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Climat toxique à l’OIF selon un sondage interne

Les chiffres sont troublants : 44 % des répondants pensent avoir été victimes de harcèlement moral au travail, et 9 % de harcèlement sexuel.

En outre, 46 % affirment n’avoir pas été en mesure d’en parler ou de le signaler, et 75 % de ceux qui l’ont fait pensent que cela n’a pas abouti ou ne savent pas si cela a abouti à une solution.

Selon le document, la consultation vise à préparer la mise en œuvre de politiques en matière de fraude, de cadeaux et de harcèlement au travail. L’objectif de cet exercice est de permettre au comité du personnel de mieux comprendre votre connaissance, vos perceptions et vos attentes dans ces domaines, en particulier sur le harcèlement moral et/ou sexuel, peut-on y lire.

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On March 24th, 2023; the government of Rwanda through its Minisiter of Justice, informed the public of the upcoming release of political prisoners sentenced over charges related to military attacks by the rebel movement FLN (Forces de Libération Nationale), the armed wing of the MRCD (Mouvement Rwandais pour le Changement Démocratique). Paul Rusesabagina is said to be among those to be released. While the government of Rwanda is advancing the presidential grace a the sole reason of this release, diffferent observers think that foreign governments might have played a key role in brokering the deal to set free Rusesabagina. Here is what is known on this case.

In August 2020, Paul Rusesabagina, a belgian citizen and US permanent resident boarded a plane he believed was heading to Bujumbura, Burundi, where he was expected to deliver key speeches in conferences on peace and reconciliation. It is believed that he was drugged, and slept to wake up at Kigali International airport where he was arrested immediately. He was held incommunicado for about ten days before he was presented to media. The Government of Rwanda kept changing versions of what really happened but all brought to conclude that the illegal rendition was masterminded, financed and operated on orders from Paul Kagame himself. Rusesabagina was accused to have formed armed group that aimed at dethrowing Paul Kagame. Along with dozens of former FLN’s combatants, including the movement’s Spokesperson illegally arrested and deported from the Comoros, Rusesabagina faced the court action under what was seen as sham trial. He was sentenced to 25 years.

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Paul Rusesabagina of Hotel Rwanda fame to be freed from prison


Imprisoned political activist Paul Rusesabagina, whose story inspired the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda, will be released from his incarceration as early as Saturday morning, senior Rwandan and Qatari officials have told Semafor.

At the conclusion of a key cabinet meeting on Friday, Rwanda’s Minister of Justice, Emmanuel Ugirashebuja, plans to announce that Rusesabagina and twenty others sentenced with him on terrorism-related charges will have their prison terms commuted. Their underlying convictions will remain intact, according to two senior Rwanda government officials.

“Should any of these individuals return to the criminal activities for which they were originally charged, the sentence will be automatically reimposed,” one official said.

Rusesabagina, a high-profile critic of Rwadan President Paul Kagame, became a global celebrity after Hollywood memorialized his efforts to save more than 1000 Hutus and Tutsis during during his country’s 1994 genocide. But in 2021 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison on terrorism charges for his role leading the Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change, the dissident coalition whose militant wing Rwandan authorities accused of violent attacks resulting in civilian deaths.

Rusesabagina denied responsibility for the killings and in 2022 the U.S. State Department said he was “wrongly detained.” According to officials familiar with negotiations, that framing “evolved” in talks as the U.S. sought to acknowledge Rwandan concerns about the underlying security and terrorism issues involved in the case.

Rwandan officials plan to release a formal letter from Rusesabagina requesting a pardon from Kagame. In it, he expresses “regret for any connection” between his political work at the Movement for Democratic Change and acts of violence by its armed wing, as well as for “not taking more care to ensure that members” of his opposition coalition “fully adhered to the principles of non-violence in which I fully and deeply believe.”

Rusesabagina also writes that he will withdraw from Rwandan politics if released and “spend the remainder of my days in the United States in quiet reflection.” According to sources, the letter was prepared by Rusesabagina with assistance of his own legal counsels in the United States and Rwanda.

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While details are still unfolding, both Qatar and the United States provided crucial help to secure Rusesabagina’s release. According to my sources, the Biden administration opened a channel from the White House that took a different approach to negotiations than previous U.S. government efforts, while the Emir of Qatar helped facilitate discussions about a “humanitarian” release. The countries reached a crucial compromise that opened the door to a deal by agreeing that Rwanda would not be expected to roll back the convictions of Rusesabagina and his associates.

A senior Rwanda government official told me that “the close personal relationship between Qatar Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Rwanda President Paul Kagame played a key role in this equation, as did the very constructive tone from the White House seeking a reset in Rwanda-U.S. relations.”

While Semafor has not yet communicated with the Rusesabagina family, Qatari sources believe that after a short time in Kigali at the Qatar Embassy, the activist will be transported to Doha where his family may join him. And after some transitionary period, he will eventually travel to and live in the United States.

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  • Kagame’s views on this issue have evolved dramatically in a matter of months. Speaking on stage at a Semafor event in December, the president suggested he had no plans to release Rusesabagina and half-joked that it would take a foreign “invasion” to free him. “We’ve made it clear there isn’t anyone going to come from anywhere to bully us,” he said at the time.
  • When I interviewed Kagame again this month at the Global Security Forum in Doha, he told me his government had begun discussions about freeing Rusesabagina, and struck a much softer tone, saying Rwandans “forgive the unforgivable” and “don’t get stuck with our past.”

Steve Clemons


Kwibuka jenoside yakorewe abahutu mu Rwanda no muri Repubulika iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo.

Tariki ya mbere Ukwakira 2022:

Kwibuka jenoside yakorewe abahutu, umunsi wa mbere: ubwicanyi bwakorewe abahutu muri sitade ya Byumba.

Abaturage b’abahutu Ibihumbi n’ibihumbi by’abahinzi n aborozi, abagabo, abagore n’abana bari barahungiye mu nkambi z’agateganyo i Nyacyonga, Muhondo n’ izindi nkambi zizwi nk’ inkambi z’abakuwe mu byabo n’intambara yo muri 1990 (les déplacés de geurre), impunzi zaratatanye inyinshi zerekeza i Byumba. Aho i Byumba, impunzi zahageze n amaguru zirembejwe n’inzara n’ inyota. Zakusanyirijwe iminsi itatu mu nkambi y’agateganyo mu nkengero z’umujyi wa Byumba zigoswe n’Inkotanyi.
Nyuma y’iminsi itatu bajyanywe muri stade ya Byumba.
Kuva ku ya 10 Mata 1994, haje urukurikirane rw’imodoka za gisirikare z’ inkotanyi. Ahagana mu masaha ya saa munani z’ijoro, abasirikare b’ inkotanyi batangiye gutoranya abagabo babarirwa mu magana babatandukanya n imiryango yabo, babakusanyiriza hamwe mu kindi gice cya Stade. Inkotanyi Dan Munyuza niyo yateye grenade ya mbere, abandi basirikare barasa urufaya. Byatwaye isaha irenga yo kwica abagabo bose bari bakusanyirijwe aho. Benshi ntibahise bapfa. Nyuma yo kuraswa bahuhurwaga n’ izindi nkotanyi zikoresheje udufuni zikabajanjagura imitwe.
Nyuma, haje kwicwa abasaza, abagore n’abana, hakoreshejwe grenade,imbunda za mashinigani n’agafuni.Ubwicanyi bwakomeje kugeza saa kumi n’ebyiri za mu gitondo ubwo amakamyo ya mbere yaje gutwara abapfuye. Bamwe bashyinguwe byihuse ku ruganda rw’ifarini n ‘ahandi mu mujyi wa Byumba.

Nyuma y’ icyumweru kimwe, Kagame yahamagaye umuyobozi w ingabo, Augustin Gashayija, amubwira ko gushyingura imirambo byari ubugoryi. INKOTANYI zasubiye Mu Rukomo, gutaburura imirambo. Iyo imirambo yajyanywe mu muri pariki y’Akagera yatwikishijwe lisansi na gaze.

Twibuke abazize jenoside yakorewe abahutu, duharanire ubutabera, turinde abarokotse bakomeje guhigishwa uruhindu, twandike amateka yacu atarimo ikinyoma.




Umwe mu bacurabwenge b’Abanyarwanda basesengura iby’ibihe bizaza, Magayane, yagererenyije abategetsi bihambira k’ubutegetsi nk’ibisambo by’ibinyamururumba. Aho niho yahereye akoresha ijambo “Rwabujindiri rurya ntiruhage”. Uwasesengura amagambo ya Magayane, ahita yumva neza ko icyo yashakaga kwerekana, ari uwo mutegetsi wifashisha intebe n’ububasha afite, maze akikubira byose ntaho ashigaje. Mu banyagitugu bose babayeho kugeza uyu munsi, uzasanga bose bagera ku butegetsi ntacyo bafite, ariko mu kanya nk’ako guhumbya ugasanga barabarirwa mu bakire bakungahaye ku rwego rw’isi.

Ni muri urwo rwego uzasanga abo banyagitugu bazirana n’imitegekere iha abaturage ubwisanzure no kugira ijambo ndakumirwa mu miyoberere y’igihugu cyabo. Ijya kurisha ihera ku rugo, niko Abanyarwanda bavuga. Perezida Kagame yatangajwe n’ibinyamakuru nka za Forbès ko amaze kugera mu baherwe batangarirwa kw’isi. Nyamara inzego z’Igihugu ziranize ku buryo zidashobora kugenzura imvano y’ubwo bukire. Ni mugihe uwo mutegetsi azumvikana kenshi yikoma iby’imiyoberere ishingiye kuri demukarasi, agaragaza ko ari uburyo ba mpatsibihugu bakoresha mu kuvogera imiyoborere y’ibihugu bikennye. Abibuka neza, bazarebe ijambo Bwana Kagame yavugiye ku rwibutso rwa Gisozi mu kwa kane kwa 2015 ubwo yavugaga ati “human rights, freedom of speech, democracy, it is a nonsense.” Ni kimwe kandi n’igihe avugana uburakari bw’umuranduranzuzi kubera dokimanteri “untold story” yari yatangajwe na BBC, maze akita ibitangazamakuru ko ari “ibiradiyo” bibomborekana gusa.

Kwibasira imiyoboro yose iha abaturage ubwisanzure, n’intwaro y’abanyagitugu baba batinya ko rubanda rubabaza ibyo bakora bishyira ubuzima bw’imbaga mu kaga n’ubukene. Ntibishobora kumvikana uburyo mu gihugu, abaturage barushaho gukena uko bwije n’uko bukeye, Perezida wabo we atumbagira mu bukire kugera aho abarirwa mu batunzi batangarirwa kw’isi. Aho rero niho Magayane ahera yita mwene abo ba bategetsi ba “Rwabujindiri rurya ntiruhage”.

Kutizirika k’ubutegetsi ni imwe mu mpamvu ituma igihugu gitekana kuko ntakurwanira gutegeka kuba gukenewe. Niba Perezida Truman wa Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Amerika yaremererwaga gutegeka mandats zirenze imwe, ndetse arimo anabisabwa na benshi kuguma Ku butegetsi, ariko agahitamo kuvuga ko izo amaze ategeka zihagije, ni ikimenyetso cy’umuyobozi wumva akamaro k’amahoro. Igihugu cya Kenya, kivuye mu matora yashimishije benshi kubera ihererekanya ry’ubutegetsi mu mahoro, byagaragaje ko kwihambira ku butegetsi ahubwo aribyo nzitizi mbi ku mahoro rusange.

Ubwo hari hegereje igikorwa cyo guhindura ItegekoNshinga ngo Kagame abone uko atsimbatazwa burundu ku butegetsi, hagiye hatangwa ingero z’uburyo Abategetsi nka Angel Merkel wahoze ari Chancelière w’Ubudage bagiye bategeka inshuro zirenze mandats ebyiri, bityo ngo na Kagame nta mpamvu atakora nk’ibyabo!! Nyamara ababivugaga birengagizaga imiterere y’ubutegetsi muri ibyo bihugu. Mu bihugu nk’Ubudage, Ubwongereza, Ububirigi, Ubuholandi n’ibindi, byubatse imitegekere ishingiye ku nteko inshinga amategeko. Ibyo bisobanuye ko umutegetsi w’igihugu atangwa n’ishyaka rifite ubwiganze mu nteko ishingamategeko.

Aha bivuze iki? Bisobanuye ko ishyaka ryashoboye kugira ikizere cy’abaturage bakariha abadepite benshi, niryo rihabwa mandat noneho naryo rikitoranyamo uwo rishyira mu mwanya wa Ministri w’intebe. Byumvikane ko rya shyaka niribasha gukomeza kugira ikizere cy’abaturage mu myaka myinshi, rizaguma riri ku butegetsi, kandi naryo niriguma kwizera umuntu umwe ku mwanya wa Ministri w’intebe, uwo nawe azaba kuri iyo ntebe imyaka yose ishyaka rizaba ritsindira mandats. Nguko uko bimeze ubu mu Buholandi aho Mark Rutte amaze imyaka irenga icumi ari Ministri w’Intebe. Niko byari bimeze kuri Angel Merkel mu Budage. Igisobanura ko Ministri w’intebe aba adafite imbaraga zihambaye zatuma yitsimbataza ku butegetsi, ni uko ishyaka iyo rimutakarije ikizere aregura. Dufashe urugero rwo mu Bwongereza, ishyaka ry’abakozi(Labour Party) riheruka ku butegetsi ku bwa Tony Blair. Nyuma Ishyaka ry’abatsimbaraye ku bya kera(conservative party) niryo ritegeka kandi hamaze guhita ba Ministri b’intebe batatu bose begura: David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson. Nyamara conservative party yo iracyategeka. Izi ngero zirerekana uburyo igereranya abashaka gusobanura kwitsimbataza ku butegetsi kwa Kagame batanga, nta shingiro na rito rifite kuko ubutegetsi buba bufitwe n’Ishyaka ryizewe n’abaturage binyuze mu bwiganze mu nteko ishingamategeko aho kugirwa n’umuntu wigira igitangaza.

Mu Rwanda bati kudasimburana ku butegetsi ni uko aribwo buryo bwo kurinda ibyagezweho, hashingiwe ku mateka ashaririye u Rwanda rwagize!! Usoma iby’ingingo zemereye Kagame kwiyamamaza mu 2017, azabona ko aribyo bisobanuro byatanzwe. Mu minsi ishize nanone Kagame atangariza umunyamakuru w’umufaransa ko yiteguye gutegeka u Rwanda Indi myaka 20 kuko u Rwanda rufite uburyo bwarwo bwo kwishakira ibisubizo!! Ariko se koko Guhamana ubutegetsi kwa Kagame niko guhesha u Rwanda umudendezo? Oya kubera ko Kagame afite izindi mpamvu zibimutera:

-Amaraso ku biganza: imfu nyishi uhereye kuzagizwemo uruhare n’umutwe w’inkotanyi yayoboye nk’uko bigaragazwa na rapports zitandukanye, imfu zikomoka ku bitero bigabwa mu bihugu by’abaturanyi, imfu z’Abanyarwanda batandukanye uwo Kagame atabura no kwiyemerera, n’ubundi bugizi bwa nabi butandukanye akorera Abanyarwanda atinya kuzabazwa;

-Kwigwizaho umutungo w’igihugu bikaba byarashenye inzego z’ubukungu bw’igihugu ndetse n’urwego rw’abikorera rukaba rwarajegajeze kubera ko ahabyara inyungu hose hihariwe n’umuntu umwe gusa.

Mu kwirengera rero, Kagame ntakindi yakora uretse mu kudodadoda amategeko amurengera akanamuha ububasha bwo kwiharira ubutegetsi mu buryo butavugirwamo dore ko n’inzego zose z’imitegekere y’igihugu zambuwe ijambo kugira ngo Kagame uwo atagira ikimuvangira mu buryo yifuza gutegekeramo Abanyarwanda mu mwuka w’ubwoba.

Nonese abaririmba ko Kagame ariwe rufunguzo rw’amahoro n’iterambere tubabwire iki? Ntakindi abo bagomba kubwirwa, uretse kwerekwa ko mu myaka 25 Kagame amaze ku butegetsi, nta bwizerane buhari hagati y’abanyarwanda. Mu Rwanda haracyari Abanyarwanda bashimwa, n’abandi bahinduwe ibicibwa! Mu Rwanda, ubukene buranuma mu mubare munini w’abanyarwanda, kwigwizaho umutungo w’igihugu biracyari umuco, kwicwa ku mpamvu za politiki bikomeje kwiyongera ku rugero rukabije, abanyarwanda bategekewe mu mwuka w’ubwoba no kwitakariza ikizere cy’ejo hazaza, urubyiruko rw’u Rwanda nta kizere rutanga nk’umusemburo w’Iterambere, imibanire mibi n’ibihugu bikikije u Rwanda, ubwicanyi ndengakamere bupfukiranwa, ibinyoma mu myandikire y’amateka y’igihugu. Hamwe n’ibindi byinshi umuntu yarondora, Kagame kuguma kwitsimbataza ku butegetsi, biraganisha habi u Rwanda.

Dusoze tuvuga ko ibyo Perezida HAGE Geingob avuga ko umutegetsi agomba kugira igihe ntarengwa amara ku butegetsi, bifite ukuri kutagabanije, kuko utsimbarara ku butegetsi aba ashaka gusa umutaka yitwikiririmo gukurikiranwa ku byaha aba yarakoze, naho ubundi nta banga ry’iterambere riri mu kwigundiriraho ubutegetsi.

Hari uwasoma ibi, akajya gutanga ingero za Chine na Singapour ko ari abihugu byateye imbere kubera “strong men”!! Reka daaaa!! Communist party y’abashinwa ifite imbaraga zikomeye kuri Perezida. Za Singapour izo zifite icyo bita “soft authoritarian” aho imiyoborere ikarishye ishingira kuri structures zitaganzwa n’umuntu umwe mu nyungu ze bwite. Bitandukanye no mu Rwanda dufite “hard authoritarianism=Totalitarism” bivuze imiyoborere ishingiye ku muntu wigwizaho imbaraga zo kugenzura byose ntaho ashigaje. Na FPR ya KAGAME ntikibaho uretse cover y’inyuma gusa. Kugirango mwene iyo miyoberere ikunde, ubutegetsi bushingira ku itsinda ry’abicanyi bategekesha rubanda kubaremamo ubwoba gusa. Ng’uko uko bimeze muri Koreya y’amajyaruguru, kwa ba Vladimir Putin mu Burusiya, muri Eritrea ya Isais Afwerki, ingero Kagame afatiraho kuyobora u Rwanda.

Umuti u Rwanda rukeneye, ni ukumva no gusobanukirwa inama Perezida wa Namibiya atanga. NTA kindi gisubizo gishobora kuruhura imitima y’abanyarwanda yatindahajwe n’ubwoba bw’imitegekere bayoborewemo.

Valentin AKAYEZU

Les FDLR et les interahamwe : un problème inter-rwandais

Il y a lieu de se demander où se situe la responsabilité de la RDC sur cette question. Il s’agit bel et bien d’une question rwandaise qui stipule une réponse appropriée du Gouvernement rwandais élude sa responsabilité depuis des décennies, la renvoyant paradoxalement au gouvernement de la RDC, avec la compréhension complaisante et la fuite en avant de la communauté internationale.

Faut-il rappeler, aussi douloureux que soit ce souvenir, que le génocide de 1994 au Rwanda, s’est passé entre Rwandais, sans aucune implication des Congolais.

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Congress to investigate Kagame’s spy actions against Americans with Pegasus

Last year, the world was shocked to learn that Rwandan President Paul Kagame was using Israeli spy software, Pegasus to spy on his perceived enemies. They include Americans. One American citizen he targeted is Carine Kanimba. She found out the security on her phone had been compromised when she was in Belgium advocating for her father’s release.

Kanimba said, “It was bad enough that they kidnapped my father, tortured him, and robbed him of his legal rights. Now we find out that they have listened to my conversations with the US State Department, Belgium Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, and our attorneys. This adds insult to injury.”

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Tito RUTAREMARA, jya umenya gusaza utanduranyije cyane.

Mu minsi ishize nabagejejeho inyandiko ngufi yamagana ibitekerezo bya Paul KAGAME byo kugundira ubutegetsi. Ibyo bitekerezo yabigaragaje mu kiganiro yagiranye na televiziyo y’Abafaransa yitwa France24, aho yavuze ko azongera kwiyamamaza imyaka 20. Nyamara itegekonshinga u Rwanda rugenderaho uyu munsi rimwemerera kongera kwiyamamaza manda ebyiri z’imyaka itanu, bivuze ko ari imyaka icumi gusa. Kuba Kagame ashaka kwiyamamaza imyaka 20 bivuga ko uyu mugabo afite gahunda yo guhonyora itegekonshinga. Abantu benshi bamaganiye kure aka gasuzuguro gakomeje gukorerwa amategeko kandi kagakorwa n’abashinzwe kuyarinda. Cyakora kubera ko ngo “nta murozi wabuze umukarabya”, umusaza Tito Rutaremara we aracurikiranya amagambo ashyigikira ubwo bukunguzi n’ubukozi bw’ibibi.

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Ibyifuzo bya KAGAME ni urukozasoni ku gihugu cy’u Rwanda, Turabyanze.

Mu minsi ishize Perezida Paul KAGAME yagiranye ikiganiro na Televiziyo y’Abafaransa izwi nka France24. Icyari kigamijwe kwari ukubaza Kagame ku bijyanye n’intambara u Rwanda ruherutse kongera gutangiza rugaba ibitero ku gihugu cya Repubulika iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo. Koko rero, n’ubwo ibyo bitero byitirirwa umutwe wa M23, ibimenyetso byose byerekana ko ari u Rwanda rwateye Kongo, ndetse aya makuru agashimangirwa n’amashusho afatwa na Satelite z’Abanyamerika ndetse na Drones z’ingabo z’umuryango w’abibumbye muri Kongo, MONUSCO. Na Kagame ntiyigeze abihakana kandi ibi ntibyatuguranye. Igisa n’icyatunguye benshi ni ukongera kumva Kagame avuga ko ashobora kongera kwiyamamaza imyaka 20! Reka turebere hamwe uburyo ibi byifuzo ari urukozasoni ku gihugu n’abenegihugu.

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Pretoria has submitted to ‘bullying’ by Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, says author Michela Wrong

Rwandan President Paul Kagame. (Photo: EPA-EFE / Justin Lane)

Kagame’s ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front ‘has gone from a band of brothers who invaded Rwanda in 1990 and toppled a genocidal regime, to a revolution eating its own’, author Michela Wrong told the Cape Town Press Club on Wednesday.

South Africa, like most countries, is failing to stand up to the bullying of Rwandan President Paul Kagame and is allowing him to increasingly become the dominant African leader.

“And that’s something I find both puzzling and depressing,” says Michela Wrong, the British author of Do Not Disturb, an investigation of the Rwandan government’s assassinations of opponents in foreign countries and other crimes. 

Kagame’s ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) “has gone from a band of brothers who invaded Rwanda in 1990 and toppled a genocidal regime, to a revolution eating its own”, Wrong told the Cape Town Press Club on Wednesday.

“One of my aims was to point out that recent Rwandan history is not a simplistic story of Hutus versus Tutsis, as we tend to assume. It’s a story of a dictator who is determined to cut down any possible challengers, whatever their ethnicity. He doesn’t care whether they are Hutus or Tutsis, the question is whether they pose a viable threat.” 

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