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A young Rwandan orphaned by RPF reacts to Ange Kagame’s ” I can’t live without my parents”

Paul Kagame, instead of taking his wife with him like other African presidents during their recent visit to the white house, took his daughter Ange Kagame. Afterwards, Ange Kagame was interviewed by one local online newline IGIHE.COM. One of the questions was to name one thing she can never live without. The president’s daughter answered innocently: “my family”. This angered so many Rwandans who lost their parents during the attacks of which Ange’s father was the commander in chief. Here is the letter written by a certain Kanyabigega Elijah, an orphan who survived Kagame’s cruelty.


Allow me to write to you in English the language of which is one of the things your dad forced me to bear. I am Kanyabigega Elijah. I was told that my parents come from the former Kiyombe Commune. One of the areas your dad punished for the sins they did not commit. I am 24 now, hopefully if your dad’s DMI does not dig into my computer and take my IP to know where I am writing to you from and punish me for writing to our first daughter then I am most likely to celebrate my 25th birthday soon. However, this is not one of the reasons I am writing to you. My letter is going to basically focus on your socialite, your visit to White House, and your dad as a president of my country.

After your visit with your dad to Washington, for sure your dad achieved what he wanted. He wanted to bring media attention and bring you into the international social media limelight which you got. Kudos to your dad’s PR mogul. I wish he could do the same for our far remote village in Mukarange. We would get drinking water the next day. Anyway your interview got me thinking when the IGIHE.COM journalist asked you ONE OF THE THINGS YOU CAN NEVER TOLERATE TO LIVE WITHOUT (NI IKI UDASHOBORA KWIHANGANIRA KUBAHO UDAFITE) THEN YOUR ANSWER WAS AN OBVIOUS ONE. You said that you cannot tolerate to live WITHOUT YOUR FAMILY (SINABAHO NTAMURYANGO WANGE). Here I have to correct your Kinyarwanda grammar and remind you that you are no longer in UGANDA but in Rwanda. Therefore, in Kinyarwanda we don’t say WANGE but WANJYE. Unless you want to change Kinyarwanda to Luganda the same way your dad changed French to English. No worries, we will still persevere the same way we have been since October, 1990. Coming back to your answer to IGIHE.COM. You are absolutely right. One’s family is very important but I wonder whether your dad knows or even understand the pain millions of Rwandan youth had to go through after their parents fell to the AGAFUNI. You are too young to know what AGAFUNI is but in case your dad did not sit you at his feet and explain to you how he used to kill innocent Rwandans in KIYOMBE, MUKARANGE, BWISIGE, BUTARO, KIDAHO, and other places in Rwanda, I can volunteer to teach the history of Rwanda and how your dad prepared that fame you are enjoying today.
Dear Ange, I don’t know how I was born, but at least you know because when you were born your dad and his friends took pictures and celebrated your birthday. As for me I was born


when Katiyusha was flying over my head. It is said that when your dad sent 12 bombs of Katiyusha simultaneously, my mom’s birth pangs came prematurely. As they were fleeing your dad’s advancement. I am told that that day your dad was on killing spree. He had vowed to clear the whole of KIYOMBE, CYUNGWE, BWISIGE, KIVUYE, and KIYOMBE to prepare for your coming. In the process, things got worse for my mom. She had to deliver me. However, your dad’s shelling was too much. She knew that any delay would expose her and my dad to your father’s unforgiving sword. Therefore, my dad had to think on his feet on how to solve the situation at hand. I was his firstborn. He wanted me to live and my mother as well but your dad was approaching. Then my dad saw a granary “IKIGEGA” nearby the path they were taking. He immediately carried my mom who was in severe pain and threw her in that Granary and joined her inside there. He helped me to deliver me thus the name KANYABIGEGA.

