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Kagame lies on corruption issues

Kagame Fed Nigerians A Flattery And A Big Lie In His Speech On Corruption
Open Letter To General Paul Kagame

Dear General, you accomplished two objectives in your speech on corruption delivered at Abuja, Nigeria, on June 11, 2019. First, you flattered Nigerian leaders that they lead a model African nation — wealth side by side with mass poverty notwithstanding. Second, you shamelessly lied to your Nigerian hosts that in Rwanda that you are Mr. Clean while your opponents fled Rwanda because they were corrupt. General Kagame, it’s a truism that politicians bend the truth. But in your case, the question is whether there is an element of truth in what you utter. Case in point is your Abuja speech on corruption.

Kagame flattered his hosts that Nigeria is a great achiever that makes Africa proud

Dear General, here is your flattery to your Nigerian hosts in your own words:

”I wish to start by calling to mind the greatness of this nation. The diversity, creativity, and ambition of Nigerians represent Africa. The achievements of Nigeria’s sons and daughters, here at home and in your global diaspora, make our continent proud. Nigeria has always shown common cause with Africa’s progress and prosperity, and this does not go unnoticed. This country is truly the engine of Africa’s potential. This is how we see Nigeria. I hope you know that.”

General Kagame, if you had said that Nigeria has the potential to be great, that would have been truthful. Your words are above are ill-informed, embarrassing, and clearly opportunistic designed to impress your hosts.

Despite its enormous wealth over half the population of Nigeria lives in poverty.
According to the World Bank, 53.5% of Nigerians are poor — defined as the population living on less than US$1.90 a day. With a population of 200 million, therefore, 107 million Nigerians are poor. Yet, Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and the largest oil and gas producer on the continent .
The reason for enormous wealth side by side with mass poverty, as the eminent son of Nigeria, Chinua Achebe used to explain, is failure of leadership, social injustice, and corruption. Add to this mix the rise of Boko Haram, a jihadist terrorist organization that has caused havoc in northeastern Nigeria and beyond.

General Kagame, instead of uttering sycophantic phrases to your Nigerian hosts, a real African statesman would have encouraged them to lead Africa in fighting corruption since this was the topic being discussed. You could have also congratulated Nigerians in their current efforts to repatriate from foreign banks billions of dollars stolen by previous dictators. Nigeria has recently begun to recover some of the stolen assets — which is highly commendable.

Kagame’s description of corruption in Rwanda was a big lie

General Kagame, this is how you described corruption in Rwanda:

”We tend to focus on the petty corruption of everyday life while turning a blind eye to the more consequential forms, that people only whisper about because the rich and powerful are the main beneficiaries…Corruption does not take decades to eradicate. Huge gains can be made relatively quickly, once we decide to break the habit…Officials who did not live up to the agreed standards were dismissed or brought to justice. Others fled into exile and pretended to be so-called “opposition” or “pro-democracy” groups…Between fighting corruption and being authoritarian, I prefer being authoritarian. Some thought we could not afford to take this zero-tolerance approach, given the fragility of our environment. The truth, however, is that we couldn’t afford not to do it. It is the foundation of the modest progress for which Rwandans continue to work.”

General Kagame, these are pure lies. The people of Rwanda do not turn a blind eye to the more consequential forms of corruption. Rwandans know you are the kingpin of corruption but they dare not say so because you will wipe them out. Rwandans know you are the Chairman of the ruling party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which owns the business empire known as Crystal Ventures Ltd (CVL). This is how The Economist described the Rwandan situation:

“The dominant political party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), does more than help business: it runs its very own conglomerate. Crystal Ventures, the RPF’s holding company, has investments in everything from furniture to finance. It owns the country’s biggest milk processor, its finest coffee shops and some of its priciest real estate. Its contractors are building Kigali’s roads. There are several firms offering security services in Rwanda but the guards from ISCO, part of Crystal Ventures, are the only ones who tote guns. The company is reckoned to have some $500m of assets.”

General Kagame, very simply, you have entrenched corruption and cronyism that would not be tolerated anywhere on the African continent.

Kagame and the history of the big lie

General Kagame, you are a perfect example of politicians who pretty much bend the truth as they please. In your case, the issue is not bending the truth — rather, the question is whether you have ever uttered an element of truth. You belong to the thinking pioneered and mastered by Joseph Goebbels who infamously said that ”if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Goebbels added:

”The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

General Kagame, you are the best pupil of Joseph Goebbels. You get away with the big lie because your regime has used all its might to smash dissent at home and abroad. Because you are fully aware that the truth is the mortal enemy of your big lie, you hounded out of Rwanda anyone who stood in your way. As the cliché goes, “history is written by the victors” — that is how you are able to call your victims who fled Rwanda the corrupt ones instead of you.

