Bantu people should vigorously respond to Museveni for his insults


In his speech during the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, which was held in Kigali on Monday April 7th, 2014, Ugandan president Joweri Museveni uttered that the first Rwandan president Gregoire Kayibanda was a traitor for emancipating his Hutu people from slavery imposed on them by Tutsi and their parasite feudal system.

Since the 80s the Great Lakes region has experienced genocides, war crimes, crimes against humanity, so much so that the entire area has become like a cemetery with dead on display. There are human skeletons everywhere, some more respected than others. Picture courtesy of Keith Harmon Snow

He explains that people of the Great lakes region lived in a symbiotic relation before the Europeans came. He elaborates that they are found in places such as Rwanda, along with Burundi, Uganda, parts of North Western Tanzania, Eastern Congo, and Eastern Kenya. This region “has, since several millennia, been occupied by the inter-lacustrine Bantus, Nilotics, and the Sudanic peoples. The Rwanda people themselves are Bantu, part of the inter-lacustrine Bantus.”

Though he treats former feudal rulers from before independence in the region as parasites who practiced some sort of exploitation at the base of society, he is neither kind to those among ordinary Bantu oppressed people who came together to free themselves from that repressive system.

“…it is, therefore, a historic crime that external forces, working with local traitors, could turn a symbiotic society into the theatre of the most fiendish reactionary crimes – genocide.”

Where he refers to patriotism and Pan-Africanism, in my understanding it is when rulers are ruthlessly claiming in the face of the world that they are defending their countries’ interests, because they are pressurized to change their abuses on their own people on the one hand, and or they are equally working with imperialist forces to destroy African lives and plunder mineral resources of other countries on the other.

The speech characterizes as traitors all those that apparently are resisting Museveni’s regional ambitions. While he accuses other of committing genocides and assassinations, it is like blaming them for what he has been doing for the whole time he has been in power – 28 years: genocide of Baganda people in the Luwero Triangle during his bush war from 1981 to 1986 [500,000]; genocide of Acholi people in northen Uganda [1,500,000]; genocide in Rwanda [between 500,000 and 800,000 for fully backing his officer of intelligence Paul Kagame]; genocide in Democratic Republic of Congo [with more than 6,000,000].

All that did not save those traitors. Where they still exist, it is on account of the mistakes of the International community.” It is like blaming the latter for any effort made for not letting him accomplish his plans. His assertion here made me think at the presence of MONUSCO and the International Brigade of Intervention which defeated M23 that he and Kagame supported entirely.

He ends his remarks by warning all the traitors and genocidaires for any resistance.

As a veteran patriot of this area, I would like to warn those who hobnob with the genocidaires to know that they will have to contend with the patriotic forces that defeated the traitors with their external backers when they were still much weaker. We are now much stronger in every sense of the word, politically, militarily, socially and economically.

In the face of this warmonger of Museveni, with the information today available about the millions of lives he has massacred directly or facilitated to decimate, Bantu people particularly, and even those of his own family community [because he kills anyone as a matter of strategy] should come together to get rid of him and his main associate in crimes, namely Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda.

We know that:

1) In April 1994, he deliberately killed pan-Africanism in Kampala when he held the last conference of that movement while he was during the same period facilitating the assassination of two African sitting presidents, namely Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda, and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi;

2) His military interventions in parts of Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo have decimated more than 12 million of lives since he rebelled in 1981 after being democratically defeated;

3) The use of violence as strategy of governance and foreign policy that he favors are not conducive to any sustainable development of Africa if this has ever been his genuine intentions;

4) Since 1996, his military forces and militias he funded in Congo have been plundering mineral and other resources from that country for the benefit of multinationals and western powers, and systematically raping hundreds of thousands of Congolese women, girls and children as a strategy of war in Eastern Congo;

5) His associates in different countries have benefited from impunity because of their affiliation with African exploiters, namely US, UK, Belgium, etc who were highly represented at the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide;

6) His circles of people’s oppressors have siphoned all the wealth of their respective countries at the expense of ordinary citizens who today are living in abject poverty while the exploiters become millionaires.

It is up to Bantu people and those that Museveni pretends to represent in the Great Lakes region to take up the challenge of removing him from power and his protégé Paul Kagame. These criminals need to be stopped if we their antagonists want or strongly wish some peaceful and harmonious future as human communities. They have sufficiently siphoned people blood. Giving up on these monsters of leaders would be denying our common sense of humanity.

The full speech of Yoweri Museveni can be found at the following link:


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