After I was born things did not go well at all. You remember that IKIGEGA saved the lives of three people, myself, my mom, and my dead. I don’t have a time to go through all details of how I was born just know that God stood between me and your dad in the name of a granary so that your dad’s men don’t harm us. Let me fast-track to another day in my life, my families, and your family’s. Some in 1993, my dad and my mom went to look for food because we had spent three days without anything on our mouths. This time we lived in a refugee camp in Muhura. I hope your dad told you where Muhura was located then. My younger sister was only 4 months and my young brother was only 2 years old. However, on this fateful day, he was sick, and hungry. Therefore, my parents had to carry both of them because they did not want to leave him behind in that condition. They carried my sister who was just 4 months and my brother who was a bit older but sick. They went to a place called Nyagahanga. At this place my aunt was married there near a place called NEKE. She had invited them to her house to pick whatever food they could because children were starving. Indeed they went. However, they never came back, actually only elderly women that your dad left to tell the story. You go and ask where NYIRAMITSINDO used to stay. She is the one who told the story of how your father’s men came and besieged my aunt’s home. They were 11 RPF soldiers full of hate determined to make me an orphan forever. It was around 3pm when your dad’s men entered my aunt’s home carried AGAFUNI. They killed everybody in that home but NYIRAMITSINDO. My brother MIGISHA (Blessings) and my sister AKIZANYE did not live to see this day, simply because your dad exists.
As you stole the show in Washington DC, and became an overnight socialite smiling next to your dad at Rwandan taxpayers’ expenses one thing came into my mind. My sister AKIZANYE would have celebrated her 21st birthday today. She would be on Facebook just


posting and sharing with her friends of how much she has enjoyed this day. AKIZANYE would have clicked liked on my comments after writing on her wall a midnight comment saying: “HBD baby girl I am glad to have a sis like you.” However, this has never happened because your dad exists. When I see you growing happily I wonder whether you ever think of other Rwandans who lost their parents because of your dad’s actions. Did your dad tell you that he refused a ceasefire and 40% that Habyarimana’s government had assigned to him and his clique from Uganda? Did your dad tell you that his actions caused a massacre of innocent Tutsis who would have survived and be enjoying life the same way you do? Have he ever confined to you that there are millions of Rwandan babies who were only one year old when your dad shot down the plane carrying the then President Habyarimana Juvenal and his Burundian counterpart Cyprian Ntaryamira? Do you ever ask yourself how your dad barred me from mourning my parents and my siblings AKIZANYE and MIHGISHA leave alone burring them with respect.

As I conclude my letter to Dear Ange, I would like to remind you the following. Rwanda is for Rwandans: Hutus, Tutsis, and Twas but your dad has made our land his own private farm ignoring that all Rwandans have right to it and have right to mourn for their dead. Rwandans


know very well without haziness that with your dad’s actions Rwanda is remembered for genocide of which he could have prevented if he did not follow his greedy heart. Rwandan youth are hurt but no one to tell their stories because we fear your dad will come for us as he did to KIZITO MIHIGO and Patrick Karegeya now his daughter Portia Mbabazi Karegeya, 23 would be also celebrating to be next to her dad if your dad never existed. Dear Ange, I am a young Rwandan who has been denied right to have my parents and siblings and my story cut across the board whether you are a Tutsi there are millions of Tutsis who lost their parents because your dad exists, whether it is about Hutus there millions of Hutu kids who cannot afford a smile in this Rwanda simply because your dad exists. Let’s forget about Twas because neither did the previous government give them chance to be proud of themselves nor did your father’s regime. Next time when you go to media to vomit please remember that there are millions of Rwandans that your dad has trampled on that ground.

Source: Karisimbi online

COUP D ETAT 1973. Abishyize hamwe nta kibananira 3 : Zitukwamo nkuru .


Nyakubahwa Grégoire Kayibanda

Reka tubanze tuvuge ivanwa ku butegetsi, ifungwa, urubanza n’iyicwa rya Nyakubahwa Grégoire Kayibanda. Tuzakomeza dusuzuma niba Habyarimana yari afite impamvu zifadika zo guhirika ingoma ya Kayibanda. Hanyuma tuzakurikizaho ifungwa, imanza n’iyicwa ry’abandi.

