he is doing, or both.

This explains why Kagame remains untouched despite all his mischief in Rwanda and in Congo for decades, this is why in Rwandan people open their mouth only when the have to see the dentist for a check up.

Chaste Gahunde

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When the French clock off at 6pm, they really mean it

A new labour agreement in France means that employees must ignore their bosses’ work emails once they are out of the office and relaxing at home – even on their smartphones

Relaxing in a French cafe

Relaxing in a French cafe, untroubled by work emails. Photograph: Sipa Press/Rex Features

Just in case you weren’t jealous enough of the French already, what with their effortless style, lovely accents and collective will to calorie control, they have now just banned bosses from bothering them once the working day is done.

Well, sort of. Après noticing that the ability of bosses to invade their employees’ home lives via smartphone at any heure of the day or night was enabling real work hours to extend further and further beyond the 35-hour week the country famously introduced in 1999, workers’ unions have been fighting back. Now employers’ federations and unions have signed a new, legally binding labour agreement that will require employers to make sure staff “disconnect” outside of working hours.

Under the deal, which affects around 250,000 employees in the technology and consultancy sectors (including the French arms of Google, Facebook, Deloitte and PwC), employees will also have to resist the temptation to look at work-related material on their computers orsmartphones – or any other kind of malevolent intrusion into the time they have been nationally mandated to spend on whatever the French call la dolce vita. And companies must ensure that their employees come under no pressure to do so. Thus the spirit of the law – and of France – as well as the letter shall be observed.

That’s right. While we poor, pallid, cowering Brits scurry about, increasingly cowed by the threat of recession-based redundancy and government measures that privilege bosses’ and shareholder comfort over workers’ rights, the continentals are clocking off. While we’re staring down the barrel of another late one/extra shift/all-nighter, across the Channel they’re sipping sancerre and contemplating at least the second half of a cinq à sept before going home to enjoy the rest of that lovely “work/133-hours-per-week-of-life” balance.

C’est all right pour some, quoi?

• This article was amended on 11 April 2014. An earlier version stated that the labour deal would affect “a million employees” and require staff “to switch off their phones after 6pm”. The deal obliges staff to “disconnect” from work calls and emails after working hours to ensure they receive the full minimum rest periods already mandated in French employment regulations but there is no particular time at which they are required to do so. While the deal was signed by unions representing 1 million employees, it will affect only 250,000 workers directly.


Agatsiko gakomeje gucucura rubanda rugufi cyane cyane abapfakazi!

Kimwe mu biranga ubutegetsi bw’agatsiko ni ukurenganya abaturage. Iyo umuturage agize ngo arabaza mu nzego z’ubutabera, zihita zica urubanza zemeza ko umuturage atsinzwe. Agatsiko-sajya kazobereye mu gutwara amasambu ibibanza n’amazu y’abenegihugu bahoze mu gihugu mbere y’umwaka wa 1990. Koko na Tito Rutaremara witwaga umuvunyi asisibiranye umupfakazi?? Harahagazwe!

Isomere iyi nkuru dukesha


Depite Mudidi Emmanuel na Senateri Tito Rutaremara n’umupfakazi witwa Mukamutende Isabel batangiye kuburana mu Rukiko Rukuru kuri uyu wa Kane, bapfa ikibanza cya metero kare 912 giherereye mu Kagari ka Rugenge, Umurenge wa Muhima, Akarere ka Nyarugenge.

Depite Mudidi na Senateri Tito bavuga ko Mukamutende yabahuguje ikibanza bahawe n’ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Nyarugenge nk’uko Me Rukundo Emile wunganira aba bagabo bombi yabitangaje mu Rukiko Rukuru naho Mukamutende we akavuga ko iki kibanza ari icye guhera mu mwaka w’1982 nk’uko ibyangombwa by’ubutaka Mukamutende afite bibigaragaza.

Iki kibazo kimaze imyaka igera kuri 12 kibahanganishije cyazanywe mu Rukiko Rukuru na Mukamutende nyuma y’aho aboneye imyanzuro y’Urukiko rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge imusaba ko yasubiza mu gihe kitarenze iminsi 15 ibyangombwa by’ubutaka mu Kigo cy’igihugu cy’ubutaka bigahindurwa, kuko ubutaka yiyandikishijeho bwose atari ubwe.

Iburanisha ryatangiye buri ruhande rugaragaza ingingo abacamanza bakwigana ubushishozi, kuko arizo zishobora kuzaba imbogamizi y’imigendekere myiza y’urubanza.

Me Rukundo Emile wunganira Senateri Tito na Depite Mudidi yatangiye agaragaza ko Mukamutende yahuguje abakiriya be, ko nta shingiro afite yo kujuririra uru rubanza rwaburanishijwe n’Urukiko rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge mu gihe atigeze arwitaba.

Me. Rukundo yakomeje avuga ko ikibanza nimero 5,664 cya Depite Mudidi na Senateri Tito nta hantu gihuriye na gato n’ikibanza nimero 2,841 cya Mukamutende, asaba ko bakwiye kurenganurwa bakandikwa ku kibanza cyabo.

Me. Uwamungu Vianney wunganira Mukamutende we yasabye urukiko ko rwabanza rugakurikirana neza niba Mukamutende yaba yarigeze atumizwa mu rubanza byibuza umunsi umwe, hakamenyekana ko Urukiko rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge rwaraburanishije urubanza Mukamutende atabizi, akabimenya haciyemo umwaka urenga imyanzuro yarafashwe.

Me Uwamungu yakomeje asaba urukiko ko yabaza impamvu Me. Rukundo ashingiraho avuga ko Mukamutende nta shingiro afite ryo kujurira, kandi buri muntu abyemererwa n’amategeko mu gihe atanyuzwe.

Me Uwamungu wunganira Mukamutende yakomeje asaba urukiko ko rwakwigana ubushishozi imyanzuro y’urubanza rwisumbuye rwa Nyarugenge, bakareba uburyo ikubiyemo kwivuguruza ndetse aho bavuga ko bambuwe ikibanza kiri mu murenge wa Rugenge, Akarere ka Kicukiro n’ibindi.

Urukiko rwatangaje ko imyanzuro y’ibyo ababuranyi bombi bagaragaje izasomwa kuwa 18 Mata 2014.

Mukamutende avuga ko yatuye aho aburana muri 1982, ibyangombwa bya burundu abibona mu mwaka 1989.