Unusual genocide commemoration in January: The Kagame’s trench warfare to carry out terrorist acts and killings!

koooooIn reality, apart from Kagame and his RPF’s clique, everybody realizes that the strategy to name the genocide against Tutsi alone while shedding blood of other nationals is outdated. That is why many people are trying to get answers to these questions:

  1. What is the meaning of this abrupt genocide commemoration in the month of January?
  2. What are its real motives?
  3. What link(s) between this commemoration and the death of Colonel Patrick Karegeya that occurred on January 1st, 2014?

 1.                  Let us recall the following:

It has become customary to commemorate the genocide against Tutsi alone (no Hutu is commemorated) from the month of April! And given that this took place for almost twenty years, we had enough time to observe, analyze and fully understand what this unending mourning means.

Although the United Nations concluded that genocide acts took place in Rwanda, and created the international Criminal Tribunal Court in Arusha (Tanzania) to prosecute and try those responsible for genocide crimes, the UN never mentioned that the genocide was committed exclusively against the Tutsi alone, nor did it declare that genocide was committed exclusively by Hutu alone. After numerous contradictions, it is the government led by the RPF that decided to:

  • Discriminate the dead: declaring that only Tutsi should be mourned and commemorated because the genocide was committed against them alone; and that Hutu who were killed should neither be mourned nor commemorated, and have no right whatsoever to be buried in dignity owed to human beings.
  • Discriminate the killers: declaring that a killer emanating from Hutu tribe is the only deadly and thus, must be held responsible for his crimes, for his father’s and for his grandfather’s, and that even little children who have no connection with those killings shall spend their life on knees, asking forgiveness to Tutsi; while a killer from the Tutsi tribe must be treated as a national hero and be crowned. However, investigations carried by the united Nations and reports on massacres committed by the Kagame’s army in the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) have revealed that these killings should be tried in competent courts as genocide crimes against the Hutu.

What is the RPF’S motive in so doing?

1)      The first intention is to cover up the role of RPF in slaughtering Rwandans be Hutu Tutsi or Twa from October 1st, 1990 until now.

2)      Let us remember the testimony of one of RPF’s members, Lt. Abdul Joshua Ruzibiza who repeatedly said that “whoever wants to understand how genocide was prepared and executed should not only look at the role of the then government, but should first look at RPF’s unimaginable killings because it is from RPF that INTERAHAMWE learnt how to torture and kill when the saw how RPF had treated Hutu from Byumba and Ruhengeri”.

It is noteworthy that: the main problem that hinders the true justice in Rwanda, is that the only killers who are held responsible for their crimes are from the Hutu tribe alone, while Tutsi who lead the RPF remain untouchable despite their eminent role in Rwanda’s tragedy. And worse again, the RPF turns the judge in the case it is supposed to be defendant. This contradicts the principle of natural justice that states that “No one shall be a judge in their own cause”  

Why did RPF spend all the 20 years as a judge in their own cause?

It was in the aim to protect the leaders of RPF so that they escape justice. In contrast, the RPF accuse Hutu of what is responsible of in order to create the Rwandan opinion (collective conscience) and more so in the youth’s mind, that Hutu is evil, a killer; while Tutsi is as innocent as a heavenly angel. This is the reason why during the commemoration, the RPF’s acolytes increase the zeal all over in the villages, beating, torturing, abusing and humiliating the Hutu; sending some in prisons  and killing others…In some regions of Rwanda numerous Hutu flee the country during the famous genocide commemoration  and go to Burundi, Tanzania or Uganda to return after. I was once in Gikongoro during that period and I was so shocked seeing how the people are terrorized. And that happens every year after year…Indeed, people can be accustomed of the evil as if it were the good.

Twenty years after, as if that is not enough, now they (RPF) have decided that the commemoration should start on January 7th! One can predict that very soon we will be told that the commemoration will start on January 1st to end on December 31st?!

2. What is the link between the commemoration in January 2014 and Karegeya’s death? 

This unusual commemoration of genocide against Tutsi alone is scheduled in January for a hidden reason. Paul Kagame should be blamed for something else, but can never do any mischief without cautioning the people. It should be recalled that in his speech at the end of year 2013, Kagame told his army that tough things are planned to take place in 2014, and as such, that they should be ready because the year will be very challenging. Before two days elapsed after the speech, Colonel Patrick Karegeya one of opponets of RPF regime was killed, strangled with  a rope and a towel, and so far investigations are indicating that Kagame’s death squad shall be answerable. But as we all know RPF, they commit crimes and they be the first to shiver fearing the consequences. They will definitely face consequences!

For example they know how trying to kill Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa created diplomatic tensions between  the two countries and they know how South Africa used to assist Rwanda in many ways. Let’s not forget that South Africa collaborated with Tanzania to send troops to form the UN intervention brigade in DRC and that these two countries are the ones that sabotaged Kagame’s expansionism dream when they destroyed the rebel movement self named M23, a movement of criminals created by Paul Kagame to serve his operations of unimaginable killings and plundering the Congo’s naturals resources.

It is understood that South Africa shall not keep quiet after the investigations will have revealed that killers came from Kigali to destabilise its territory and to kill Patrick Karegeya who was granted  a political refugee status. Kagame and his acolytes know well that this could have dangerous impacts but most of times they think when it is too late.It is ignomnious.

The January’s commemoration as a trench

In order to take cover from the consequences of their terrorist action they have just done in South Africa as well as other terrible actions on agenda during this year of 2014, Kagame and his clique have tactically withdrawn into the trench of unusual commemoration of the genocide against Tutsi alone. Just as the Rwandan old saying goes that “you always keep in suspense the hand with which you killed the partridge”

The main intention is: 

  1. Kagame and his clique will hide behind tears, attract empathy, cry to death showing the world that they do not know how to kill, that only Hutu can kill, that Tutsi are always victims alone because they are the only ones who succumbed during the 1994 genocide; as such they hope that the world will have pity on them and stop charging them for Karegeya’s death while they are mourning theirs.

They have planned that if South Africa shows carelessness and goes ahead to charge them for Karegeya’s death, they will make a case that South Africa is trivializing the genocide against Tutsi of 1994.

  1. Kagame is intending to distract the high ranks in his army so that they do not get time to think about the death of their colleague; while some of them are at the eve of their decapitation as well. In fact, if Kagame does not finish all of them, they could take a time to organize and see what they can do to avoid experiencing Karegeya’s fate.
  2. The intention is to distract Rwandans so that they do not get time to follow up news to know that RPF regime keeps operating like a terrorist movement that kills  Rwandans in their country and follow them up to murder them no matter where they take refuge.


Kagame has declared that this year of 2014 will be very tough and any time he gives such a message to his army, it is an indication that they should be ready for other wars. It is being rumored that during these months of unusual genocide commemoration, Kagame has planned to kill so many people who oppose his dictatorship, amongst them are cited President Mrisho Kikwete of Tanzania, President Joseph Kabila of DRC and President Peter Nkurunziza of Burundi.

Therefore, no more explanation can be attributed to this unusual genocide commemoration than a trench warfare chosen by Kagame in order to execute terrorism acts and killings.

Opponents of Kagame should be warned, this year of 2014 will not be an easy one, but they should remain determined and resolved and put more energy into joining efforts so that the RPF’s true nature be exposed as it is: A terrorist group that deserves to be listed as such, to be fought by the world, to be dissolved so that Rwandans and their neighbors can breathe.

 Happy new year to all of you who want positive changes

 Father Thomas Nahimana

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