Umubiligi witwa Baudouin Paternostre de la Mairieu yanditse igitabo cyiza cyane ku buzima bwa Nyakubahwa Grégoire Kayibanda. Mu gifaransa icyo gitabo cyitwa “Pour vous mes frères !” Vie de Grégoire Kayibanda, premier président du Rwanda”. Mu kinyarwanda ni ukuvuga ngo : “Ikigamijwe ni ineza yanyu, Bavandimwe !” Ubuzima bwa Grégoire Kayibanda, perezida wambere w’u Rwanda” (Ed. Pierre Téqui, Paris, 1994). Icyo gitabo ni cyiza cyane, ariko iyo uwacyanditse ageze ku rupfu rwa Nyakubahwa Grégoire Kayibanda, aratangira akaruma agahuha. Bigaragara ko hari ibintu adashaka kuvuga kandi asa n’ubizi. Nangwa na we ariko, ntacurikiranya amagambo ngo agoreke amateka nk’uko uwitwa Omer Marshall abikora mu gitabo cye cyitwa Pleure ô Rwanda bien-aimé,  Omer Marchal Éditeur, 1994, cyangwa Eugène Shimamungu mu gitabo cye  twavuze ubushize cyitwa Juvénal Habyarimana, l’homme assasiné le 6 avril 1994, Ed. Sources du Nil, Lille 2004.

Ku wa 5 Nyakanga 1973 hari hateganijwe ku cyicaro cya buri perefegitura yo mu Rwanda inama y’ishyaka MDR Parmehutu (Congrès préfectoral). Ku murongo w’ibyigwa muri buri perefegitura, hari ugusuzuma icyateje imvururu zari zayogoje u Rwanda guhera mu kwezi kwa Gashyantare kw’uwo mwaka, no kureba niba itegeko nshinga ryaragombaga guhindurwa, perezida Grégoire Kayibanda akaba yakongera kwiyamamariza umwanya wo kuba umukuru w’igihugu, cyangwa niba ibyo byari byanzwe, hakemezwa ko perezida Grégoire Kayibanda acyuye igihe cye. Izi ngingo zombi zari ku muronko w’ibyigwa (hari n’izindi nyinshi) zishobora gutuma buri wese yumva impamvu kudeta yabaye ku wa 5 Nyakanga 1973, ariko ibyo tuzabigarukaho tureba niba Habyalimana yari afite impamvu nyazo zo guhirika ingoma ya perezida Grégoire Kayibanda.

Mu ijoro ry’uwa 4 rishyira uwa 5 Nyakanga 1973, perezida Grégoire Kayibanda yari yicaye iwe i Kigali, arimo ategura disikuru yagombaga kuvuga bukeye mu nama (congrès) ya MDR Parmehutu i Gitarama. Ni bwo rero urugogwe rumugwiriye, kudeta irabaye, afashwe mpiri.  Umufasha we, Verediyana Mukagatare, yari ahari ibyo biba. Kayibanda yamusabye gusanga abana i Gitarama , aranga. Ati “Oya, ndakuguma iruhande kugirango menye iyo bakujyanye”. Nuko rero itsinda ry’abasirikari riyobowe na Léonidas Rusatira ribajyana bombi shishi itabona, amaguru adakora hasi, hamwe n’umwana wabo w’umuhererezi Sylvia wari ukiri uruhinja, kubafungisha ijisho mu kigo cya ISAR Rwerere, komine Cyeru mu cyahoze ari perefegitura ya Ruhengeri. Bahoraga bacunzwe n’abasirikari bagera kuri 15. Benshi muri bo bababaniraga neza, ariko hari n’abandi bubahukaga Kayibanda ndetse bakanamusagarira. Nyuma y’amezi 5 abana n’umugabo we muri ubwo buzima butoroshye, Verediyana yifuje gusanga abana i Gitarama. Yafashe urw’amaguru n’umwana mu mugongo, agenda ibilometero byinshi cyane. Le 22 Ukuboza 1973, nibwo ijipe ya gisilikari yamusanze kuri Base, iramujyana kugera mu rugo rwe i Kavumu (Nyamabuye-Gitarama).

