Rwandans forced to fund Gen Karenzi bail


Lt Gen Karenzi Karake was arrested by British police on war crimes and genocide charges pending his extradition to Spain.

There are unverified facts about the arrest of Karake Karenzi saying that he sought it to embarrass president Kagame, as did for example the production of BBC Rwanda Untold Story, so he cannot pretend to run for a third term.

However, whatever the circumstances of the Rwandan general’s arrest in LONDON, the entire Rwandan population inside is being affected because they are being forced to contribute to the £1,000,000 bail that has been requested by the judge to allow the suspect to be available for the court without staying in prison.

Boniface Twagirimana, who is in Kigali, is reporting that in Matimba of Nyagatare, every household is being asked to contribute 4000 RWF to KK Bail Fund, on top of which they have to add another 2,000 RWF to pay for a motorcycle for the police force.

The irony of the request is that, in that area of Byumba, that is where General KK and his killing squads started in 91/92 ethnic cleansing and sweeping it of hutu population to give space to his tutsi community.

Many people are being seriously harrassed and treated as enemies of state in case they show any reluctance to contribute, particularly because they don’t have the means. There is also fear that corrupt officials might use KK Bail Fund to exhort money from the population. Apparently there isn’t even any receipt being provided to prove that someone has contributed.

Rwandans have for many years been squeezed financially by many demands from RPF system without this one even giving them the means to earn a decent income from their labor. There are times that enough becomes enough and one needs to take a step to refuse from being indefinitely exploited.

Like in 1959 when the hutu majority made an end to its centuries-long exploitation by the tutsi monarchy, I think the time has come to end also the RPF discrimitaive and repressive system which uses all means to impoverish the population and keeps it constantly under the lowest of the aspirations: survival.

Forcing Rwandans to fund KK bail might trigger a social revolution.

Ambrose Nzeyimana


2 thoughts on “Rwandans forced to fund Gen Karenzi bail


    Gahunde, wowe ntuzi ibyo uvuga! ntamuturage mu Rwanda wigeze usabwa gutanga ifaranga iryo ariryo ryose! cyakora ubishaka, abyiyumvamo ahawe rugari kuko aka ni agaciro, rikaba n’ishema kubanya Rwanda! Rekeraho kubeshya amahanga rwose kuko ibi binyoma byazagusiga kugasi utitonze! nkwifurije kumenya Imana y’urukundo…



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