Open Letter : Kagame, come out and show leadership!

Mr.President, come out and show the leadership.

While the world leaders are standing with their people in solidarity, you have decided to abandon your own people, not even your ministers are saying anything to them. Your prime minister unlawfully declared the state of emergency, locked the people inside their houses, now hunger is suffocating them, others whose houses you demolished, they have been sleeping in the cold with their families exposed to this pandemic.

Mr.President, we last saw you when you did the act of hand washing, this reminds me of what Pilato did before handing Jesus over to the Jews to crucify him. Mr.President,you have handed over 12 million Rwandans to the COVID-19 and hunger to kill them? You shall be held accountable.

The same people you claim to have given you 99.9% election victory, you can’t stand with them in such time as this? Mr. President ,you are so ungrateful.
Mr. President, Rwandese people deserve to know your whereabouts. Please, come out and tell us what mechanisms your government has put in place to fight this pandemic, come out and tell our hungry people who have been locked up in their houses what your government is doing about their hunger situation.

Jeanne Mukamurenzi,
A concerned Citizen.

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