A new book confirms strong partnership between Hima-Tutsi empire and Anglo-Saxons in Africa

Many do not understand, whichever the leading political parties in the concerned countries, the motives behind US and UK almost unconditional backing of the criminal regimes of Ugandan and Rwandan presidents, respectively Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame. The support they receive is provided in a variety of forms: development aid, education bursaries, diplomatic facilitation, military equipment and training, etc.

In exchange of these services, Uganda and Rwanda have for mission to fight US and UK wars in Africa and defend their interests across the continent. By Museveni’s and Kagame’s soldiers becoming the ground operatives, no American or British citizens will not anymore be exposed to death fighting in Africa, since they have their African replacements.  Despite the long list of crimes committed by the two leaders in different countries and for so many years, they are and remain in the good favors of their western partners.

In a recently published book called – “La guerre mondiale africaine: la conspiration anglo-américaine pour un génocide au Rwanda. Enquête dans les archives secrètes de l’armée nationale ougandaise,” Noel Ndanyuzwe explains under a new light how since the end of the 80s and early 90s US and UK have been working with Joweri Museveni for regional domination from Egypt to Democratic Republic of Congo.

The indirect control of 11 countries of North/East, East and Central Africa has been under the radar from the indicated period and plans have been strategically worked out and being pursued. The number of victims that the pursuit of that objective of domination has costed to concerned countries amounts to more than 12 millions. This outcome made many to refer to the confrontations caused in different countries as the first African world war.

Ndanyuzwe’s book enables to assess US and UK motives and their levels of involvement. It adds as well an ideological dimension to the territorial expansion of the hima-tutsi empire by exploring its foundations. A Nilotic empire of 6 million square kilometers under anglo-saxon protectorat explains partially how Museveni and Kagame have benefited from impunity. The planned entity will have one currency, speak english, and have one army. The situation in DRC is far from being stabilized. Other countries are targeted in the region, including Tanzania.


To order the book, please go to the following link: http://www.editions-sources-du-nil.com/2014/06/vient-de-paraitre-la-guerre-mondiale-africaine-noel-ndanyuzwe.html

A section from the book: http://www.editions-sources-du-nil.com/2014/07/la-revendication-de-l-identite-juive-par-des-intellectuels-tutsis-une-supercherie-lucrative.html


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