Best Regards,
David Himbara

Kagame’s Rwanda Is A Serial Lying Nation

When a ruler of a nation lies, the rest of his regime follows – and soon lying becomes a way of life. That how Rwanda became a lying nation. President Paul Kagame routinely lies and doubles down when caught. Perhaps the most embarrassing moment for the Rwandan dictator was in Dubai two years ago when asked why Rwanda does not manufacture anything, despite being touted as Africa’s economic success story. Kagame was caught off guard – and stammered something about Rwanda manufacturing computers, and that even the boxes in which computers are packaged read

“Made in Rwanda.”

This culture of lying has cascaded downward into the whole system. And today I caught one such big lie from, of all places, Rwanda’s premiere knowledge centre – no less than the University of Rwanda (UR).

In an exclusive interview with The New Times, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research, Prof Nelson Ijumba, made the following claims, regarding the UR’s international rankings:

Since UR started, our publications have gone up, volume is not high but impact is high, we are now second to Makerere University in the East African Region. Our position in ranking is not bad, top 10 in East Africa, we are among the top 7 per cent in universities in Africa, worldwide about top 30 per cent but we would like to do better.


Prof Nelson Ijumba: “University of Rwanda is second only to Makerere University; among the top 7% in Africa; and among 30% globally”

This is a disgrace – in a normal country, this senior official would be held accountable for such outrageous and deliberate deceitfulness.

The New Times, too, is not bothered to challenge such bogus claims because the newspaper is part of Kagame’s lying machine. In reality, UR’s ranks 106th in Africa, and 3,557th in the world. In the East African region, not only does UR not feature among the main national universities such as Makerere University, University of Nairobi, and University of Dar Es Salaam, it is not even competitive among second-tier institutions such as Moi University in Kenya, or Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.

Let us also not forget that the regime has financial difficulties to the extent that UR’s professors have not been receiving their salaries for the past five months. How can professors struggling to feed their families perform effectively – whether in researching and publishing, or teaching and supervising future scholars and subject experts? How can a university that does not fulfill its basic obligations achieve any significant ranking?

Kagame and Rwandan officials who lie about performance should know that there is no shortcut to success. Dictators world-over are in such a hurry to boast about achievements, and eagerly manipulate statistics or exaggerate the little they may have achieved. But there are no shortcuts to the development of a country or a university. The key to any long-term success is to take the necessary steps to steadily progress – as opposed to skipping any of the steps. In the case of UR, the Kagame regime must begin with paying teachers and staff their salaries. Lying about performance does not pay – sooner or later, the liar gets caught, as in this case with Prof Ijumba.

How Cherie cashed in by acting for a ‘war criminal’: Blair’s wife represented Rwandan General accused of ordering massacres

Trading on his impeccable connections in order to earn millions of pounds, Blair soon discovered that life after Downing Street could be a dangerously grubby business.

So when dealing with corrupt governments and companies, he took care to try to distance himself from any public controversy.

Notably, he initally denied having dealings with Qatar — a corrupt dictatorship that supported extremist Muslim groups, suppressed freedom of the Press and was accused of offering bribes to win the FIFA football World Cup in 2022.cherie

In fact, the Qataris had hired Cherie. Amid some acrimony, she resigned from Matrix Chambers — where she worked as a barrister — after her husband ceased to be Prime Minister.

Like him, she’d established two charities — in her case, the Cherie Blair Foundation For Women and the Africa Justice Foundation — alongside a lucrative money- making venture.

With Omnia Strategy, her new commercial business, she then reinvented herself as a consultant advising Middle Eastern and African governments.

Among those grateful for her help was Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned, the wife of a Qatari royal.

In 2009, on her behalf, Cherie bombarded Hillary Clinton, then U.S. Secretary of State, with requests to engage in a woman-to-woman meeting to improve relations between the countries.

After an exchange of 19 emails, Clinton finally agreed.

Cherie was jubilant. ‘When I see what a difference you are making,’ she wrote unctuously to Clinton, ‘it reminds me why politics is too important to be left to the bad people.’