Le 4 Gashyanyare 1974  urukiko rwa gisirikari rushinzwe kuburanisha perezida Grégoire Kayibanda na bagenzi be rwatangiye imirimo yarwo mu nyubakwa y’urukiko rwambere rw’iremezo mu Ruhengeri. Rwari ruyobowe na Majoro Bonaventure Ntibitura. Yari yungirijwe na Komanda Théoneste Lizinde. Joseph Kavaruganda wari usanzwe ari na “Procureur de la république” ni we wari uhagarariye icyo bita mu gifaransa “la partie civile”. Mu gushinja bamwe mu baregwa, yasyaga atanzitse. Gerefiye w’urukiko yari Déogratias Kayibanda wari usanzwe ari “substitut principal” wa “procureur de la république”. Umujyanama w’urwo rukiko yari Maître Nicodème Ruhashyankiko wigishaga amategeko (droit) muri kaminuza nkuru y’u Rwanda.  Abari bashinzwe guhata izo mfungwa ibibazo, bakazikorera amadosiye yashyikirizwaga ubucamanza ni abasirikari bakuru (officiers) : François Burasa ubu uba muri Norvège, Nyamwasa G. na Mutabazi D. Le 26 Kamena 1974, urwo rukiko rwakatiye perezida Grégoire Kayibanda na bagenzi be 7 igihano cy’urupfu. Urukiko rwahereyeko ruvanwaho rutararangira kuburanisha no gusomera abaregwaga bose. Naho inyubakwa izo manza zaberagamo yaje gukongorwa n’inkongi y’umuriro hasigaye igihe gito ngo Bwana Protais Zigiranyirazo, muramu wa perezida Habyarimana, akaba yari perefe wa Ruhengeri igihe cy’izo manza,  ave kuri uwo murimo. N’inyandiko zose zirebana n’izo manza zahiriyemo.

Ku wa 19 Nyakanga 1974 Grégoire Kayibanda yarakomorewe, igihano cye cy’urupfu kiba icyo gufungwa burundu, akomeza ubuzima bwe i Rwerere. Kuva ukwezi kwa Nyakanga 1974 kugeze hagati, Verediyana Mukagatare yatangiye kugaragaza intege ke cyane, ashegeshwe n’ibyamubayeho byose kuva le 5 Nyakanga 1973, ariko cyane cyane n’uko umugabo we yari amaze gukatirwa urwo gupfa. Le 11 Nzeri 1974 Grégoire yimuriwe iwe mu rugo kugirango amube hafi. Yaje kwitaba Imana le 13 Ukwakira 1974. Leta yategetse ko hatagira umuntu n’umwe umusabira misa, haba i Kabgayi, haba n’ahandi hantu aho ari ho hose mu Rwanda. Uwakongera uyu mubyeyi Verdiyana Mukagatare ku rutonde rw’abishwe n’abakoze kudeta yo ku wa 5 Nyakanga 1973 mu Rwanda ntiyaba abeshye.

Nyuma y’urupfu rw’umugore we, imibereho ya Grégoire Kayibanda yarushijeho kuba inzira y’umusaraba. Inzu ye yari ifite isuku, bitewe ahanini n’ubwitange bwa nyirabukwe wari ugeze mu zabukuru, akita no ku mirima no ku rutoke rw’umukwe we. Hari n’umusaza wateguraga ibiribwa, akabizana mu rugo hamwe n’inkwi zo kubiteka. Abaturanyi bazaga guhinga imirima ye, bakanamuganirizaho gato. Le 6 Ukwakira 1976 abo bantu bose babujijwe kuzongera kuhakandagiza ikirenge, ahubwo Grégoire Kayibanda ahatwa ibibazo bamubaza ibyo yaganiraga n’abo bantu n’ibyo babaga baje gukora.

Le 27 Ugushyingo 1976 yasuwe ku buryo butunguranye na Komanda Elie Sagatwa, muramu wa perezida Habyarimana, akaba n’umunyamabanga we wihariye kandi uhoraho (secrétaire particulier et permanent). Baganiriye nk’isaha yose. Le 2 Ukuboza 1976 nyuma ya saa sita, Sagatwa yongeye kumusura, ndetse amujyana kuramutsa se na nyina. Uwo mugoroba Kayibanda yamaranye n’ababyeyi be iminota 20 gusa. Le 14 Ukuboza 1976 isaa tatu n’igice za mu gitondo (09h00), Grégoire Kayibanda yatangiye gutaka avuga ko ababara ahagana ku mutima. Umuganga uvuye ku bitaro by’i Kabgayi yamugezeho saa moya za niumugoroba (19h00). Yasubiriwe nijoro, le 15 Ukuboza 1976  aba avuyemo umwuka.

Yishwe n’iki mu by’ukuri ?

