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Rwanda, COVID-19 : a vote of no confidence in clergy.

Rwanda’s problem is so complex, having a bad leadership coupled with totally compromised church , no civil society to challenge the current oppressing regime . Ohhhh God, I swear, we have been sold to the highest bidder.

The Catholic Church in Rwanda has really disappointed me to the core.
How I wish I had an audience with Pope Francis , I would plead with him to dissolve the entire episcopal conference of Rwanda and appoint new bishops and give them a mandate of being the voice of reason. Stand with the oppressed.
The current bishops have decided to stand with the oppresser at the expense of the oppressed faithfuls.

Shame, shame.
Shame on you Mgr Antoine Kambanda
Shame on you Mgr Philippe Rukamba
Shame on you Mgr Simaragde Mbonyintege
Shame to all of you bishops who have gone quiet while Kagame continues to slaughter the innocent Rwandans.
What kind of Shepherds are you when you fail to protect your flock?

I have passed a vote of no confidence in you.

Jeanne Mukamurenzi

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