Death didn’t take a Christmas break in Congo!


Ban Ki-Moon in the picture is responsible for more than 6 million Congolese killed by Kagame and his proxy war groups

Congo faced an attempted coup on December 30, 2013 and 143 innocent people were killed, not the real perpetrators who are or were part of DRC government but innocents.

Plus, a beloved Congolese colonel was assassinated as a reward for his dedication to protect Congo sovereignty. It was alleged that a rocket hit his car but specialists say that this is false and that the vehicle was burnt after Colonel Mamadou Ndala’s body was riddled with bullets and burnt.
Two Tutsi officers were arrested as suspects.

Moreover, today RFI announces that they managed to get a new UN report that will be released very soon and that shows how Rwanda and Uganda are fuelling the war in DRC through the M23, which is not dead obviously despite a peace accord signed with Congo government in Nairobi lately.

We have many questions: when will this hypocrisy stop? When will those who consider Kagame as a ”darling” stop their support? When will people finally admit that the ones arming Rwanda and Uganda are to be found here in the West and that they need to be held accountable for the millions death in DRC?

You as a people can do something, you need to stand up either by joining Congolese demonstrations when they take place or by signing the petition we launched and that can be found on our website

Congo does not need charity nor tears but JUSTICE!



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