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Rwanda: Police beat a pregnant woman to death

Rwanda: Police beat a pregnant woman to death


 In the evening of September 30, 2013 Rwanda National Police agents beat to death a pregnant woman. This horrible and pusillanimous act took place in Nyabugogo Market where police was chasing alleged illegal hawkers. As the police could not catch anybody, a passerby who happened to be a pregnant woman had to pay the price. After being handcuffed, the poor woman asked the police until when their brutality will be brought to an end! One Police man beat her in the back and another kicked her in her belly causing her to collapse. She died on the spot. Eyewitnesses were told by the police to leave the place but they refused to go. Full of sadness, eyewitnesses could not do much given that the police was armed and beside that, the RPF police is well known to be ruthless exactly like their president.

This incident is one of many cases in which violence against women is carried out by the security forces of a government which however claims to have emancipated women. In 2012, one hundred and fifty (150) women were murdered only because they were accused to be practicing prostitution while other many were not mentioned. All this takes place while Rwanda has managed to cheat the international opinion and convinced everybody but me and other few that women’s voice is heard because the country has the highest women representation in the parliament. Indeed, if one considers the number of women in the parliament, the truth is that in 2012, about 56% were women. This year the number has increased to more than 60%.  However this presence is just a show off. These women never speak out. In fact that is the reason why they are chosen: to stay mute in parliament. As my good friend would put it, you cannot teach people to do a better job while they are being paid for not doing it.

These useless members of Parliament who in reality represent the RPF clique’s interests instead of representing the people sat down and watched when Mrs Ingabire Victoire was being victimized for her political views and choice.  Prior to that, they sat down, watched, were told and raised hands to vote for the genocide ideology bill, an unclear law that would be later used to incriminate and silence all political dissenting voices. This law has been used for almost a decade before the minister of justice, forced by the international donors, proclaimed that the law was indeed incomprehensible and has caused confusion. In response, Kagame demoted the minister and ordered the prosecutor to open a case of misconduct against him. Even though the law was reviewed, those who were sentenced based on it did not get any review! I am still wondering what is wrong with Rwanda! Our useless women in Parliament over-watched all these and other nonsense take place and they stupidly believe that the history will forgive them for their actions and omissions.