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Rwanda to become a failed state by 2030.

Rwanda’s Economic Success Keeps Western Scrutiny About Human Rights Abuses at Bay

Charles Wachira July 19, 2021

Lake and volcano in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda / credit: Wikipedia/Neil Palmer
Lake and volcano in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda / credit: Wikipedia/Neil Palmer

Rwanda is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is ranked second in Africa as the easiest place to do business. In addition, this landlocked country boasts the world’s record for female representation in parliament. And it’s the only African country that manufactures “Made in Africa” smartphones.

These milestones make for impressive reading in the Western world, so accustomed to morbid news from the most corrupt region of the world.

This has also led major global brands including the world’s biggest car manufacturer, the world’s biggest nuclear company by foreign orders, a major U.S. multinational telecommunications company plus a retinue of other global corporations to set up shop in a country the size of the U.S. state of Maryland.

In the paternalistic eyes and hearts of foreign development partners in Africa, Rwanda is obsequiously referred to as the “Singapore of Africa,” a moniker that gives the impression that all is hunky-dory in this “land of a thousand hills.”

Rwanda’s economic and social accomplishments—while impressive—mask the underbelly of one of the world’s cruelest states, led by Paul Kagame.

Here, freedom of expression is muzzled. Extrajudicial killings are institutionalized. Show trials are routinely encouraged. Forced disappearances are embraced, while private businesses are forcibly seized by a regime that operates like the Nazi Gestapo.

Despite evidence of Kagame ordering his political opponents to be murderedarrestedjailedkidnappedassassinated and tortured, the international community has continued to turn the other way. Why is that the case in Rwanda, but not in countries like Ethiopia, where U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has called for a ceasefire to allow for humanitarian aid to flow into the Tigray region?

Rwandan President Paul Kagame / credit: cmonionline
Rwandan President Paul Kagame / credit: cmonionline

The President and the ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) have built and fine-tuned over the decades a totalitarian police state in which criticism of the government, or any semblance of dissent, is criminalized and often results in death for those who dare to speak out, said Jeffrey Smith, founding director of Vanguard Africa. He told TF in an email exchange, “There is no independent media, nor independent human rights groups or a political opposition that are allowed the minimum space to operate. The ruling RPF, in essence, has been wholly conflated with the state,” says Smith.

The 1994 genocide killed about 800,000 people drawn mainly from the minority Tutsi community, including moderate Hutus, while the rest of the world silently looked on. But Rwanda has since experienced an economic recovery that has been inextricably linked to Kagame, who officially took power in 2000.

In a controversial 2015 constitutional referendum, Rwandans voted overwhelmingly to allow Kagame, 63, to stand again for office beyond the end of his second term, which ended in 2017. He won elections held the same year with nearly 99 percent of the vote. In theory, he could run twice again, keeping him in power until 2034. His current term ends in 2024. 

So why does the Western world play blind and deaf to the excess exhibited by Kagame? In other words, why the complicity in crimes and misdeeds in Rwanda ever since the end of the genocide?

“Rwanda has performed exceedingly well on the economic front. It’s seen as a success story in a continent that is dotted with malfunctioning states,” Lewis Mudge, the Central Africa Director at Human Rights Watch (HRW) told TF in a telephone interview. “The international donor community loves a good story and Rwanda serves as an example.” 

Mudge added Western collective guilt after the 1994 genocide also weighed in. 

The United States and the United Kingdom, like other Western governments, did not intervene in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Nonetheless, both U.S. President Bill Clinton and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair later emerged as moralists and humanitarian interventionists, claiming human rights as one of the guiding principles for U.S. and British leadership in the world. This argument has since been used to bomb Yugoslavia, and invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

However, a U.S. diplomat quoted in the New York Times in an article aptly titled, “The Global Elite’s Favorite Strongman,” explained the reason the West disregarded the atrocities happening in Rwanda. “You put your money in, and you get results out. We needed a success story, and he was it.”

