News Flash: Kigali arrest opponents against the third term!

According to Boniface Twagirimana , one of the leaders of FDU Inkingi in Kigali, two men commissioned by the political parties FDU- Inkingi, PS Imberakuri and PDP Imanzi, were arrested this afternoon at the office of prime minister where they went to submit a request to conduct peaceful picket against the upcoming referendum.

The duo-Jean Marie Vianne Kayumba (PDP Imanzi) and Twagirayezu Fabien ( FDU-Inkingi) are up to now held in unknown place  by the members of presidential guard unit in charge of the prime minister’s security.

Tensions have been increasing since the government announced that the referendum on the amended constitution  will take place in less that 10 days, that is on December 18th, 2015. This decision is viewed as a an additional manoeuvre to rig the vote in favour of Kagame. Members of the opposition have been mobilising for a “no” vote and possible demonstrations.

More to come…


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