Sweden jails a member of Kagame’s death squad who was spying Rwandan refugees.


Aimable Rubagenga a.k.a Emmanuel Habiyambere: there are many like him who are claiming life to Rwandan Refugees especially politicians and journalists.

On Wednesday October 23rd , 2013, Örebro  District Court has sentenced  Aimable Rubagenga to eight months of imprisonment after being  found guilty of spying Rwandan refugees living in Sweden.

Aimable Rubagenga aka Emmanuel Habiyambere aged 44, was spying Rwandans who fled persecution and extrajudicial killings in Rwanda. Rubagenga was receiving orders directly from the chief of Kagame’s death squad, General Jack Nziza. One of codes he used to communicate with Kigali, is “banana”, meaning the targeted refugee. The most wanted was Gasasira Jean Bosco, the owner of the online newspaper Umuvugizi.com.

Aimable Rubagenga a Rwandan, had applied and been granted refugee status in Sweden as a Burundi national using names of Emmanuel Habiyambere in order to go undercover.  After a long period of investigations carried out by Swedish police, the suspect was arrested in 2012. During that year, another official of Rwanda embassy in Sweden Evode Mudaheranwa was also given 48 hours to leave the country due to his involvement in activities to harm the security of Rwandan refugees.  The same Evode Mudaheranwa had unsuccessfully tried to kill Gasasira Jean Bosco because police  remained vigilant after having enough information regarding Kigali’s plan to eliminate opponents especially politicians and journalists in different countries. In its report, the ministry of foreign affairs of Sweden has noted that Kagame’s death squad is operating all over in the country and many of its members have a refugee status.

One of the main evidence that impeached Rubagenga is the numerous SMS he exchanged with Maj General Jack Nziza with information on how to hunt and kill Rwandan refugees.

Despite Rwandan refugees repeated cry over spy activities by the regime that pushed them into exile, Sweden is the first country to take such action by prosecuting a member of Kagame’s death squad. It should be reminded that in 2011 the UK police has revealed an assassination plot that targeted Rwandan politicians living in London, Rene Mugenzi and Jonathan Musonera. The government of Rwanda has always denied such plot just the same way it denies its involvement in Eastern Congo despite strong evidence and satellite pictures showing Rwanda troops crossing the border.

All countries that are accommodating Rwandan refugees should remain alert since Kagame’s death squad is everywhere.

A related story:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13475635

Chaste Gahunde




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