French President Emmanuel Macron / credit: The White House
French President Emmanuel Macron / credit: The White House

In late May, French President Emmanuel Macron travelled to Rwanda, formerly a French colony, in a gesture largely aimed at fixing a glacial relationship that had broken down as a result of the latter having backed the former extremist government in Rwanda, including supporting and training its military, which committed genocide.

In addition, France is determined to win back its influence in former French colonies in Africa, including in Rwanda. Some have begun cooperating with other powers, among them China and Turkey, said Arrey E. Ntui, a researcher with the International Crises Group (ICG).

“The French Government is currently not that popular in Africa as a result of its past exploitative history with African states,” said Ntui. “The current leadership in Africa is assertive and takes no prisoners. This calls for France to tread carefully because there are emerging nations that are willing to partner with Africa without a condescending attitude. So it would have been foolhardy, for example, for Macron to censure his Rwandan counterpart on account of real or imagined human rights abuses happening in Rwanda.”

Since his inauguration in May 2017, Macron has visited 18 African countries out of 62 states he has so far visited, a sign that he is determined to claw back the influence France once had when it counted 20 countries as its colonies within the African continent.

But should the world expect an insurgency anytime soon in Rwanda? 

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, a former presidential contestant who has been jailed for 15 years for daring to challenge Kagame told TF the Kagame government took power after a war and genocide. 

“I would say that all these crimes committed in our country have traumatized Rwandans,” Umuhoza said. “Moreover, there is no room for dissenting voices in Rwanda. If one criticizes the government they are immediately labeled as the enemy of the state. Under such circumstances, people live in constant fear of expressing themselves. But this silence worries me a lot because it can lead to implosion in Rwanda one day.” 

U.S. National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends Report published every five years says the world is “at a critical juncture in human history” and warns that a number of countries are at high risk of becoming failed states by 2030—Rwanda being one of them.

Charles Wachira is a foreign correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya, and is formerly an East Africa correspondent with Bloomberg. He covers issues including human rights, business, politics and international relations



Kagame Quarantined Me. Covid-19 Quarantined Him.

Kagame Quarantined Me. Covid19 Quarantined Him.

Kagame is a club member of billionaires who fly the Gulfstream G650ER jet including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, co-founder and chief executive of Oracle Corporation, and Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, Apple’s cofounder.

I have lived under General Paul Kagame’s quarantine for a decade since 2010 when I fled Rwanda to South Africa. The year 2010 was when hell broke loose in Rwanda. A year of presidential elections which Kagame won by 95%, many Rwandans were jailed, others simply disappeared, fled, or died mysteriously. Among those who died in 2020 were opposition leader, André Kagwa Rwisereka, vice-chairman of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda. He was found murdered and partially beheaded near a wetland in Butare on July 14, 2010.

In South Africa where I fled, I was quarantined in my house, especially after I was almost kidnapped to Rwanda in 2012. On the New Year’s Day of 2014, the exiled former Rwandan intelligence, Patrick Karegeya, was murdered in Johannesburg, which led me to flee to Canada. Once there I was quarantined once again – I couldn’t travel least of all to Africa.

Fast forward to 2020. Kagame who is a club member of billionaires who fly the Gulfstream G650ER jet – including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, co-founder and chief executive of Oracle Corporation, and Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, Apple’s cofounder – is quarantined.

Coronavirus has trapped Kagame in Rwanda. As the saying goes, God works in mysterious ways.

David Himbara,  PhD

Source: https://medium.com

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Rwanda: Ni nde wishe Kizito Mihigo ?