Making millions — for their charities or their swelling bank accounts — is a family business for the Blairs.

With her husband’s help, Cherie made it onto the Albanian payroll — an honour she shared with Alastair Campbell — for advice to prime minister Edi Rama.


Cherie also represented Rwandan General Karenzi Karake in court following his arrest for on international warrant for ‘war crimes against civilians.

One of the Blairs’ earliest clients was bagged in October 2007.

Cherie had been due to meet the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, who was widely accused of being a mass murderer, to discuss the creation of a justice ministry in his impoverished country.

But she didn’t show up to their planned dinner in London. Instead she explained she had an ‘emergency’. ‘I can’t come,’ she said, ‘but Tony says he’d happily join you.’

At the dinner, Blair set out his stall. ‘You are a man with a vision, a leader I’ve always admired,’ he told Kagame. ‘Now you need advisers to show you how to run a government, and I’m your man.’

Kagame agreed to welcome Blair’s team. In return, he was also introduced to the international circuit of leaders’ conferences across America and in Davos, where Blair presented him as Africa’s ‘Mr Clean’.

No one mentioned the continuing massacre of Hutus in the neighbouring Congo by militia dispatched by Kagame.

Nor did they refer to the systematic theft by Kagame’s armed forces of diamonds and gold from Congo.

The following year, Blair visited Kigali, the Rwandan capital, and was flown home on Kagame’s $30 million Bombardier BD-700 ‘Global Express’.

The cost of the round-trip flight? About £280,000. Rwanda’s 11 million people earn an average daily wage of £1.40.

By the time he returned to Kigali again in 2009, the country was in uproar. Any journalist or businessman who was critical of the government was being beaten up, and a UN investigation was due to report that the President was guilty of genocide in Congo.

Blair’s friend won the Rwanda election in 2010 — but the beheaded corpses of leaders of the small opposition party were found strewn about the countryside.

Blair ignored all this and hailed his protégé’s success.

And what of Cherie? Did she see the report sent to Blair by the U.S. Department of State in 2014, describing the murderous oppression in Rwanda? Did she follow the 2015 Congressional hearings in Washington, which denounced the murder of Kagame’s opponents?

That year, General Karenzi Karake, the head of Rwanda’s intelligence service, arrived at Heathrow on an official visit.

To his surprise, he was arrested on an international warrant for ‘war crimes against civilians’, issued in Spain.

To resist his extradition to Spain, he hired… Cherie Blair. She told the magistrate that Karake was ‘a hero in Rwanda and they want him home as soon as possible’.

Karake was released on bail of £1 million. Two months later, he was freed on a legal technicality before the charges could be heard, and flew home.

His opponents were shocked. But Cherie, like her husband, was hailed by Kagame as a hero.



Twese tuzi indirimbo yakomeje guterwa n’abambari ba FPR-INKOTANYI, ngo u Rwanda rwageze ku iterambere ry’akataraboneka ku isi; ngo imiyoborere myiza ni agatangaza mu Rwanda rwa nyuma y 1994, ngo kandi nta mugayo ibyo byiza bidasanzwe u Rwanda rubikesha kuba ruyobowe n’Umulideri w’akataraboneka kandi ureba kure (Visionary Leader) ariwe Nyakubahwa Pahulo Kagame!

Iyo ntero kandi niyo yashyizwe imbere n’Intore za Rupiyefu muri uyu mwaka ushize kugira ngo zihindure Itegekonshinga (n’ubwo bibeshye bakarihindura nabi!) bityo Visionary Leader wabo ashobore kuzagwa ku butegetsi, kuko nyine ngo nta wundi washoboraga kuyobora igihugu ngo akigeze ku  » BYAGEZWEHO  » na Kagame !

