The Government of Rwandan People in Exile: Reshuffle and People’s Tribunal


Mr. Justin SAFARI enters Ministry of Justice which is symbolically led by Déo MUSHAYIDI (in Rwanda’s Prison). The Former Prime Minister, Abdallah AKISHULI becomes the Attorney General of the People’s Tribunal while Ms Immaculée KANSIIME UWIZEYE replaces him keeping at same time the diplomacy portfolio.


From left: Abdallah AKISHULI, Immaculée KANSIIME UWIZEYE and Thomas NAHIMANA. Photo archives Mininfo GREX.

Press Statement

Cabinet reshuffle within the Government of Rwanda in Exile

  1. By the virtue of the powers conferred upon him by Articles 14, 15 and 16 of the Charter governing the Government of the Rwandese People in Exile signed on 23 February 2017 in Paris, France;
  2. Considering the unbecoming behavior of the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame who rejected the proposals for the urgent need for the opening up of political space in Rwanda made by the Government of the Rwandan people in exile, thus opting de facto for the way of “an absolute monarchy” under the deceptive image of a republic actually emptied of its true substance;
  3. Implementing the resolution of the Government Council of 23 April 2017, which established the “People’s Tribunal” to investigate crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of genocide committed by certain senior political and military officials since 1 October 1990, which until now enjoy unacceptable impunity;
  4. His Excellency the President of the Government of the Rwandese People in Exile, Thomas Nahimana, appointed the High Authorities of the People’s Tribunal as follows:
    1. The Attorney General of the People’s Tribunal: Mr. Abdallah AKISHULI
    2. The Presiding Judge of the People’s Tribunal: Mr. Vénant NKURUNZIZA

5. His Excellency the President of the Rwandan People’s Government in Exile has appointed members of the cabinet of ministers as follows:

    1. Prime Minister: Mrs. Immaculée KANSIIME UWIZEYE
    2. Vice-Prime Minister: Mrs. Nadine Claire KASINGE
    3. Minister of Justice: Mr. Déogratias Mushayidi represented by Minister Justin SAFARI
    4. Minister of Culture, Family and Women Empowerment: Mrs. Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA represented by Mrs. Nadine Claire KASINGE
    5. Minister of Information: Mr. Chaste GAHUNDE
    6. Minister of Education: Mrs. Chantal MUKAMANA MUTEGA
    7. Minister of Interior and Local Development: Mr. Daniel NDUWIMANA
    8. Minister of Commerce and Finance: Mrs. Marine UWIMANA
    9. Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Land: Mr. Jean Léonard SEBURANGA
    10. Minister of Refugee Condition and Eradication of Causes of Asylum: Mrs. Virginie NAKURE
    11. Minister of Infrastructure and Habitat: Reverend Father Gaspard NTAKIRUTIMANA
    12. Minister of Health and Citizen’s Well-fare: Mrs. Spéciose MUJAWAYEZU


  1. Chaste GAHUNDE
  3. Marine UWIMANA

Done in Paris on July 31, 2017
Minister of Information, Government Spokesperson



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