Nyakubahwa perezida Grégoire Kayibanda yahotowe na Komanda Elie Sagatwa, ariko ubwo nawe yari afite uwamutumye cyangwa abamutumye. Jean Shyirambere Barahinyura yabyanditse mu w’1988 muri cya gitabo cye twavugaga ubushize. Nyuma ariko umwe mu babigazeho n’undi umwe mu bafashije Sagatwa gukora iryo shyano begereye umushakashatsi Mwalimu Bonaventure Mureme Kubwimana, babimubwira neza. Mu by’ukuri, igihe cyose Sagatwa yajyaga gusura Grégoire Kayibanda, yabaga agiye gusuzuma uko intege ze zikomeza kugenda ziba nke, ku buryo abishatse yamuniga batabanje kugugurana.

Ubuhamya bwa Liyetona Mutabaruka uko bwanditswe na Bonaventure Mureme K.

Liyetona Mutabaruka uvuka i Byumba yari umusirikari mukuru wo mu itsinda (promotion) rya 10 ry’abanyeshuri bo mu ishuri rikuru rya gisirikari i Kigali. Mu w’1975 yategekaga ikigo cya gisilikali cya Gitarama. Ni we rero wari ushinzwe kurinda imfungwa idasanzwe : perezida Grégoire Kayibanda. Umunsi umwe, Komanda Elie Sagatwa yaje kumusura, amusaba kwica uwo “mugororwa”. Mutabaruka yagize ubwoba, asaba ko bamuha igihe cyo kubitekerezaho. Yagiye kugisha inama Bwana Fulgence Seminega nawe wavukaga i Byumba, icyo gihe akaba yarategekaga urukiko rw’ikirenga. Seminega yumvise neza igihirahiro uwo musirikari arimo, aramubwira ati : “Genda ubwire Sagatwa aguhe inyandiko irimo iryo tegeko ko ugomba kwica Kayibanda”. Sagatwa agarutse, Mutabaruka yamusabye iyo nyandiko. Sagatwa yaramubwiye ati : “nsubiye i Kigali, nzagaruka nyikuzaniye”. Ntiyigeze agaruka, ahubwo Mutabaruka nawe yimuriwe i Kigali, asimburwa i Gitarama na liyetona Papias Kanyandekwe. Nyuma yaho gato, inkuru iba kimomo ngo Grégoire Kayibanda yitabye Imana. Kuva icyo gihe, izamurwa rya Mutabaruka mu mapeta ryaragoranye cyane. Yaradindizwaga, abari kumwe nawe bakamusiga, abari inyumaye bakamucaho.

Ubuhamya bwa Kaporali Giti uko bwanditswe na Bonaventure Mureme K.

“Giti” ni umukaporali nawe uvuka i Byumba wanze ko amazina nyakuri atangazwa, nuko rero Mwalimu Bonaventure amuhimba irya “Giti”. Giti yabaga mu kigo cya gisilikali cya Gitarama. Yari mu itsinda rishinzwe kurinda inzu ya Kayibanda le 15 Ukuboza 1976, umunsi Sagatwa aza akamuniga, hanyuma Giti n’abari kumwe nawe bakamuhorahoza bamunyukanyuka, bamuvuna imbavu. N’ikimenyimenyi, bafunzwe bya nyirarureshwa, nyuma baza gufungurwa bidatinze, ndetse buri wese ahabwa umushahara we w’imyaka 2, hanyuma birukanwa mu gisirikari, buri wese acirwa muri komini ye kavukire. Giti yaje kuba umuzamu ahantu umuzungu w’umubiligi yubakaga amazu muri komini avukamo. Iby’uko yagize uruhare mu kwica Grégoire Kayibanda yarabivugaga kugirango bimuvemo kugirango yumve nawe yagira amahoro mu mutimanama we.

