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The deal Rwanda-Arsenal: not about the poor giving to the rich, rather the question of transparency and accountability towards Rwandans

The statement by Akamanzi of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) that tourism sector made $400 M in revenues does not explain the $40 M donated to Arsenal , #Kagame‘s favorite english club. Akamanzi argues that the donation is an investment in tourism since a ‘visit Rwanda’ logo will be on shirt sleeves of Arsenal’s players.
A good manager does not make decisions based on Total revenue (TR) only, to conclude that an investment will be profitable. The lady should remember how the profit maximization is achieved. For that, Akamanzi should reveal the cost and profit within the $400 M. At least that would show us that the sector made a profit bigger, equal to zero or even less.
That could provide answer to the first concern: we should know whether the money being given to Arsenal is not taken from foreign aids.
Another concern relates to the profitability of the so called investment. $40M marginal cost must generate the same amount in marginal revenue.
For that to materialize, the so called investment should attract $13M in marginal revenue the first year and much more than that in following years considering the expected inflation rates. A good decision maker would take into account the population growth too to cater for the new born ones to enjoy profits.

1. The duo #Kagame #Akamanzi should have done a small feasibility study before spending carelessly
2. The debate should not be displaced. It is not why Rwanda is donating to Arsenal (the poor giving to the rich) rather the public funds being spent without informing the citizens either directly by making data available for consultation or via the representatives of the people in national assembly.
3. Choosing Arsenal as the beneficiary of the funds should have been decided after considering other potential partners whith whom doing business could bring more profits.
4. Two officials (Clare Akamanzi & Olivier Nduhungirehe ) who spoke about the issue were not able to say how much money was involved in that deal. Knowing Kagame’s style, the poor guy and lady are cleansing the crime scene of dictator of Rwanda.

Chaste Gahunde

Consultant Economist/ Geographer

Shirt of shame: Britain dishes out £62million in foreign aid to Rwandan dictator who splurges £30million on sponsorship for his beloved Arsenal FC

  • Rwanda is getting £62 million this year alone from the UK in foreign aid
  • Dictator Paul Kagame spent £30 million sponsoring his favourite club Arsenal
  • People survive on less than £1 a day under Kagame’s tightly controlled regime
  • Tory MP Andrew Bridgen described the deal as ‘an own goal for foreign aid’ 

An impoverished African country which has received hundreds of millions of pounds in aid from British taxpayers is paying £30 million to sponsor Arsenal – one of the world’s richest football clubs.

Rwanda, which is getting £62 million this year alone from the UK, has paid the Premier League club to promote the country’s tourist industry on players’ shirts.

The astonishing deal will also give Rwanda’s despotic ruler Paul Kagame and his cronies the use of an exclusive hospitality box at the London club’s Emirates Stadium, piles of match-day tickets and access to star players for promotional work.

Last night, furious critics of the UK’s £13 billion-a-year foreign aid programme said the deal proves that British taxpayer cash is being flagrantly wasted.

Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams presents a jersey to Ruwandan dictator Paul Kagame in 2014 as she spends £30 in UK aid to sponsor the team

Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams presents a jersey to Ruwandan dictator Paul Kagame in 2014 as she spends £30 in UK aid to sponsor the team

Last year, Britain gave £27 million directly to the Rwandan government for poverty relief and spent a further £37 million on aid projects in the country.

But despite the vast amounts of cash being given by the UK and other countries, hospitals, schools, businesses and homes are without electricity much of the time.

Most people survive on less than £1 a day under Kagame’s tightly controlled authoritarian regime.

Meanwhile, teachers in some parts of Rwanda have not been paid for five months.

Instead, Kagame, who has been accused of murdering and torturing his opponents, funds ‘prestige’ projects such as running an airline which loses £750,000 a week.

The message ‘Visit Rwanda’ will be emblazoned on Arsenal players’ left sleeves and on pitch-side screens, at an annual cost of £10 million for the next three years.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen described the deal as ‘an own goal for foreign aid’. ‘This is absolutely astonishing,’ he added.

‘British taxpayers will be rightly shocked to learn that a country supported by huge handouts from the UK is in turn pumping millions into a fabulously rich football club in London. It’s ludicrous.

‘If this isn’t a perfect own goal for foreign aid, I don’t know what is. It serves to expose the complete idiocy this system is based on.’

London-based Rwandan human rights campaigner Rene Mugenzi, whose life is under threat from Kagame’s hitmen, said: ‘It is hard to believe that Arsenal really conducted due diligence on this obscene deal, and they should scrap it.

‘How can a country which receives tens of millions of UK aid start spending money on a football club in London, just because the president supports them?

‘Britain should stop giving money to Rwanda because it just frees up their government to spend money on crazy things like this.’

Earlier this year, International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt pledged that the British Government would no longer invest ‘when others should be putting their hands in their pockets’, adding that the public had ‘legitimate’ concerns over how the UK’s £13 billion aid budget was spent.

A Department for International Development spokesman said: ‘All UK aid to Rwanda is earmarked for specific programmes, such as education and agriculture.

We track results to ensure value for money for UK taxpayers. We are helping Rwanda to stand on its own two feet.’

An Arsenal spokesman said: ‘Rwanda… is now regarded as one of the most advanced and respected countries in Africa.

‘We believe that, having conducted due diligence, it is a partnership that will help Rwanda meet their tourism goals while developing football in the country.’

The Rwandan Development Board declined to comment to The Mail on Sunday, but its CEO, Clare Akamanzi, said last week: ‘We’re thrilled to be partnering with Arsenal and showcasing the vibrancy and beauty of our country.’