Gusa rero icyakomeje gutangaza Abanyarwanda benshi n’abanyamahanga bazi neza u Rwanda ni uko ibyo « BYAGEZWEHO  » by’agahebuzo bo ntabyo babona mu Rwanda : guhera mu 1994 abakene bararushaho gutindahara, inzara iravuza ubuhuha mu giturage kandi ku buryo buhoraho, abigeze kuba abatunzi ubu babaye ingarisi; muri make abaturage bangana na 85% ntibazi neza icyo ijambo  » IBYAGEZWEHO BY’AGAHEBUZO » bya Pahulo KAGAME risobanura ! Ariko nyamara Intero ya Visionary Leader igakomeza kwikirizwa n’ibitangazamakuru ndetse n’Imiryango mpuzamahanga itari mike. Yewe byarushagaho kubera benshi urujijo iyo bitegerezaga ingufu zidasanzwe zishyirwa mu kwikiriza iyo ntero n’abahoze ari abategetsi b’ibihugu by’ibihangange nka BILL CLINTON wa Amerika , TONY BLAIR w’ Ubwongereza n’abandi. Birushaho kuba inshoberamahanga iyo hicotseho  » ubuhamya » bw’abavuga ko bakora umurimo w’Imana nka cya gihangange cy’Umupasiteri w’umunyamerika witwa Rick WARREN bitiranya gusingiza Imana no kuramya « the Rwandan Visionary Leader », kuko nyine baba bamutegerejeho amaronko atubutse mu gihe abana ba rubanda bicwa n’inzara na bwaki!

Burya koko ngo ikinyoma ntikiramba! Ubu noneho rero ibyari bihishwe byatangiye gushyirwa ahagaragara. Burya bwose imikorere ya FPR INKOTANYI yubakiye ku gucuruza IKINYOMA, kandi bigahombya u Rwanda nk’ igihugu ku buryo budasubirwaho.

Muri iyi minsi abategetsi ba Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Amerika bashatse ko tumenye ibyerekeye Kontaro(Contract) yo GUCURUZA IKINYOMA Leta y’ u Rwanda yasinyanye na Sosiyete yigenga y’Abanyamerika yitwa W2 GROUP, Inc. Hari taliki 1/9/2009. Ku ruhande rwa Leta y’u Rwanda iyo Kontaro yasinywe na Ministiri Louise Mushikiwabo naho Sosiyeti isinyirwa na Edward ABELL.

Mbere yo kubabwira ingingo z’ingenzi zikubiye muri ayo masezerano yuje uburiganya, ubujura n’ubugambanyi, twatangajwe no gutahura ko Leta ya Paul Kagame yiyemeje kujya yishyura buri kwezi miliyoni zisaga 35 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda (50 000$), ni ukuvuga igice cya miliyari buri mwaka kugirango iriya Sosiyeye ijye ivuga ibigwi by’ ibihimbano Leta Rwanda n ‘ umuyobozi wayo Paul Kagame! Ya mafaranga avuye mu misoro ya rubanda, ya mafaranga yamburwa abaturage agashyirwa mu bigega bitagira indiba ( Agaciro Fund ….) ngaho aho azimirira shenge !!! Mu kugura ishusho nziza idahuye n’ukuri kw’akarengane n’ibindi bibi byinshi bibera mu gihugu!

Ngiyo rero ya ngeso ntindi isa n’iyahinduwe itegeko riyobora igihugu na services zose :   “gutanga ibyamirenge ngo ukunde wiraariire wiyerekana uko utari ari nako ukina ku mubyimba rubanda udahwema kugaragaza agati kandi nyamara ariyo igutunze”!

Muri make ibyo Leta ya Kagame yumvikanye n ‘ iriya Sosiyeti bikubiye muri izi ngingo zikurikira:

1. Ikinyoma kigomba gukwirakwiza kiri ukubiri , hari ibyerekeye Igihugu n’ibyerekeye Perezida Pahulo Kagame ubwe:

a)Kumvikanisha ko Igihugu cy’u Rwanda ari intangarugero ku isi hose mu byerekeye umutekano, imiyoborere myiza, ubumwe n’ubwigenge, gucunga umutungo w’igihugu neza, kurwanya ruswa, iterambere ry’akataraboneka mu bukungu, …

b) Gushyira ingufu nyinshi mu kubeshya hose ko Pahulo Kagame ari umuperezida w akataraboneka,ureba kure( Visionary Leader ) uzi ubwenge bwinshi cyane birenze urugero kandi akaburusha n’abandi ba Perezida bose bo muri Afurika ababayeho n’abaza nyuma, utazi kwica abenegihugu, utavangura amoko, ukunda demokarasi n’iterambere ry’abaturage bose …


2.Abo ikinyoma kigenewe

a) Iriya Sosiyete yapataniye gucengera inzego zose zifata ibyemezo mu bihugu by’ibihangange nka Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Amerika n’Ubwongereza n’iz’imiryango mpuzamahanga nk ‘Ubulayi Bwunze Ubumwe (EU) na LONI.

b) Kwigarurira ibitangazamakuru bikomeye cyane ku isi : Radiyo-Televiziyo nka Wall Street Journal, BBC Hard Talk; Ibinyamateka nka The New York Times, The Economist, The Financial Times; Imbuga za interneti(social media) nka Huffington Post , Washington Post, MSNBC,…no kubiha « inyoroshyo » kugira ngo bijye bikomeza bitambutse inkuru zibeshya amahanga ko nta kibazo kindi kikiri mu Rwanda uretse abasize bakoze jenoside bagenda basebya igihugu!