Ishyingurwa rya nyakubahwa perezida Grégoire Kayibanda

Nyakubahwa perezida Grégoire Kayibanda yashyinguwe le 15 Ukuboza 1976 isaa cyenda n’igice iwe mu rugo iruhande rw’aho umufasha we yari yarashyinguwe . Yashyinguwe na Musenyeri André Perraudin, akikijwe na Musenyeri Aloys Bigirumwami, Musenyeri Jean Baptiste Gahamanyi, Musenyeri Phocas Nikwigize, Musenyeri Joseph Sibomana na padiri Massion. Mu bana 8 hari  6 ,  hari kandi abantu benshi bo mu muryango we n’abaturanyi, hakaba kandi Komanda Elie Sagatwa na Liyetona Papias Kanyandekwe n’abasirikari bagera kuri 20 bo mu kigo cya gisirikari cya Gitarama. Intego ya Kayibanda, ari nayo yanditse ku mva mu rulimi rw’ikilatini yari : “Libertatem filorum Dei”. Mu gifaransa bivuga ngo : “Liberté des enfants de Dieu”. Mu kinyarwanda ni “Ukwishyira ukizana kw’abana b’Imana”.

Ikindi gitabo ubishoboye yasoma kugirango acengere kurushaho ibi turiho tuganira muri iyi minsi ni icya Eugène Ndahayo, mwene Claver Ndahayo nawe wahitanywe n’ubu bwicanyi. Icyo gitabo cyitwa Rwanda – Le dessous des cartes, Ed. L’Harmattan, Paris, 2001. Nk’uko twabivuze dutangira, ubutaha tuzarebera hamwe niba Habyarimana yari afite impamvu zifatika zo guhirika ingoma ya Kayibanda, twibaze kandi icyatumye yicanwa n’abafasha be benshi cyane.



Musemakweli Jean de Dieu


Umwarimu wo gukata kawa Bwana Tom Ndahiro aragenzwa n’iki?

  Kawa: igihingwa Tom yari ashinzwe kwitaho ngo gitange umusaruro

Ubusanzwe Tom Ndahiro ni umwarimu wo gufata neza igihingwa cya kawa umwe mubo tuzi ku kazina ka moniteri agiri (moniteur agricole). Nyuma y’aho FPR ifatiye ubutegetsi imaze kwararika ingogo amagana atagira ingano, Tom Ndahiro ubu yitabajwe na FPR ngo abe umujyanama wa Paul Kagame kubera umutima w’ubugome yagaragaje ko afitiye Abanyarwanda cyane cyane abo mu bwoko bw’abahutu n’abandi batavuga rumwe n’ingoma mpotozi iyobowe n’agatsiko sajya.

Mu gushishikarira  ibyo yita akazi ke, Tom Ndahiro ntacyo asiga inyuma ari imvugo nyandagazi, ibitutsi byeruye ariko cyane cyane byose akabikorana ikinyoma n’ubugome bwarenze urugero.

Kuva itariki ya 28 Mutarama 2013 Abanyarwanda b’ikubitiro bamaze guhurira i Paris bagafata icyemezo cyo gushinga ishyaka ISHEMA, Tom Ndahiro yahiye ubwoba maze si ukuvugishwa karahava. Yahise asohora inyandiko yise Hutu power mu birindiro i Paris aho yemeza ko Ishema party ari CDR (Coalition pour la Défence de la Republique) naho Padiri Thomas Nahimana umuyobozi w’ishyaka ISHEMA akaba ari Martin Bucyana, umuyobozi wa CDR wishwe na FPR yiyoberanyije mu baturage.  Nyamara ibi byose abyandika yirengagije nkana amatwara n’amahame y’ishyaka ISHEMA ry’u Rwanda.

Mu nyandiko aheruka gusohora kuwa 1 Kanama 2014, Moniteri Tom noneho aravuga ko ISHEMA party rishyigikiye FDLR kandi rikaba ryibona muri guverinoma y’abatabazi. Iyo nyandiko yayise “Abo muri ISHEMA Party bashyigikiye FDLR Kandi Bakibona Muri Guverinoma ya Kambanda na Sindikubwabo”.

Kubera ko nabonye Tom avangavanga ibintu ndetse agashaka no kumvugira ibyo ntavuze( mu bwenge bwe ko buciriritse), nifuje kongera gusobanurira abasomyi.

  1. Gahunda z’ISHEMA zirasobanutse

Mu itangazo rishinga ishyaka ISHEMA ry’u Rwanda twakoreye i Paris kuwa 28 Mutarama 2013, igika cya gatatu cy’ibyemezo kigira kiti:

“Dushyize imbere inzira y’amahoro kuko ariyo idasesa amaraso y’inzirakarengane kandi ikubahiriza uburenganzira bw’ikiremwamuntu”.

