Tell Paul Hiebert that Economic Growth cannot outvalue people killed by Kagame and his RPF.


Kagame (in front) and his rebel group RPF belonged to Ugandan Army. That is why it is true to say that Uganda attacked Rwanda in 1990.

On 25th of December 2013, when we were celebrating the birthday of our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, I came across an article by another Kagame’s acolytes, Paul Hiebert  who, in,  praised the so called economic growth and ICT miracles of Rwanda after Rwandan genocide.

I usually have no objection when people say that Rwanda has developed after the 1994 genocide. And this is because when you come from zero, you grow faster than the person who has exhausted his potential. Had we compared Rwanda of 1980 and Rwanda of 1995, we would have gained a better understanding on how costly is the war and maybe condemn who caused it. Leave that aside, my case has always been twofold:

  1. Economic development is much different from economic growth and Rwanda needs more the first than the second. I hereby urge those who praise Kagame to relax a little and think twice before selling the unsellable.
  2. Rwanda is well known not because of any other characteristic than genocide. And when you have to talk about the progress, you are compelled to talk about the “angel” that stopped genocide. Shallow or no deep analysis is done to understand this genocide and the truth behind it.

My simple question to Paul Hiebert and his likes is simply this:

Did you know that the majority of the million victims of genocide were killed by Kagame himself and his army RPF? Maybe you do not. Well, hear this. People could tell you lies but statistics cannot.

Kagame told you that the genocide claimed life to one million Tutsi and some moderate Hutu. You, being intelligent as I assume, should question this:

  • Whenever we have commemoration no Hutu is mentioned
  • Kagame who knows traditional practices would not expose his brothers and sisters’ skulls in shelves instead of letting them rest
  • About statistics now: before genocide Rwandan population was six million and two hundred thousand (6,200,000) and Tutsi represented 14 %, that is 868, 000 persons. Kagame and his RPF told you that one million Tutsi died. But Rwanda never had such a number of Tutsi. In 2005 a research done by the genocide survivors association IBUKA and FARG( Fonds d’Assistance aux Rescapés du Génocide) has shown that 360,000 Tutsi were killed meaning that 500,000 Tutsi survived and that 640,000 others killed during genocide were Hutu. Kagame killed so many Tutsi and Hutu including these 640,000. Do you think Kagame’s so –called achievements should make the humanity forget his crimes? I don’t. Given that human life is sacred and is priceless, I urge you Paul Hiebert to write about this man’s crimes and advise how you think he should be prosecuted before you talk about frivolous economic growth that is far less meaningful to Rwandans who lost theirs.


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