Rwanda/COVID-19 : Bad governance kills more than the pandemic !

Other countries have devised strategies to fight COVID-19. These include:

1. A Task Force to manage the response
2. A framework to coordinate funds /aids received  as well as voluntary contributions from local and or non-local benefactors.
3. A reporting system to ensure transparency of the process.

Here is what  Rwanda did:
1. No Task Force knwon. In fact, nobody knows who is in charge.
2. No independent body to manage funds and aids. The Government takes all monies, and nobody knows how much is received,  how it is managed, where the monies are sent , and who to be held accountable.
3. Since there is nobody  in charge, no reporting is made on regular basis, even the communiqués from Ministry of health are not signed, thus the people do not know who to hold accountable.

This is how far Rwanda is down. Where have all intellectuals, economists, scientists, doctors gone? Since when mediocrity is preferred over logic, common sense and knowledge?

Who knows whether these monies are not sent to fiscal paradises abroad?
The country cannot move forward in this state.

One last but not least point: do you know that Rwandans would chose COVID-19 over bad gouvernance? Why?
Because, with good governance, the preparedness is possible, well informed decisions are available, and efficient response is possible. Because of bad governance, the number of famine victims beats the number of the pandemic victims.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am ashamed to introduce to you the Banana Republic of Kagame .



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