Kizito Mihigo
Na nyuma yo guherekeza bwa nyuma ndetse no gushyingura Kizito Mihigo, hari benshi batariyumvisha ko yatuvuyemo. Uku kutemera ibyabaye, ni ikimenyetso cy’uko hari abatarasobanukirwa n’ubutegetsi dufite mu Rwanda: ubutegetsi bushingiye ku iterabwoba, ikinyoma n’ukwikubira ibyiza by’igihugu.
Nk’umuntu wafungutse amaso y’umutima n’ay’umubiri, Kizito Mihigo ntiyashoboraga kubana na FPR, mbese nk’uko Imana rurema itabana na Shitani : Imana ntiyaba muri Gihenomu na Shitani ntiyaba mu ijuru. Kizito Mihigo yari ateye ubwoba FPR Inkotanyi kandi ibimenyetso biragenda bijya ahagaragara. Isomere inkuru zisohoka mu kinyamakuru igihe.com ku rupfu rwe urasangamo ibirenze ibihagije ko agatsiko ka FPR ari ko kirengeje intwari Kizito.
1. Impamvu yo kumwica
Kizito Mihigo yaratoboye avuga ibyo FPR idashaka ko bivugwa: ” Na bo ni abantu ndabasabira”. Nta bandi ni abahutu . Mwese muzi ko FPR mu buryo bwo gusibanganya burundu ikiremwa “Hutu” yakoze byinshi byo kubambura ubumuntu. Igikorwa cya mbere ni uguhakana ko babaho mu kiswe ko nta moko ahari, nyamara “Tutsi” ikaba mu Itegekonshinga. Hiyongera ho kutemera ko abahutu bishwe. (bakwicwa bate batabaho?)
Bityo nta mfubyi n’abapfakazi bandi babaho. amashyirahamwe y’abapfakazi n’imfubyi nta muhutu wabonamo, kuko nta babaho! Ibi byoseKizito yarabihakanye kuko ari ikinyoma, bamutegeka guca bugufi agasaba ngo imbabazi akanasiba indirimbo “igisobanuro cy’urupfu”. Ibi yabanje kubyemera kugira ngo akusanye ibimenyetso bishyira ahabona umugambi mubisha FPR yubakiyeho.
Amaze kubyegeranya, baramubajije bati ya ndirimbo ko utayisiba, ati: “sinzayisiba”. Bamukubita agafuni mu gahanga.
2. Gusibanganya ibimenyetso
Mu nkuru za tracts (zidasinye) zisohoka ku igihe.com abishi ba Kizito baragerageza gusobanura ko Kizito yagombaga gupfa ariko bakerekana ko yiyambuye ubuzima. Abamenyereye ibijyanye n’ibyaha bya za Leta (crimes d’Etat) birazwi ko umuntu yicwa bigakurikirwa no kuvuga ko yiyahuye.
Iyo Kizito aba yariyahuye koko, inzego z’agatsiko zari gukora enquête zigashakisha umuntu watumye yiyahura. Kuko ubwabyo gutuma umuntu yiyahura ni icyaha. Nyamara kugeza n’ubu nta cyakozwe. Ikivugwa ni uko basanze Kizito amanitse mu mugozi, ariko ntibavuga uwamushyizemo.
Abazi iriya police station ya Remera muzi uko amadirishya areshya. Iyo bavuze idirishya hari abagira ngo ni ahantu harehare. Reka da! Byonyine ufashe igihagararo cya Kizito, ubona ko asumba iryo dirishya rivugwa. Nta buryo bushoboka ko umuntu yiyahurira ahantu arusha ubuhagarike (hauteur). Byongeye kandi, muzasome ibijyanye n’amaperereza ajyanye no kwiyahura, iyo hari ikintu , (urukuta, ibuye, idirishya…) uwiyahura ashobora gukandagiraho, nibyo bimutabara mu gihe arimo kurwana no kuva mu mugozi umuniga. (Uwiyahura agera aho ababara agashaka guhagarika kwiyahura) .
3. Umurage w’ubwiyunge nyabwo
FPR yagaragaje ko ubwiyunge nyabwo ntacyo buyibwiye. Abahutu baramutse bemeye ko batabaho, ntibasabe ko ababo bishwe na FPR babona ubutabera ngo bibukwe nk’uko bikorwa ku Batutsi, ntihagire umu lideri (leader) wa politiki uvugira ku mugaragaro ikibazo cy’ihezwa rikorerwa abahutu, kuri FPR ibintu byaba ari bala bala. Ubwiyunge bwaba ari 100%.
Kizito ibi yabyitaga ubwiyunge bw’ikinyoma. Wakwiyunga ute n’umuntu utamuhaye agaciro? Utamubonamo ubumuntu? Umubona nk’uwo mutareshya? Abiyunga ni abashoboye kuganira kandi abaganira ni abareshya. Uwo ari we wese wubakira kuri supremacie Tutsi ntashobora gushyikiira urugero rwa Kizito. Kizito MIHIGO yari muri dimension benshi mu Banyarwanda batarageraho, abo byacangaga cyane bahitamo kumwica aka ya mvugo ngo “Imana bayirasiye i Kinihira” .
Abishi ba Kizito barazwi:
1. Inès MPAMBARA ni we watanze itegeko na we arihawe na Kagame. uyu mugore ubu wagizwe ministre w’ibikorwa bya Guverinoma yari umuyobozi w’ibiro bya Kagame mu gihe cy’imyaka 12. Yumvikanaga neza na Kagame, yari azi neza ibyo Kagame ashaka ndetse kubera ko Kagame ahora mu ndege, uriya mugore ni we wayoboraga igihugu.
2. Paul KAGAME: we nta kumutidaho. yifiteye ibibazo psychologique, yumva ko umuti w’ibibazo ari ukwica, abihoza mu kanwa, ni yo hymne ye. Asigaje kwica abamukomokaho mbere yo kwiyica ubwe.
Aba ni bo bari bafite ijambo rikomeye mu nama nkuru y’Abatutsi b’abahezanguni yabereye mu biro bya Visi perezida wa Senat. Muri iyi nama niho Kizito yakubitiwe, abwirwa ko ari “imbwa ishaka kuvugira abahutu”. Mugesera ni we watanze igitekerezo cy’uko ashobora kwicwa kandi “isi igakomeza igatembera”.
4. Abahezanguni bashyigikiye uyu mugambi harimo Tom NDAHIRO, MUKAGASANA Yolanda, …
5. Inzego z’iperereza n’iza gipolisi zashyize mu bikorwa iki gikorwa

