“Mandela, you will always be a freedom fighter to my people” Sandrine De Vincent

Nelson Mandela on Day After ReleaseMandela, Tate, Madiba,

you are

The struggle that bore freedom

The saviour from doom

The definition of the story that is Africa

The course of that history of South Africa

The courage that gave change

The spirit that became a bridge

Burning bridges, crossing oceans, uniting races

The hope and humanity

The leader of divinity

The light that shone the world

The 1st wonder of our time

Mandela, Tate, Madiba


In prison you dwelled for 27 years

But refused to be defeated or overpowered

Torture thought it would conquer you

But in you, no retreat no surrender

Your fellow men murdered

But you never gave up or gave in

Surrounded by segregation

But a symbol of strength in congregation

Enslavement and inequality to your brothers

But revenge never was your sword

Peace was your word, peace was your gun

Mandela, the moral leader

Mandela, You will always be,

A hero to to the world

A voice to the voiceless

A vehicle to democracy

A pillar to Africa

A warrior to a generation

A freedom fighter to my people

A star in our darkness

A guidance, when injustice is around

A model to our leaders 

A son to my continent

By Sandine De Vincent


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