Naho mu gika cya kane dusobanura amatsinda ane y’abenegihugu akeneye kwitabwaho mu maguru mashya kuko babangamiwe kurusha abandi Banyarwanda. Ayo matsinda ni aya:

  1. Urubyiruko rw’abashomeri
  2. Abarimu batereranywe n’abanyeshuri bahinduwe ibicibwa
  3. Impunzi zihora zicundwaho ay’ikoba
  4. Abarenganyijwe n’inkiko z’agatsiko ka FPR.

Kuba twarahisemo inzira y’amahoro bisobanuye ko tutazashinga umutwe w’ingabo zo gutera igihugu ko ahubwo tuzagerageza inzira z’ibiganiro. Ni muri urwo rwego Ishyaka ISHEMA ryakwishimira kandi rigashyigikira icyemezo cy’umutwe uwo ari wo wose twabyumva kimwe. Ibyo Tom avuga ngo “Chaste Gahunde agaragaza ko bakorana kandi bashigikiye FDLR n’ibyayo byose” nayobewe aho yabikomoye. Cyakora sinabura no kwibutsa ko itegekonshinga u Rwanda rugenderaho mu ngingo yaryo ya 53 rigira riti:

“Abanyarwanda bafite uburenganzira bwo kujya mu mitwe ya politiki bihitiyemo cyangwa ubwo kutayijyamo. Nta Munyarwanda ushobora gukorerwa ivangura ku mpamvu z’uko ari mu mutwe wa politiki uyu n’uyu cyangwa ko nta mutwe wa politiki arimo”.

Bigaragarira buri wese ko muri politiki ya opposition harimo imirongo ibiri y’uburyo abantu bumva byahinduka mu Rwanda.

Umurongo wa mbere ni uw’abasanga intambara itari ngombwa ahubwo hageragezwa ibiganiro byakwanga abanyarwanda bagahagurukira rimwe bakanga ubutegetsi binyuze muri non violence active maze byaba ngombwa tugahagurutsa Revolisiyo ya rubanda. Uyu murongo ni wo ISHEMA party ryahisemo.

Umurongo wakabiri ni uw’abasanga hategurwa intambara maze u Rwanda rukabohozwa ku mbaraga za gisirikare. Hari andi amashyaka wenda asanga ibi bihwitse. Ni uburenganzira bwabo bwo kubibona gutyo.

Cyakora hari n’abatekereza uko iyo mirongo yombi yahuzwa.

  1. Ku bijyanye na Leta y’Abatabazi

Uretse abantu bumva ko bari hejuru y’amategeko (lawless) nka moniteri Tom, ntawe utazi ko kugeza ubu u Rwanda rwagize aba perezida batandatu kuva rwabona ubwigenge. Perezida Dominiko Mbonyumutwa yagiyeho atowe n’abahagarariye abaturage bari bateraniye mu nama yabereye i Gitarama ku itariki twibukana icyubahiro yo kuwa 28 Mutarama 1961. Binyuze mu matora, Perezida Grégoire Kayibanda yasimbuye Mbonyumutwa ku itariki ya 26 Ukwakira 1961.

Kayibanda yaje kuvanwa ku butegetsi na General Major Juvenal Habyarimana muri coup d’etat yo muri 1973. Nyuma yaho Kayibanda yaje kwicwa mu buryo bugayitse cyane. Nyuma ya coup d’etat habaye amatora maze Habyarimana aratorwa arayobora kugeza mu mwaka wa 1994 aho yiciwe mu ndege arimo ashyikirana na FPR Tom Ndahiro abereye umuvugizi. Twibutse ko ibimenyetso byinshi byagaragaje ko FPR ariyo yahanuye indege yari itwaye Habyarimana kugira ngo yifatire ubutegetsi.

Hakurikijwe itegeko nshinga ry’u Rwanda Dr Sindikubwabo Theodore nk’umuyobozi w’inteko ishinga amategeko (Conseil National Pour le Development) yabaye perezida w’agateganyo yinjira atyo mu mubare w’abayoboye u Rwanda.