I love Donald Trump says Ugandan President Museveni


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said he loves the United States President Donald Trump who was recently reported to have referred to Africa countries as “shithole”.

Addressing members of the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) at its opening in Kampala on Tuesday, Mr Museveni said the US president was frank.

“I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly. I don’t know whether he’s misquoted or whatever. He talks to Africans frankly,” he said.

He said Africans need to solve their own problems through integration.

“You can’t survive if you are weak. It is the Africans’ fault that they are weak… that’s why we need East African integration.

“We are 12 times the size of India, but why are we not strong?” He posed.

The East African Community has six member states — Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Somalia is also seeking admission to the bloc.


Meanwhile, earlier Tuesday, the US ambassador to Uganda Ms Deborah Malac apologised over Mr Trump’s comments terming them insensitive.

“For people like me and many of my colleagues who have spent many years working in Africa, we have many relationships and friendships across the continent, [the comments] are obviously quite disturbing and upsetting…” Ms Malac told Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

“…I can assure you that we remain engaged and committed to working not just in Uganda but in all the other countries that we work with on the continent and our programmes continue,” she added.

Ms Malac was responding to Ms Kadaga’s query about the comments attributed to Mr Trump.

President Trump, in a meeting with US lawmakers on January 18 is reported to have dismissed Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as “shithole countries” whose inhabitants are not desirable to immigrate to America. But Mr Trump later denied using the derogatory term saying that he only used “tough language”.

His remarks were criticised across the world with many African nations calling for his apology.

Uganda’s neighbour Kenya said it had no problem with Mr Trump’s comments since he did not necessarily direct them at the country.


The regional assembly began its plenary session in Kampala this week amid division over the election of the Speaker with Burundi refusing to recognise Rwanda’s Martin Ngoga as the new Speaker.

“In a nutshell, integration is about the future of our people,” Mr Museveni told the MPs, adding that “It’s not about positions. When I hear you quarrel about positions, I feel sorry.”

Nelson Wesonga The East African