The genocide plan against Rwandans currently disguised as COVID-19 confinement

The genocide plan against Rwandans currently disguised as COVID-19 confinement

1. The 1994 genocide as a precedent
During the period of April-June 1994, Hutus and Tutsis were killed for who they were in either controlled zones by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) led by Paul Kagame or the then Rwandan government headed by Jean Kambanda.
2. The enabler of the 1994 genocide
The then US president Bill Clinton refused to call genocide what was happening in Rwanda at that time, because of his administration’s strategy for non-intervention to enable RPF to gain power. This US attitude was part of a regional political game plan, which considered RPF as the main player to have more influence at the expense of France and Belgium.
3. A never-ending genocide
After RPF took over from the Hutu government, it put in place internal and external policies aimed at reducing the number of Hutus, among these were:

1. Targeting and killing Hutu political leaders and intellectuals inside and outside Rwanda, with an objective of retaining the political supremacy of RPF as long as possible; while this was happening, Hutu refugees were attacked, killed and persistently disturbed in their precarious lives everywhere.
2. Denying their survivors access to any sort of assistance that would help them to recover from suffered traumas.
3. Devising economic, agricultural, employment, health and educational policies aimed at making Hutus poorer, die silently or feel as second class citizens.

4. How Rwanda’s neighbouring countries are dealing with COVID-19 Burundi, DRC, Uganda and Tanzania, the neighbouring countries of Rwanda, haven’t instructed their citizens to strictly stay at home as a way of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. After objective analysis of the conditions within which their people live, they consequently found that confining them without giving them food would’ve been like ordering them to die.

5. The suffering of Rwandan people under confinement
Since the Prime Minister’s public announcement of the confinement on March 21st, we have noticed that there is no provision of food to the population from the government. The journalists who went out to learn from the people how they were coping with the confinement and highlighted the dire conditions under which they were living, were arrested. Presently, the general public doesn’t know what is happening indoors across Rwanda, because no independent journalist is allowed to report about that situation.

6. The coverup of an ongoing genocide
The same way the RPF government has covered up deliberate killings of Rwandans over the past 26 years, it is feared that under the current COVID-19 pandemic, everything seems to point to a well-engineered strategy of drastically reducing the number of Rwandans. If the confinement is not immediately reversed, with the lack of any provision of food to the confined people, between 3 to 4 millions of Rwandans can die by the end of May. These deaths would only be discovered years later because of the RPF mastery of covering up its crimes.

Maniragena Valens   and Nzeyimana Ambrose

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