3. Inzira izakoreshwa(Stratégie ) mu kurushaho guha ikinyoma intebe

a)Kubaka inkuta (mûrs électroniques) zibasira Ibitangazamakuru bigaragaza ibibazo nyakuri biri mu Rwanda cyane cyane kugaba ibitero no kubangamira mu buryo bwose bushoboka Imbuga za interneti zikoreshwa n’abatavuga rumwe nubutegetsi (Za zumvireho!)

b) Gukwirakwiza amakuru atesha agaciro abanyamahanga babaye mu Rwanda n’abandi bose bazi amakuru y’impamo ku bibera mu Rwanda kandi bafite umurava wo gushaka kuyamenyekanisha!


Ngo Umutego w’ikinyoma ushibuka nyirawo akihahagaze ! Babandi bari barigize abacuruzi kabuhariwe n »ABARINZI » b  » IBYAGEZWEHO bya BARINGA  » bamenyereho ko nta kindi bakora uretse guhenera abazi guheengeeza : Umunyamerika wamubeshya rimwe na rimwe ariko agera aho akagutamaza !

Sinasoza ntabwiye « Visionary Leader w’ikibumbano » ko amahirwe asigaranye ari ukwemera kwicarana natwe, tukaganira nta buhendanyi , tukumvikana  igikwiye gukorwa kugira ngo igihugu gishobore kubogorwa amazi atararenga inkombe.

Reka twisabire abenegihugu bashyira mu gaciro ko bakwemera tugafatanya uru rugamba maze tukiha inshingano n’intego yo kugera ahantu hose Leta ya « Visionnary Leader « yageze ihacuruza ikinyoma cy’ITERAMBERE rya BARINGA, tukabagaragariza ukuri ku bibera mu Rwanda ari nako tubereka ibimenyetso bifatika by’uko babeshywe.

Ubutaha tuzabagezaho n’amasezerano yo gusahura u Rwanda « the Rwandan Visionnary Leader » yagiranye na  Tony BLAIR,  Bill CLINTON na Pasteur  Rick WARREN  . Muzumirwa !

Uwemera naze,

Padiri Thomas NAHIMANA, Umuyobozi w’Ishyaka ISHEMA n’Umukandida waryo mu matora ya Perezida wa Repubulika yo muri 2017.


Ngaho nawe isomere uko iyo Kontaro y urukozasoni iteye.  Kanda hasi aho :

Master service agreement


Ex-Sarkozy aide charged with tax evasion in Libya election finance probe

Former French interior minister Claude Guéant talks to RFI

Former French interior minister Claude Guéant talks to RFI


A former French interior minister and key ally of right-wing leader Nicolas Sarkozy has been charged with tax evasion and forgery in a case linked to allegations that Moamer Kadhafi’s Libya financed Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential election campaign.

Claude Guéant, whose career has included a stint as interior minister and running Sarkozy’s bid for the presidency in 2007, was charged with tax avoidance as part of an organised group and forgery after 30 hours of questioning on Saturday night.

The accusations arise from a raid in February 2013 when investigators found a 500,000-euro transfer into Guéant’s bank account.

He claimed the money was paid by a Malaysian businessman for the purchase of a 17th-ceuntry Flemish painting but experts say the highest price ever paid for a work by the artist, Andries van Eertvelt, is about 140,000 euros.

Guéant was arrested on Friday and taken to the offices of the anti-corruption bureau in Paris.

His lawyer, Philippe Bouchez el-Ghozi, said his client had faced “almost 300 questions that mainly focused on the so-called Libyan funding” and denied any wrongdoing.

Suspicions about Sarkozy’s 2007 campaign funding surfaced during the 2012 campaign when the Mediapart website published a 2006 document purporting to show arrangements for 50-million-euros-worth of Libyan money to be funnelled into the campaign.

El-Ghozi said his client had not been charged as part of the main probe and that his case boiled down to “justifying the acquisition of two paintings 22 years ago” and whether they had been properly declared for tax purposes.