Bitewe n’uko FPR yari yubuye imirwano imaze umujyi wa Kigali, kandi ku kagambane ka Romeo Dallaire ingabo z’u Rwanda zari zarambuwe intwaro,  Sindikubwabo yise guverinoma ye Leta y’Abatabazi bifuzaga gutabara igihugu. Kuba batarabishoboye si uko wenda batabishakaga.

Bizimungu Pasteri yabaye perezida wa gatanu w’ u Rwanda FPR imaze gufata ubutegetsi asimburwa na Kagame nyuma yo kwegura.

Uburyo Sindikubwabo na leta ye bagiyeho bikurikije itegeko nshinga ryatowe n’Abanyarwanda (natwe turi Abanyarwanda). Ni ukuvuga ko iyo leta yari iy’Abanyarwanda. Ni ukuvuga ko uwarwanyije iyo leta yarwanyije Abanyarwanda. Uwakuyeho iyo leta yakuyeho Abanyarwanda, wenda wasanga ari na yo mpamvu ama miliyoni y’Abanyarwanda yifatiye iy’ubuhungiro!

  1. Umwera uturutse ibukuru ukwira hose

Uwashaka ntiyagaya Tom Ndahiro cyane ahubwo uwamuhaye ijambo niwe ukwiye gutanga ibisobanuro. Nta gihe na kimwe Perezida Paul Kagame yigeze ashyigikira uburenganzira bwo gukora amashyirahamwe ya politiki atavuga rumwe na we. Buri gihe iyo habaye umutwe ugaragaza ko ushobora kumuhirika, Kagame ahita asohora amaturufu amufasha kuwigizayo. Ni muri urwo rwego hagiyeho amategeko adasobanutse ariko afite icyo agamije gisobanutse. Icyo nta kindi ni uguhinda uwo ari we wese washaka guharanira ko mu Rwanda haba impinduka ziha ijambo umwenegihugu akishyira akizana, akihitiramo abamuyobora bitari bya bindi bya “tora aha”.

Mu mwaka wa 2001 uwari perezida Bwana Bizimungu Pasteur yeguye ku mirimo ye avuga ko adashobora gukorana n’abantu batubahiriza amategeko. Yahise ashaka uburyo bwo gushyiraho ishyaka rya politiki aza kubifungirwa ngo yari agiye guhungabanya ubusugire bw’igihugu. Niyitegeka Theoneste yarafashwe arafungwa ngo ni uko yashatse kwiyamamariza kuba perezida wa repubulika. Mushayidi Deo, Ingabire Victoire na Bernard Ntaganda bose barafunzwe ku byaha by’ibihimbano kuko bagaragaje ko bashaka gutanga umusanzu wabo ngo u Rwanda rugere ku miyoborere myiza. Tom Ndahiro ni umwe mu mizindaro Paul Kagame akoresha ngo abatavuga rumwe na we bagirirwe nabi.

  1. Umwanzuro:Tom agamije iki koko?

Mu ndirimbo ihebuje yitwa “Rata Siyoni umugaba”, hari interuro nziza cyane igira iti “Hirya y’ibigaragara, shaka ukuri bishushanya…”.

Ntimugire ngo ibyo Tom Ndahiro arimo ntabizi. Kagame noneho yateye indi ntambwe ikomeye aho yahamagariye abambari be kwica abatavuga rumwe na leta, ndetse atanga itegeko ryo kurasa abantu ku manywa y’ihangu.  Icyo Tom ashaka ni uguhumbahumba ABATARIPFANA bakorera mu Rwanda maze bakaraswa ku manywa y’ihangu. Icyo Tom agamije ni ugukora urutonde rw’abantu, abavandimwe n’ababyeyi babo bakirukanwa ku mirimo ngo kuko bakorana n’ISHEMA cyangwa bakaba ibyitso by’uwo yita umwanzi. Nyamara Tom Ndahiro ashatse yatuza kuko  gukomeza kwikorereza Abanyarwanda ari ubwenge bukeya cyane. Ukuri ntikujya gutsindwa.

Turasaba Abataripfana bose aho bari n’Abanyarwanda muri rusange gukomeza kwamaganira kure ingoma ya Paul Kagame, ntibaterwe ubwoba n’abambari bayo bose harimo n’uyu munyamakawa wigize umusesenguzi w’akataraboneka.


Muhorane Ukuri, Ubutwari no Gusaranganya.

Chaste Gahunde

Umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa