DRCongo: Goma rejoices as Kagame is said dead!


President Kagame is accused of having destabilized Congo through proxy wars he created, but no one expected that a rumor if his death could cause such a joy!

On this Friday January 10 , 2014, streets of Goma were full of Congolese marching, dancing and singing  hymns of joy as a rumor said that President of Rwanda Paul Kagame was dead. They carried a coffin and palm branches to mean that peace will now prevail since Kagame is dead.

In their songs and chants, demonstrators repeated that Kagame is dead and gone, and that now Congo and the region will have peace. Kigali has denounced the death of President Kagame saying that the man is healthy and is on his duties.

This has sparked so much fear among Rwandans especially those who are superstitious. One old man told me on phone that “such things don’t go without effect, if Kagame is not going to die, something bad is going to happen in Rwanda”.

This happens two weeks after Kagame told his army that this year will not be easy!

Click here to watch the scene was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L9EPcUOpT1M#t=22

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